Former Piston Adrian Dantley: Isiah Thomas is a ‘con man’

Isaiah-ThomasFormer Detroit Pistons forward Adrian Dantley was traded from the Detroit Pistons to the Dallas Mavericks in 1989 — just before the team won back-to-back championships in 1989 and 1990. Any move the Pistons made that year will be viewed as genius in hindsight, but Dantley believes he was shipped out of town only because Isiah Thomas wanted him gone.

And yes, he holds a grudge. During a recent interview with Matt Dery on 105.1 FM in Detroit, Dantley ripped Thomas and said he refuses to watch ESPN’s new “30 for 30″ documentary on the Bad Boys, despite the fact that he was interviewed for it.

“I’m not gonna watch that; you think I’m gonna listen to Isiah talk?” Dantley said, via The Detroit News.

It’s clear that Dantley has a personal issue with Thomas, and he said it stems from his belief that the Pistons traded him midway through the 1989 season because Thomas wanted him gone.

“I’ll bet you one thing: If I was running around there kissing Isiah’s (expletive), I’d still be there,” Dantley continued.

With that in mind, we know to take anything Dantley says about Thomas with a grain of salt. Still, he had a pretty strong opinion when asked if he thinks Thomas would do well as the general manager of the Pistons.

“Con man,” Dantley said. “He has a way of tricking people, and he tricked a lot of people.”

Rumors surfaced last month that the Pistons may be interested in hiring Thomas as GM with current GM Joe Dumars’ contract set to expire. Considering Thomas made some of the worst decisions in Knicks’ franchise history when he was hired as president of basketball operations in 2003, the move would surprise a lot of people. If Thomas is as good a “con man” as Dantley says he is, I guess we shouldn’t be shocked.

NBA Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley now works as a crossing guard (Video)

Adrian-Dantley-crossing-guardNBA Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley has found himself a niche that has nothing to do with basketball. Unlike many professional athletes who find themselves bored, broke or both after their careers are over, Dantley has made himself useful to the community of Silver Spring, Md. by serving as a crossing guard at Eastern Middle School.

As Deadspin pointed out last week, the job earns the six-time NBA All-Star $14,685.50 a year. But as you might expect, it’s not about the money. WTOP in Maryland posted the video you see above on Tuesday, which shows Dantley proudly at work.

“All I do is work out and lift weights all the time,” Dantley explained. “I was in the weight room and a couple guys were talking saying, ‘Man, I tell you what’s a good job? A couple of my friends’ wives they’re crossing guards.’ So I heard them and I said, ‘That’s something I want to do.”

And here he is, helping keep kids safe on a daily basis. The two-time NBA scoring champion said he intends to stay at it for at least 20 years.

“It’s pretty fun, especially with the little ones,” he said. “I just give them a high-five, talk to them a little bit, encourage them, that’s it. I could sit around the house. I could do that, I don’t want to do that.”

Whether it’s making sandwiches in the offseason or working at a drive-thru convenience store, sometimes people who make (or made) their money playing sports have to find ways to stay busy.

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