Evan Longoria Denies Hitting on Alex Morgan via Twitter

Back in July, the U.S. women’s national soccer team received tons of media coverage and fanfare for their performance in the World Cup. They had a captivating comeback win over Brazil in the quarterfinals, and made it to the finals before losing to Japan. There were many reasons the team became so popular (having a few attractive star players doesn’t hurt). Alex Morgan and Hope Solo received plenty of attention because of their stellar play and good looks. They received marriage proposals, thousands of new Twitter followers, and attention from fellow famous athletes. Rays third baseman Evan Longoria is one of the athletes who seemed to be flirting with Morgan.

In July, Longoria tweeted at Morgan “the TB Rays want to have you USA soccer girls out to throw out first pitches and chill at a game!” Morgan responded and said she wanted to, but she ended up throwing a first pitch at a Royals game.

It seemed like Longoria was flirting (he could have sent his tweet to any other player but he chose Morgan), but he denies that is the case.

“I tweeted Alex Morgan a couple times [during the Women's World Cup] and everybody on Twitter assumed that you’re trying to hit on somebody. You can’t really give a sincere tweet. If it’s to a girl, [they think] you’re trying to get in their pants,” Longoria said on the Hot Clicks podcast.

“That’s funny to me. Alex, hey, she’s a good looking girl. For me, Twitter is not used as a dating service. I figure it’s more of a way to connect to your fans.”

So Longoria admits she’s good looking, directed his original tweet at Alex and not any of the other players, and we’re supposed to buy that he wasn’t flirting. It’s OK Longo, you’re not the only one who likes her. Plus, it’s not like you got shot down — everybody knows she has a boyfriend. Just man up and admit you were trying to get in with her.

Alex Morgan Threw Out the First Pitch at a Royals Game (Video)

The U.S. women’s national soccer team is in Kansas City this week preparing for a game against Canada. We already saw how Hope Solo spent some of her time, and now we’re seeing how Alex Morgan spent some of hers. Morgan was invited to throw out the first pitch at the Royals game Thursday night. She took the honor pretty seriously:

Has anyone ever put in more effort into their first pitch? Wow, Morgan spent as much time preparing for her first pitch as C.J. Sapong did preparing his poem for Hope Solo. If she’s that detail-oriented, it’s no wonder she’s had so much success playing soccer. It also seems like she’s growing much more comfortable under the spotlight. She worked the camera quite well.

Forearm bash to Guyism for the video

Hope Solo and Alex Morgan Pair Up in Dancing Video Game Commercial (Video)

Since their recent run to the finals of the women’s World Cup, the U.S. women’s soccer team has become more than just a collection of athletes.  Players like Hope Solo and Alex Morgan have become icons who are receiving more attention than they know how to handle.  That’s how it goes in the world of sports.  One minute you’re making a crucial save or scoring a sick goal and the next people are talking about you posing nude in ESPN The Magazine.  Before you know it, these two will be starring in commercials promoting Dance Dance Revolution type games.  Wait, that already happened?  Check out the Hope Solo and Alex Morgan dancing video game commercial:

Did anyone notice the two names on the screen at the 40-second mark?  I wonder if they picked the names Sunny and Baby or those were default names for the game.  If it’s the former, that’s hot.

Alex Morgan Says All the Attention Is a Little Weird

In the span of a few months, Alex Morgan and many of the players on the U.S. women’s soccer team went from unknowns to celebrities. Morgan, Hope Solo, and Abby Wambach seemed to have gained the most notoriety since the World Cup. They’ve picked up endorsement deals, made TV show guest appearances, posed in magazines, and gained thousands of twitter followers. It’s no doubt been a whirlwind month and Morgan says she’s still getting used to it all.

“Everything right now is relatively new for me,” Morgan told the University at Buffalo’s student newspaper. “I’m not going to lie; the attention is a little weird and it’s different from what I’m used to, but I definitely want to bring attention to women’s soccer in the states. I’m going to help out women’s soccer as much as I can. I want to keep turning heads for women’s sports in the U.S. and in the world.”

Morgan has continued to perform well since the World Cup. She led the Western New York Flash to a 14-2-3 regular season record and helped them win the WPS championship last weekend. Plus, goals like the one she scored last month will help keep women’s soccer in the public’s consciousness.

As Morgan said, now that they have everyone’s attention they just need to keep it.

Alex Morgan Scores Amazing Goal (Video)

Most fans became familiar with Alex Morgan during the U.S.’s run to the finals of the World Cup. Morgan, who was the youngest player on the national team, scored goals in the semifinals and finals of the tournament. While those goals were nice, none of them compare to the amazing goal she scored Sunday in her WPS game against the Boston Breakers. Check out the video:

That was the equalizer in the 2-2 tie between the Flash and Breakers. 6,222 fans got to see the goal — Boston’s largest home crowd of the season. I’m just a little disappointed LBS writer Del didn’t make it a point to get out to Allston, Ma. for see the game.

Thanks to Bryan D. Fischer for the link and YouTube user EdwinTV42 for the video

Evan Longoria Flirting with Alex Morgan? Invites Her to Rays Game over Twitter

If you fell in love with some of the U.S. women’s soccer players over the past few weeks, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Rays third baseman Evan Longoria seems to have caught the bug and even invited the team to hang out at a Rays game. Longoria directed his tweet to one particular individual, soccer star Alex Morgan:

Morgan wrote back some time later saying “let’s do it!” so it seems like she’s down.

See, this is the exact sort of thing about which we warned Servando Carrasco (Alex’s boyfriend) should be worried. Not only are the two on opposite ends of the country, but now Morgan will be in the public spotlight. She’ll be facing much more temptation than the lame marriage proposals on her facebook page.

Although I must admit, with this funky haircut Longo has going, I’m not so sure Carrasco should be worried.

Pic credit Frathouse Sports

Skype Key to Alex Morgan’s Relationship with Boyfriend Servando Carrasco

Alex Morgan became one of the most recognizable figures on the U.S. women’s soccer team due to a combination of her playing talent and good looks. Morgan, who scored key goals against France and Japan in the World Cup, disappointed millions of single men around the country when it was revealed she has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s name is Servando Carrasco, and he is a soccer player for the MLS Seattle Sounders.

Morgan and Carrasco have been dating for over three and a half years, and they met at Cal where they both played soccer. Morgan was drafted by the Western New York flash of the WPS and had to move across the country. So what is keeping them together? Many bachelors hoping for a shot with the forward will be disappointed to know that two communicate regularly thanks to Skype.

In an interview with the Seattle Times last month, Carrasco explained the situation. “She’s in Buffalo and I’m in Seattle. Skype has been the glue of our relationship,” he said. “She’s been here a couple times. She’s come to Seattle twice and might come up before she leaves for Germany. She’s doing her thing and I’m doing my thing. The good thing is we’re in the same lifestyle. It’s OK if we don’t talk to each other until 6-7 o’ clock — if she’s been practicing or had something to do with the team. That’s always good; we can relate to each other.”

Hopefully for their sake they’re able to remain together and avoid a Rory McIlroy situation, which will be even more challenging given Morgan’s newfound celebrity status. In the 24 hours since the World Cup finals, Morgan’s twitter following exploded and she’s now over the 150,000 follower mark. If memory serves correctly, she was not above 30,000 followers prior to the knockout stage of the tournament.