Adrian Beltre called out on strikes after stepping out of batter’s box thinking timeout was granted (Video)

One complaint some have with baseball is the amount of time between pitches. Whether it’s players stepping out of the batter’s box for practice swings or to adjust batting gloves, it all adds to the length of games, which has been a criticism of the sport for years.

Another thing you’ll often see is a batter calling for time after both he and the pitcher are set. Often times, the home plate umpire grants the request. On Wednesday, with Adrian Beltre at the plate, that wasn’t the case.

adrian-beltre-called-timeDuring the third inning, Beltre raised his hand motion for time and proceeded to step out of the batter’s box. Unfortunately for him, home plate umpire Bill Miller did not stop play. So, Dallas Keuchel continued his delivery and tossed a slider. To Beltre’s dismay, Miller called it strike three.

The umpire, of course, does not have to grant the batter’s request and Bill Miller looked like he really wasn’t trying to hear what Beltre or manager Ron Washington had to say afterward.

Later in the game, Beltre again called for time, yelling loud enough that it was picked up on the television broadcast so he was heard by Miller. Adrian Beltre got jokes.

Miguel Cabrera gets another sack whack for touching Adrian Beltre’s head (Video)

Adrian-Beltre-Miguel-CabreraAdrian Beltre hates having his head touched, and Miguel Cabrera knows that. On Tuesday night, Beltre collected the 2,500th hit of his MLB career. So naturally, Miggy had to mess with his buddy when he got to first.

Like a good friend, Cabrera tracked down the ball for Beltre so he could keep it for a souvenir. The Texas Rangers PA announcer then informed the fans in attendance that Beltre had reached a milestone, so he took his helmet off to acknowledge the standing ovation. Cabrera saw that as an opportunity to touch Beltre’s head and took advantage.

As some of you might remember, Miggy touched Beltre’s head last month when he got to third base and Beltre responded by punching him in the nuts. What do you think he did on Tuesday?

Cabrera should have seen that coming. By now he should know the deal — touch Beltre’s head and get a sack whack in return. He can’t say he hasn’t been warned.

GIF via SB Nation

Miguel Cabrera touches Adrian Beltre’s head, gets punched in nuts in return (Video)

Miguel Cabrera was feeling a little saucy on Friday night and decided to tempt fate by touching Adrian Beltre’s head. And you all know what happens if you touch Beltre’s head — you’re going to get a boot up your butt in return.

Cabrera doubled for the Tigers against the Rangers in the third and advanced to third on a groundout. While hanging out on the bag, he struck up a conversation with Beltre. Then he looked down to create a diversion, and when Beltre wasn’t paying attention, he did the unspeakable.

Miguel Cabrera Adrian Beltre

Beltre smacked Cabrera with his glove in return, and then followed up with a nut punch. Miggy hit back at Beltre’s nuts, making it look like a couple of third graders quibbling on the playground at recess.

Gotta love it when a bunch of grown men play around like kids.

I don’t think Adrian Beltre was expecting a curveball from Sonny Gray on this pitch (GIF)

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Adrian Beltre curveballSonny Gray definitely had his A+ stuff on Monday night as he beat the Texas Rangers for his first career complete game shutout.

The 24-year-old right-hander allowed just three hits and one walk while striking out six in the 4-0 win. And it’s safe to say he had the Rangers totally off-balanced. Just take a look at that first pitch curveball he threw to Adrian Beltre in the bottom of the fourth.

There were two outs in the inning, so it’s possible that Beltre was taking on the pitch — he sure didn’t look ready to hit — but I’m pretty sure that a curveball was about the last thing he expected.

Beltre grounded out on the next pitch and went 0-for-3 against Gray.

GIF via @pitchergifs
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Adrian Beltre thinks Prince Fielder will win AL MVP

Prince Fielder Rangers

Trading for Prince Fielder was one of the notable additions the Texas Rangers made this offseason, and Adrian Beltre thinks the acquisition will pay off in a big way.

The Rangers third baseman said at a team awards banquet Friday that he believes Fielder will win AL MVP this season, ESPN Dallas’ Richard Durrett reports.

Fielder has finished in the top five in MVP voting three times, including two third-place finishes while with the Milwaukee Brewers. Fielder had a down season by his standards last year in Detroit, which is part of the reason the Tigers sent him to Texas in exchange for Ian Kinsler. Prince’s 25 home runs, .362 on-base percentage and 75 walks were his lowest marks since his first full season in the bigs back in 2006.

But if you thought Prince was part of a stacked lineup the last two seasons with the Tigers — and he was — the Rangers will likely match it.

Texas has Beltre, Elvis Andrus, and free agent Shin-Soo Choo set to join Prince as the team’s 1-4 hitters. Alex Rios is another strong hitter, Mitch Moreland has pop as a utility man, and Jurickson Profar has a world of talent. Having a change of scenery and playing in a friendlier ballpark for left-handed hitters, I’m expecting a big season from Prince. Will it be enough for him to win AL MVP? Maybe not, but he’ll be in the mix.

Adrian Beltre gets caught in pickle, runs into left field (Video)

Adrian-Beltre-rundownTexas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is one of the most entertaining characters in baseball. The best part about it is it doesn’t even seem intentional. Sunday night was a perfect example.

In the ninth inning of a win over the Houston Astros, Beltre got caught in a rundown between second and third base. It appeared that he may have somehow avoided the tag at third base, but it didn’t really matter. From my understanding of MLB rules, running into left field constitutes being out of the base path.

Classic Beltre. Usually it’s Elvis Andrus who provides us with all the laughs by constantly screwing with Beltre, but Adrian made this one happen on his own. Never change, Beltre.



Elvis Andrus-Adrian Beltre popup war continues (GIF)

Elvis Andrus just loves to mess with Adrian Beltre. The Texas Rangers shortstop’s ongoing antics with his teammate continued on Monday when he decided to interfere with Beltre on a popup yet again.

Adrian Beltre Elvis AndrusThis one occurred in the bottom of the third inning of the Rangers’ 8-5 win over the Baltimore Orioles. Adam Jones was up with two on and nobody out and popped up a pitch from Derek Holland to the left side of the infield. Beltre called for the ball and made the putout, but the play did not come without some interference from Andrus, who snickered after Beltre made the catch.

You have to understand that fighting over popups is a regular issue for the two.

We encountered a similar situation on June 22 in a Rangers-Cardinals game.

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