Cardinals fan has hilarious signs taunting Albert Pujols (Pictures)

The Cardinals lost one of the greatest hitters in their franchise’s history last winter, yet they still find themselves two wins away from returning to the World Series to defend their title. Albert Pujols is now an Angel, and the Angels are now mere spectators as four teams fight for a championship. Of course, that means St. Louis fans have to capitalize on the opportunity to harass the man who skipped town to fatten his wallet.

As you can see from the photo above that Big League Stew passed along, a fan stood behind the dugout before Game 3 of the NLCS in St. Louis and held a fantastically original sign to rip on Pujols. He also went with a slightly less original joke on the other side:

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Albert Pujols goes nuts after White Sox fan takes foul ball away from him (Video)

Albert Pujols is generally a calm and respectful man, but his anger will show if you mess with his play on the field like one fan did on Saturday night.

During the bottom of the first inning of the Angels-White Sox game, A.J. Pierzynski popped a foul ball down the first base line. Pujols tracked it and reached into the stands to make the catch, but a White Sox fan also went for the ball and knocked it away from Albert. Pujols was ticked off that the ball was taken away from him and went berserk.

The fan, who was probably going for the ball as a natural reaction, seemed to enjoy helping his team by knocking the ball away. The other fans certainly liked it — they gave him an ovation afterward.

The umpires made the right decision not to do anything since fans are allowed to make plays on balls in the stands. Luckily for the Angels the play didn’t mean anything; Pierzynski popped out on the next pitch.

Albert Pujols has been crushing the ball since Mickey Hatcher was fired

Albert Pujols is quietly coming on for the Angels after putting together one of the worst starts to the season in MLB. The All-Star slugger has at least a hit in 13 of his last 14 games, and his numbers have noticeably improved since the team fired Mickey Hatcher as hitting coach on May 15. The stats show a significant difference.

With Hatcher as coach (37 games/146 at-bats):

    .212 avg, 1 HR, 14 RBIs, .288 slugging, .536 OPS, 6 BB/18 K

Without Hatcher as coach (10 games/39 at-bats):

    .282 avg, 5 HRs, 11 RBIs, .692 slugging, .821 OPS, 5 BB/5 K

The media and fans often make batting coaches out to be poor, scapegoated souls when they get fired because a team slumps, but the truth is sometimes all players need is change in order to turn things around. This move certainly hasn’t hurt Pujols.

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

David Ortiz on slumping Albert Pujols: He’s a bad motherf***er

Albert Pujols has managed to end his home run drought in Los Angeles, but the numbers are still far from cutting it. A quarter of the way through the season, the $240 million man is still hitting .214 with an on-base percentage of only .248. He has driven in only 18 runs and has three homers, but Pujols is finally showing signs of life at the plate. As someone who knows plenty about starting the year off in a horrible slump, David Ortiz says he is not worried about Albert turning it around — and we shouldn’t be either.

“Albert Pujols? Let me tell you something about Albert Pujols,” Ortiz said according to ESPNBoston.com. “Albert Pujols is a bad mother f—er. The baseball world needs Albert Pujols.

“I spent two months with one home run, and I got exhausted mentally and physically. But it was more mental because it was too much of me trying different things and trying to figure out why I wasn’t hitting homers.”

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Albert Pujols throws glove at Erick Aybar during postgame handshakes (Video)

There was an unusual moment during the Angels’ postgame handshake lineup on Wednesday night. After beating the Twins 6-2, the Angels players lined up for handshakes and high-fives to celebrate the win. For some reason, Albert Pujols chucked his glove at teammate Erick Aybar. The move was strange and made Pujols look like a jerk, but SI injury expert Will Carroll points out that the elbow the slugger was grabbing is the same one he had surgery on in 2008 and 2009. Aybar must have touched or pushed him in a sensitive area and got that reaction. No harm, no foul, but it was certainly a funny video.

Forearm bash to Midwest Sports Fans

Angels play prank on Albert Pujols after first home run of the season (Video)

Two days after being serenaded by boos from Angels fans and a day after being held out of the lineup, Albert Pujols finally blasted his first hit out of the park as a member of the Angels. During the 5th inning of Sunday’s game with the Blue Jays, in his 111th AB of the year, Pujols bombed a two-run homer that gave the Angels a 4-1 advantage. And there to greet him in the dugout was … no one.

While Pujols rounded the bases, his teammates spilled into the clubhouse as a prank, leaving the Angels dugout completely empty by the time Pujols returned. Before long, everybody returned and congratulated the slugger. Pujols was all smiles about the joke. After all, he had just gotten the biggest (rally) monkey in his career off his back. Now back to trying to get to .500, Halos.

Albert Pujols booed by Angels fans after another hitless night

When Albert Pujols and the Los Angeles Angels agreed to a $240 million contract a few months ago, I doubt either side envisioned zero home runs and a sub-.200 average for the slugger a full month into the season. On Friday night, the fans’ level of frustration officially reached its boiling point. After grounding out in the ninth inning to cap off an 0-for-4 night against the Blue Jays, Angels fans rained boos down on their new slugger.

“I know better than to get myself down,” Pujols said after the game according to the Orange County Register. “And my message to the fans is, they have a reason to boo. I’m not performing the way that I can, but just the same way I’m patient, they need to be patient and know that I’m gonna be here for 10 years. I don’t read the future, but I guarantee to you there’s gonna be more cheers than boos in those 10 years.

“This is just six weeks into the season. They have the right. They pay a lot of money to come and watch me play, and I’m not performing the way I know how to perform. But I also understand I can’t force it. I’m trying my best.”

Obviously, things are going to improve for Pujols at the plate. That being said, he’s right about the fans having every right to boo. The Angels are digging themselves into a pretty significant early-season hole, and Pujols is one of the main reasons for it. The longer his slump continues, the steeper the climb becomes for the Angels to reach the postseason. Is it time to panic? Absolutely not. But if you ask me Angels fans have waited long enough for the biggest investment in team history to start paying off.

Photo credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE