Albert Haynesworth’s Baby Mama Drama

Washington Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth is being sued for supposedly abandoning Silvia Mena, a stripper from Brooklyn whom he allegedly impregnated. Mena claims that Haynesworth dumped her and refused to talk to her after he learned that she was pregnant in February.

To say I’m surprised would be a lie. Haynesworth has already showed us his selfish, “all about me” attitude on the football field this year by skipping out on his team’s OTAs. If Haynesworth can’t manage to be there for his teammates, why would we expect him to be there for his pregnant ex-girlfriend?

Now I understand that the questions will circulate whether it’s actually his child and whether he said he’d support her as well as other things. But it’s not like Haynesworth is hurting for money — he just signed a $100 million contract in 2009. Are you really telling me that he can’t afford to take an ex-girlfriend to the doctor? Something just isn’t right about this story.

If Mena wins her lawsuit against Haynesworth, he could potentially owe her $10 million. Wouldn’t it just have been smarter to take the woman to the doctor and get a paternity test when the child is born? If it’s not his, he has no financial obligation. If it is, then maybe they could have worked out a better deal. I guess we are going to have to wait for all the details to unfold but Haynesworth looks like he might be getting screwed on this one.

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Albert Haynesworth Isn’t Acting like a Team Player for Redskins

The Washington Redskins put together a good off-season, highlighted by acquiring quarterback Donovan McNabb, hiring Mike Shanahan as the team’s new head coach, and the changing defensive coordinators to Jim Haslett. Even though the additions look good, some players are unhappy that Jim Haslett will change the defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Albert Haynesworth is the player most upset, and he’s shown his unhappiness by not showing up for the team’s voluntary minicamp.

Haynesworth has missed two voluntary minicamps already and his teammates are upset he’s not been around. Redskins’ defensive end Phillip Daniels expressed his feelings on the matter to Mike Wise of The Washington Post:

“There is no room for negotiation at 4-12. I’m here, [London] Fletcher’s here, everybody’s here. He’s got to understand that. We need him to come here, be here and show these young guys that the veterans have bought in and that we want to win games. He should definitely be here. And it’s a shame he’s not.”

Haynesworth is acting unprofessionally and selfishly in my opinion. When you are part of a team, it isn’t about you being unhappy about the new defensive structure. He isn’t being paid $100 million to sit at home while the rest of his team learns their new formations. I know that this is a “voluntary” minicamp, but with all the changes that happened this off-season for the Redskins, it only seems logical for everyone to show up. Haynesworth has such a big impact on this defense that if he’s not willing to carry his weight in all of this, we are going to see a defensive mess for the Redskins come September.

Teammates to Albert Haynesworth: You should be at Redskins Park [The Washington Post]

The Hit that Broke Tom Brady’s Ribs?

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady returned from reconstructive knee surgery this season after getting knocked out for the year in the first quarter of week one last season. That knee has been the least of his medical problems this year. The bad news began in the preseason where Brady supposedly hurt his shoulder after being driven into the turf by Albert Haynesworth. Since then, he’s been listed on the injury report for having problems with his shoulder, finger, and ribs. It’s been reported that he’s been playing with a broken finger and now reports say he’s been playing with three broken ribs the entire season. The report says he incurred the injury in the preseason against the Redskins which makes me think the Albert Haynesworth hit did more than just hurt Brady’s shoulder. Take a look at the Tom Brady/Albert Haynesworth hit video and let me know what you think:

It definitely looks to me like that could have gotten the job done considering Haynesworth nailed Brady squarely in the ribs on his left side. Anyone who’s seen Brady play this year can tell that he’s not at full strength but just the fact that he still managed to post a Pro Bowl season with all these injuries is quite impressive. Wes Welker’s knee injury is bad news though — they might not be able to overcome that.

Albert Haynesworth’s Impact on the Defense Is Enormous

albert-haynesworth-redskinsThe Redskins played the Eagles on Monday Night Football, losing 27-17. Washington’s defensive line performed pretty well, getting to Donovan McNabb for three sacks and several other pressures. At one point the MNF crew displayed a graphic showing how much playing alongside All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth helps everyone else on the line; much like a good cornerback, a good defensive tackle’s stats usually aren’t that impressive. Haynesworth however is so dominant he requires extra attention from the offensive line and that frees up other defenders with one-on-one matchups. As they pointed out, when Haynesworth was with the Titans, defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch had 35.5 sacks in 58 games including two 12 or more sack seasons. This year, Vanden Bosch doesn’t have any sacks.

Meanwhile, playing alongside Haynesworth in Washington this year, Andre Carter has 6.5 sacks through 7 games. Carter did have 10.5 sacks two years ago and 12.5 sacks in ’02 with the 49ers, but he’s on pace to blow past his season highs. Any coincidence he’s enjoying this much success this year? Of course not — Haynesworth gets tons of attention on the line and Carter’s taking advantage of it. The bottom line is that unlike quarterback, running back, linebacker, or wide receiver, it’s hard to measure the success of a defensive tackle using his statistics. As we’ve come to see, while Haynesworth’s stats aren’t blowing you away, his impact has been tremendous. Now if they could only get some freaking production from their offense they’d be set.

Albert Haynesworth Rips the Titans

There are only a certain amount of free agents to go around. Far fewer are the free agents who will make a significant impact on a club. With that in mind, Titans defensive tackle Albert Hayneworth, who was a Defensive Player of the Year candidate last season, is pretty peeved with his team for their lack of action in the free agent market, saying the team has gotten worse.

“It’s like a repeat of last year,” Haynesworth said Tuesday. “We need more weapons for Vince (Young). Now we need more defensive linemen. We are not doing anything. We are really just making ourselves worse the way I look at it. … It doesn’t look like we’re trying to get better.”

“We have the potential to be good and we are letting so many key components go. I just don’t want to go back to another 8-8 year or worse. I want to go deep into the playoffs and compete for a Super Bowl.”

The Titans have lose two defensive ends and another defensive tackle to free agency, making Haynesworth say they’re getting worse. Meanwhile, the only player they’ve added is Alge Crumpler from Atlanta despite being 25-28 million under the cap entering free agency. I like the fire Albert displays, as well as guys like Donovan and Favre who have begged for players. One problem. There’s a reason why the players are players and the GMs are GMs. Remember what Kobe said last year about Bynum and Kupchak? Exactly. While many transactions can please players and fans, they can be bad for the team in the long run. For instance, maybe signing Javon Walker to a six-year deal, or Donte Stallworth to a seven-year deal wasn’t the answer to their problems. Someone should explain that to Prince Albert.