Albert Belle, the once feared slugger, has gotten fat in retirement (Pictures)

See kids, this is what happens when you get all jacked up in your prime and then stop exercising. Fortunately for Albert Belle, he retired before things really got out of hand with steroid testing. We’re not saying the former Indians slugger took anything he shouldn’t have, but it certainly can’t be ruled out given his size and the time period in which he played. As you can see from the comparison above and the photo below that shows Belle reuniting with the Indians, retired Albert is has a bit more body fat than baseball Albert did.

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Terrible Jersey: Albert Belle, Indians

Life just hasn’t been the same since Marco stopped adding to the Terrible Jersey Hall of Fame on his old blog, Just Call Me Juice. It was a great, creative idea for a recurring feature, and the epitome of what makes sports blogs so much fun. In fact, one of my blogging highlights was making it into the HOF with my Ki-Jana Carter Bengals jersey. Anyway, when I saw this beauty in the checkout line at Costco, I immediately perked up and bolted to shake this man’s hand. I had to congratulate him for such a fantastic jersey, and he was quite pleased that his shreds were making me so excited. So here it is:

There are so many aspects of this situation that make this jersey great. For one, it’s older than hell; it’s been 12 years since Belle played for the Indians, and around 10 years since he was really relevant. The fact that the guy was wearing it in 2008 makes it that much better. But most importantly, it’s Albert Belle. Albert freaking Belle. Who has an Albert Belle jersey? And who that at one point wore an Albert Belle jersey would still wear it given Belle’s recent history? Man, add all this up, and you can see why I was so thrilled. Too bad he wasn’t having any of my trade offers. I was figuring a case of Bud Light and a 12-pack of croissants would do the trick. No such luck.