Alex Morgan’s parents partied so hard after Olympics her dad missed his flight home

Alex Morgan has a pretty wholesome image, but that doesn’t mean she and her family can’t get crazy when the time is right.

Morgan was a guest on “Access Hollywood Live” on Tuesday and told hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about all the partying she and her family did after the US won the gold medal at the Olympics.

”[We celebrated] all night and all morning,” Morgan said. “I think I got back to the village at 6:30 [AM].

“[My parents] were on the Tube, taking the train [after dropping me off at the Olympic Village,] and they fell asleep on the Tube,” she recounted. “[They woke up] at the end of the line and couldn’t even get back to their [hotel] until 10 AM … my dad missed his flight the next morning.”

Uh oh, the Morgan family staying up all night partying? Naughty naughty!

Morgan was asked who on the team rages the hardest, but she refused to throw someone under the bus, though she did finger Abby Wambach as a heavy drinker. Maybe one of her teammates could learn a few things about keeping secrets in house among the players.

Alex Morgan’s stoppage time header sends US women to gold medal match (Video)

The US women’s soccer team advanced to the Olympic gold medal match on Monday after what was one of the most exciting few minutes of the London Games. The US defeated Canada 4-3 in extra time to score a date against Japan in the finals on Thursday. After Abby Wambach scored yet another goal on a penalty kick to tie the game at 3-3 in the 80th minute, Alex Morgan added what would become the game-winner on a beautiful header that she floated over Canada goalie Erin McLeod’s head.

The goal was arguably the most thrilling moment of the London Olympics for the US, who never led in the match until extra time. The win sets up a rematch against Japan, which as you may remember is the team that defeated the US in a heart-breaking game that came down to penalty kicks in the World Cup final last summer.

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Alex Morgan knees New Zealand goalie Jenny Bindon in the face (Animated)

The US women’s soccer team defeated New Zealand 2-0 on Friday to advance to the semifinals of the Olympic tournament. Abby Wambach scored a goal in the 27th minute to extend her US record to eight Olympic goals. After missing the Beijing Olympics with a broken leg, Wambach has surged back in the London Games with four goals and has easily been one of the best players in the tournament.

Aside from the win itself, one of the more notable story lines on Friday was the beating New Zealand goalie Jenny Bindon took. Bindon was kicked in the head by both Wambach and Alex Morgan, both blows of which appeared to be unintentional. As you can see from the animation above that The Big Lead passed along, Morgan nearly decapitated Bindon with her knee in the second half. It was a frightening moment, but fortunately she seemed to come away without any serious injuries.

If you thought this flying kick to the head was bad, the knee Bindon took makes it look like a walk in the park.

Aaron Murray hopes to take Alex Morgan out on a date, needs to fall in line

Athletes hitting on Alex Morgan via Twitter is starting to become a sports tradition like football on Thanksgiving or the Lambeau Leap.

The latest athlete to take part in the tradition is Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, who, perhaps while watching the ESPYs Wednesday night, sent out this tweet:

Unlike with Robert Griffin III, we’ll presume Murray knows what Morgan looks like. Murray joins the likes of Evan Longoria and DeAngelo Hall, who both have been caught sending flirtatious tweets Morgan’s way.

Lest we forget this woman already has a boyfriend.

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Alex Morgan still more comfortable playing soccer than modeling

Alex Morgan has received plenty of attention off the field because of her looks, but the U.S. soccer star is still more comfortable doing what’s natural for her: playing.

Morgan did an interview with USA Today and was asked if it’s harder being a soccer star or a model (like she was for Sports Illustrated).

“It’s definitely harder trying to be a model for a day, because I am in no way a model,” she says. “Soccer is what I grew up doing – it’s my passion, and I’m way more comfortable on the field in my soccer cleats.”

The U.S. women’s national team is preparing for its first Olympics game later this month after beating Canada 2-1 last Saturday. Morgan is the team’s leading scorer with 17 goals this year and has become one of the most well known faces on the squad. Her surge in popularity has made it difficult for to balance all her demands.

“My playing time has increased over the year, but for me, it’s just knowing when to say no to media or work like that and just focus on soccer and make soccer a priority,” she told USA Today.

Considering how well she’s been playing, it seems like she’s balancing things quite well. And as far as the modeling goes, Morgan told King5 News in Seattle that she was happy with the way her body paint pictures turned out. We’re guessing Morgan’s boyfriend was happy with them too.

RG3 makes embarrassing Twitter mistake with Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is a popular gal. That’s especially the case on Twitter, where some of her thousands of adoring fans often attempt some harmless (and hopeless) flirting with the soccer star. (She’s taken, fellas. But, hey, we don’t blame you for trying.) But at least those fans know what she looks like. Can’t say the same for Robert Griffin III when he tried to jump on the Alex Morgan bandwagon this week.


Oh, well this is nice. Honestly, who isn’t an RGIII fan? Well, other than Von Miller.

Shameless tweet by Griffin. But this is Alex Morgan we’re talking about. Can’t say we blame him. Let’s see how she responds.

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DeAngelo Hall flirts with Alex Morgan on Twitter, Morgan says she’ll attend Redskins game

Hopefully once word gets around that DeAngelo Hall and Alex Morgan were chatting back and forth on Twitter, everyone calls it flirting. That way we can see if Hall gets all worked up about it like Evan Longoria did that time when he and Morgan were chatting and everyone said he was trying to pick her up. It’s just more fun when that happens. Anyway, Hall recently tweeted back and forth with the U.S. Women’s soccer star, and by the end of the conversation he convinced her to attend a Redskins game next season. Either Morgan knows nothing about football, or she has high hopes for what the Robert Griffin III era might bring.

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