Alabama teabagger Brian Downing pleads guilty, could face two years in prison

Back in January, an Alabama fan turned himself in after he was caught on camera placing his genitals on an LSU fan who was passed out in a restaurant. The teabagger, Brian Downing, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to two counts of obscenity for sexually taunting the victim and reached a deal that calls for him to be sentenced to two years in prison. Sentencing has been set for Nov. 29.

According to an Associated Press report, the unidentified LSU fan is also suing Downing seeking damages for “mental anguish, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety and depression and damage to reputation.” He is also asking for lost tuition payments after claiming he had to withdraw from school following the incident. Downing’s attorney said that his client has lost his job and his family is suffering financially.

We’re not going to get all life-lessony on you here, but I can guarantee you Downing never imagined a prank like that would have him facing two years in prison. There’s no excuse for doing something like this to begin with, let alone in an era where cell phone cameras are constantly recording. Now he has to pay a hefty price.

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Nick Saban calls out Alabama fans for not selling out Western Kentucky game

If Alabama was able to beat No. 8 Michigan by a score of 41-14 at a neutral site last weekend, what will they do to Western Kentucky at home? Tide fans have likely been wondering just that, which would help explain why there were still tickets to Saturday’s game available on Thursday afternoon. Nick Saban feels as though the defending national champions should never have to work to sell out a football game.

“A thousand tickets?” Saban asked according to the Montgomery Advertiser. “I’ll buy them and give them away. We can’t sell out with all the games we’ve won?”

Alabama has a tremendous support group, but that doesn’t mean people enjoy watching a snoozer. That’s exactly what this game will be, and all the fans know it. The game will still sell out eventually — especially since Saban also lobbed a compliment toward the fans.

“It’s important for fans to know that anytime we play in Bryant-Denny Stadium, they create a wonderful atmosphere for our team,” he said.

Saban’s argument is that the team has done enough to deserve playing in front of a sellout crowd, and he’s right. We already know he doesn’t want to hear the media underestimating this weekend’s opponent, so I’m sure Saban feels the same about the fans. Unfortunately, fans don’t think that way. Some of them just refuse to spend money on a game that is such a mismatch.

Alabama Fans Now Wearing ‘Bama Teabagged the Tigers’ Shirts (Picture)

Alabama fans can be shameless, and wearing and making this t-shirt is the latest example. A tipster sent Deadspin a photo of that shirt and said folks in the parking lot at the Senior Bowl in Mobile (Ala.) were selling them for $5 apiece. The shirts are a reference to the incident at a Krystal restaurant in New Orleans after the National Championship Game where a passed out LSU fan was teabagged/sexually assaulted by an Alabama fan. I guess the only positive takeaway is that Bama fans aren’t poisoning trees.

Harvey Updyke Reportedly Rejects Plea Deal That Would Have Kept Him From Attending Alabama Sports Events

Alleged Auburn tree poisoner Harvey Updyke reportedly rejected a plea deal that would have put him in prison for 13 years and prevented him from attending Alabama sports events.

Updyke is scheduled to go to trial in March on four felony charges and two misdemeanors. He pleaded not guilty on all counts for reasons of mental disease or defect. He reportedly could face up to 10 years in prison for each felony charge and as much as a one-year sentence and $2,000 fine on each misdemeanor.

Not that we would expect Harvey to agree to a 13-year prison sentence, but I have to figure being barred from Alabama sporting events was the deal breaker. He was in New Orleans for the National Championship Game, and by his account, he’s a “very unhealthy Alabama fan.”

No way he’d agree to anything that would prevent him from being the detected Alabama fan he is. And for the record, 13 years for poisoning trees seems a bit extreme.

Alabama Animal Clinic Takes Shot at Honey Badger (Picture)

The fans in Alabama care a lot about their football. You already knew that. So it’s no surprise to see them gloating after their win over LSU in the National Championship Game. As Kegs ‘N Eggs pointed out, The Fairhope Animal Clinic in Fairhope, AL wasted little time taking a shot at LSU’s Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu, following the Tigers’ loss to Bama on Monday.

Sure it’s a pretty classless move by an animal clinic, but at least nobody is poisoning trees.

Picture Credit: @BobbyO504

Crying Alabama Fan in New Orleans for Bama-LSU Game (Picture)

So you remember that Alabama frat boy who was caught crying on camera at the end of his team’s loss to LSU in November? Not only did he become the laughing stock of the Bayou, but he also inspired a very creative t-shirt, and another young LSU fan to walk around Bourbon Street carrying the poster seen above. Apparently “Roll Tears Roll” boy is a pretty good sport about things, and he’s obviously in much better spirits. Now if his team loses Monday, I wouldn’t want to be around to see his reaction.

Thanks to Clay Travis for sharing the picture.

Les Miles Gives an Alabama Fan a Sarcastic ‘Nice Hat’ (Video)

We still have almost a month to go before the BCS National Championship trophy is claimed, but Alabama fans have wasted no time commencing the trash talk.  At the Heisman Trophy ceremony over the weekend, a bunch of rowdy fans dressed in Alabama gear decided to give Les Miles a “Roll Tide” welcome as he was walking into the Best Buy Theater in New York City.  Miles didn’t say much, but he didn’t really need to.  A simple “nice hat” to the gentleman wearing the Bear Bryant had was plenty.  Check out this video that Outkick the Coverage passed along:

Clearly Les has been around the rivalry enough to have it figured out.  These Bama fans are completely erratic, and it does a coach no good to try to stand up to their grown-man sobbing ways or signs hanging from bridges above interstate highways.  Did Miles actually think the Bear Bryant hat was a nice touch?  Was he giving the Alabama fan a genuine compliment?  Was it the perfect insult?  The guy in the hat has been asking himself the same questions all weekend.