Chiefs fans hire plane to fly ‘Fire Pioli – Bench Cassel’ banner (Picture)

A group of disgruntled Chiefs fans hired an airplane to fly a banner over Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Sunday to express their dissatisfaction with the organization.

The banner’s message stated: “We Deserve Better! Fire Pioli – Bench Cassel.” It was paid for by a bunch of hardcore Chiefs fans who frequent the forum at ChiefsPlanet.com. The organizer wrote in a posting on the site that the cost to fly the banner was $725/hour, but that the company dropped the price by $100 because they believed in the cause.

Pioli is Scott Pioli, who was hired as the team’s GM after the 2008 season. He came from New England where his teams won three Super Bowls since 2000. One of his big moves was acquiring and then signing Matt Cassel from his former team the Patriots. Pioli’s Chiefs teams have gone 21-27 the past three years, and they’re 1-3 this season.

After playing extremely well as an injury replacement for Tom Brady in 2008, Cassel has been mostly mediocre for Kansas City. He threw for 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in a Pro Bowl season in 2010, but he’s thrown for 31 touchdowns and 32 interceptions outside of that year.

The fans somewhat got their wish on Sunday when Cassel got hurt and was replaced by Brady Quinn.

You can read all about the reasons the fan decided to organize the effort at ChiefsPlanet.

Below is a story on the flyover from KSN in Wichita:

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Royals fans upset with Robinson Cano for not picking Billy Butler for HR Derby

Royals fans are unhappy with Robinson Cano for not choosing Billy Butler to participate in the Home Run Derby, and they expressed their displeasure by constantly booing the Yankees All-Star.

Cano was named captain of the American League Home Run Derby team and the defending champ selected Jose Bautista, Mark Trumbo, and Prince Fielder as his teammates. The fans in Kansas City booed him when he took batting practice and when he was introduced for the derby.

Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City even bought an airplane banner to complain about Cano’s selection:

Of course the funny part about the whole situation is how out of touch Royals fans are. While we love the support they’re showing Butler, Cano’s sanity would have been questioned had he selected the Kansas City DH.

Butler is a very good hitter — one that any team would want — but he’s not a slugger. His career high for home runs in a season is 21. We appreciate the homerism by Royals fans, but let’s be real — nobody except them wanted to see Butler in the Home Run Derby.

At least Royals fans got their way when Cano was shut out in the derby. The only time they cheered him was when he failed to hit balls out.

Photo credit: Big League Stew

Dolphins Fans Hiring Airplane to Fly Over Stadium with ‘Fire Jeff Ireland’ Sign

Some Miami Dolphins fans are upset that Tony Sparano was whacked earlier this week, but that GM Jeff Ireland (pictured) is still employed, so they’re planning to hire an airplane ad calling for his firing.

Chris Joseph and Roger Paul are die-hard Dolphins fans who run the website finsnation.com. They first mentioned the idea on Twitter and began looking into hiring a plane after receiving positive responses from other fans.

The plan is to hire a plane to fly over Sun Life Stadium for a few hours prior to kickoff on January 1st, the team’s final home game. The message will be a plea to franchise owner Stephen Ross: “Mr. Ross, save our Dolphins. Fire Jeff Ireland.”

Ireland and Sparano came to the Dolphins at the same time after being hired by Bill Parcells. The GM has presided over the franchise’s first three season losing streak since the AFL-NFL merger, and the fans say they have lost faith in him.

The last airplane ad some fans in South Florida purchased worked out pretty well, so maybe this one will too. Frankly, we’re just surprised Ireland made it past this incident.

Florida State Fans Taunt Florida with Airplane Banner at Spring Game

College football fans in the South are a different breed. The hatred between teams is so strong it can lead one to poison trees on a rival school’s campus. Florida State fans didn’t take things that far when they unleashed a taunt at Florida’s spring game Saturday, but they managed to get in a nice blast. From Kegs ‘N Eggs and the Orlando Sentinel comes this airplane message flown over Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Saturday as a reminder of Florida State’s win over the Gators in the fall:

The president of the company that was hired for the flyover, Patrick Walsh of AirSign, said “One of our sales people sold this thing. We’re a standard company. We can’t be discriminatory.” He added that “Most of our other pilots didn’t want to fly it,” and he said he was getting a lot of hate text messages from his friends for pulling the stunt.

I don’t know about you, but if you disagree with the message, can’t you turn turn it down? You won’t find an anti-UCLA ad here at LBS, unless we were paid at least 10x more than the $850 AirSign got for this ad. We can only take this as another example that money talks for some folks.

Airplane Banner Called Randy Shannon’s Firing at Miami (Picture)

Randy Shannon was fired as head coach of the Miami Hurricanes football program Saturday evening following the team’s loss to South Florida. While Shannon is a fine man and a good recruiter, the move was necessary for the program to get back to powerhouse levels. Many Canes fans shared the same feelings about the program, but one particular fan decided to share his thoughts by flying an airplane banner around the stadium Saturday, as I learned from SbB Live via The Palm Beach Post. Here’s a picture of the banner:

“4 Years 0 ACC Titles Lots of Excuses Fire Shannon” is what the banner said. It was put pretty bluntly but tells some of the story of the program recently. I wouldn’t have gone out there and had an airplane banner fly around calling for Shannon’s head (I only would have written that here on the site).

Pic via Paul Station