Aldon Smith could miss five weeks; 49ers will pay his salary

Aldon Smith 49ersThe San Francisco 49ers are expecting to be without Aldon Smith for at least five weeks, according to a report.

Smith entered rehab this week following his second DUI-related incident. The latest stop occurred last Friday morning around 7 a.m. Smith allegedly had pills and marijuana with him in addition to being drunk. The 49ers let Smith play in their home loss to the Indianapolis Colts, but his locker was cleared out following the game and the team announced he would be entering rehab.

According to NFL.com’s Albert Breer, the Niners expect Smith to be in rehab for a minimum of 3-4 weeks, and they’re expecting to be without him for at least five weeks. Additionally, Breer says the feeling is that the league will suspend Smith 2-4 games after his case goes through the court system. Altogether, the recent DUI incident could cost Smith around half a season, though that amount of games might not be missed consecutively.

Another interesting note is that the 49ers will pay Smith’s full salary while he’s in rehab. It’s certainly a nice gesture by the team, but keep in mind that he’s only making about $100,000 a week and severely underpaid based on how good of a player he is.

San Francisco crushed St. Louis on Thursday night in their first game without the all-pro pass rusher.

Helmet smack to the Red Zone

Chris Kluwe went off on San Francisco 49ers for letting Aldon Smith play

Aldon Smith mug shotDespite being arrested for his second DUI in less than two years on Friday, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was still allowed to play against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Niners CEO Jed York justified the decision by saying the team felt keeping Smith active was the best thing for his future. The always-outspoken Chris Kluwe strongly disagreed.

Like many others, Kluwe felt that San Francisco allowed Smith to play for one reason — they wanted to win. Obviously, it didn’t work.

“Listening to the announcers justify playing Aldon Smith is pretty ridiculous,” Kluwe wrote on Twitter. “The sole reason he’s playing is because they care more about winning a child’s game than what a man does with his life.”

In particular, Kluwe was angry with the assertion that Smith could file a grievance against the team if they made him inactive after police reportedly found weed and pills in his car.

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“Dear sports analysts. If you don’t know what “conduct detrimental” is, kindly refrain from sharing your ignorance with other people,” Kluwe wrote. “Thanks! For those curious, ‘conduct detrimental’ is a clause in EVERY player’s contract that states you can be fined and/or suspended if you engage in behavior deemed detrimental to the image of the team and/or league. It applies to EVERYONE. So saying ‘the 49ers didn’t have a choice’ is flat out hypocritical bulls— and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Do your f—ing job.

“A head coach can make any player inactive. He could suspend him for conduct detrimental. He could cut him if he wanted to. He could keep him active and not let him go on the field. There are numerous scenarios where Smith doesn’t play today, but there he is.”

We agree. The decision to play Smith was inexcusable given the problems he has gotten himself into off the field. Smith is reportedly going to go to rehab as soon as this week, which probably isn’t a bad idea. Allowing him to play was a horrible choice.

Report: Aldon Smith will enter rehab soon

Aldon Smith mug shotAldon Smith is likely to enter rehab and could go as early as this week, according to reports.

Smith played in the San Francisco 49ers’ ugly 27-7 home loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday (we thought the decision to play him was inexcusable). Smith was arrested around 7 a.m. on Friday morning for suspicion of DUI and possession of pills and marijuana after crashing his car. It was his second DUI-related arrest since he entered the league. He also was stabbed last year at a party at his home. He is facing a lawsuit for allegedly firing a gun during that same party.

FOX NFL Sunday insider Jay Glazer reported that Smith could go to rehab this week because of concern over his substance abuse problems. Pro Football Talk reported that Smith will enter rehab sooner than later.

The 49ers play at St. Louis on Thursday night. 49ers reporter Matt Maicco said Smith’s locker was “completely empty” after Sunday’s game.

Smith going to rehab would be his choice, possibly based on the recommendation from the team and those close to him. It would not be related to any discipline from the league; the NFL could still suspend Smith for violations of the league’s personal conduct policy.

The Niners got throttled at home by the Colts, proving that they obviously did not need Smith in the game. There was no excuse for playing him. Regardless of whether charges get reduced or dropped, the Niners knew Smith got in serious trouble on Friday. What message are they trying to send?

Roddy White on ESPN analysts criticizing Aldon Smith: You guys have ‘no doubt’ driven drunk before

Roddy-White-FalconsAtlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was back to sharing his insightful thoughts on Twitter on Sunday, this time just hours before his team’s game against the Miami Dolphins. White, who was apparently watching ESPN as he awaited his teams 4 p.m. EST kickoff time, said that the “Sunday NFL Countdown” analysts should give San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith a break.

