Just JR Smith, Al Harrington and Jonah Hill hanging out

JR Smith Al Harrington Jonah Hill

What can you really say about this photo? I can’t even think of a more unlikely combination of dudes hanging out, much less running into each other. But, hey, in LA, anything is possible.

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith was hanging out in LA over the weekend when he and his crew ran into actor Jonah Hill. They took this photo by a gas station in front of Hotel Sofitel in Beverly Hills.

From left to right, you’re looking at: Smith’s brother, Chris, also a basketball player; Al Harrington, Smith’s former Denver Nuggets teammate; Hill; JR Smith; rapper BWS Red Angel; and another guy.

“out chere gas station posted with @teamswish @bucketz7 @redangelbws #JonahHill @3_chrissmith #LA” says the caption to the photo.

So, what are the odds JR’s crew slipped Hill a Geoffrey? I mean who could be scared of a Geoffrey? Geoffrey’s just a bloke from down the road, isn’t he?

Photo: Instagram/Eshonino

Al Harrington Knocks Out Internet Reporter Jason Sereno (Video)

If LaMarcus Aldridge is right about the NBA lockout and talks are not progressing at all, Al Harrington is all set.  That’s not to say the Nuggets forward has a career lined up or anything, but it appears that he is having fun while the NBA Players Association and owners try to hammer out a new deal.  Anthony Randolph can have his school books and his fraternity.  If I were an NBA player, I would be doing what Harrington does during his free time — knocking out reporters half my size.  Check out the video of Al Harrington knocking out Jason Sereno, courtesy of Ted Williams Head:

Sereno certainly didn’t face the danger that Daniel Tosh faced with this punch, but he took a pretty good shot.  How lucky is Harrington? Obviously Sereno agreed to take the punch and did it for exposure, so Big Al is just the lucky guy that got to attempt to take his head off.  Sign me up.