The 23-year-old Smith has been in trouble off the field several times since coming into the league, but White felt that Keyshawn Johnson, Cris Carter and Tom Jackson were being hypocritical by criticizing him. Why? White assumes they have all driven drunk before.

Neither Johnson, nor Carter, nor Jackson has ever been arrested for driving while under the influence. Does that mean they have never had a few drinks and gotten behind the wheel? We can’t say, but White’s assertion that they have no right to criticize Smith because they have all probably done the same is ridiculous. The 31-year-old receiver then admitted the league has programs in place to prevent drunk driving.

These certainly aren’t the most idiotic tweets we have ever seen from White, but once again he has managed to make himself look bad by raising a dumb point. Aldon Smith needs to learn to stay out of trouble, or he’ll risk never fulfilling his potential. That’s simply a fact at this point, not an opinion.

Aldon Smith reportedly had marijuana and pills in his car, had BAC of .15

Aldon-Smith-mug-shotSan Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested on Friday for driving while under the influence for a second time in two years, but he could wind up in trouble for more than just being under the influence of alcohol. According to the San Jose Mercury News, police also found marijuana and pills in Smith’s car when they searched it after he hit a tree.

The arrest occurred at 7 a.m., which is an odd time for someone to be arrested for a DUI. Your initial reaction might be that Smith was hungover, but sources told the Mercury News that his blood alcohol level was .15 — nearly twice the legal limit. He did not have a prescription for the marijuana, not that it would matter since NFL players are not allowed to smoke weed regardless.

The 49ers released a statement saying they are still “gathering information” about the incident and have no comment at this time.

Unless there was some sort of epic mixup, Smith is almost certain to face discipline from the NFL in the form of a suspension. He has been involved in a number of off-field incidents since coming into the league, despite recently expressing a desire to get his act together. If he is forced to miss time, San Francisco’s pass rush and defense would be dealing with a major downgrade.

Aldon Smith arrested on suspicion of DUI

Aldon-Smith-NinersSan Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence on Friday morning. Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com first reported that Smith was determined to be the driver in a single-vehicle accident that occurred around 7 a.m. on Friday. No one was injured, but Smith was allegedly intoxicated.

“At some point, they did a breath sample and it was over the limit,” San Jose Police Sgt. Heather Randol told CSNBayArea.com. “He was not injured, and it does not appear as if anybody else was in the vehicle with him. And there were no other involved vehicles or reported injuries.”

This is the second DUI arrest for Smith, who has battled a number of issues off the field since coming into the NFL. He had his charges reduced on a previous DUI in Miami Beach. Smith is also being sued by two men who claim they were shot at a party at his house by gang members he was associated with. The former Missouri star was stabbed at the same party and the San Jose District Attorney’s office is in the process of determining whether or not to prosecute him for possession of illegal assault weapons.

Smith, one of the most prolific pass rushers in the NFL, recently expressed a desire to make better decisions and surround himself with more responsible people.

“I’m really focused more than ever and I’m ready to go,” he told reporters. “Being my age, you just have to be aware of everything around you. I’ve just got to make better decisions and surround myself with good people.”

Smith has racked up a whopping 37 sacks in 34 NFL games since 2011. Given that he has had multiple run-ins with the law, you can expect a suspension to be coming at some point from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Aldon Smith overtakes Von Miller for NFL sack lead, lets him know about it

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller enjoyed huge weekends against their respective opponents in Week 11. The two defensive stars have been neck-and-neck all season long with sacks, but Smith overtook the league lead on Monday night when he racked up 5.5 in a win over the Chicago Bears. Miller had three against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.

Miller held the league lead going into the Monday night game, and after the game Smith said he planned to let him know his run at the top was short-lived.

“I’ll probably text him as soon as I leave here,” Smith said while grinning according to the Sacramento Bee.

Smith, who added that he has a “thing” for playing under the lights in primetime games, leads the NFL with 15 sacks in only his second season as a pro. Miller, also in his second season, trails him with 13.

It’s nice to see Smith having a little fun with the friendly rivalry. No matter how you look at it, these are two of the best young pass-rushers in the game and they have barely burst into their primes. Through less than two seasons, Miller and Smith have combined for a whopping 53.5 sacks. Unless offenses can figure out how to stop them, there could be a lot of text messages going back and forth about who leads the league in sacks for years to come.