Alright, So Who Isn’t A-Rod Dating?

I’m really starting to wonder a few things here. For one, how the heck is A-Rod going to play this season with all the freaking off-field distractions he has. Two, how is A-Rod liking New York now that he has the paparazzi all over him. And lastly, since breaking up with his wife and moving onto Madonna, who hasn’t A-Rod been rumored to date? The man bangs a bunch of call girls you’ve never heard of and he’s also being spotted next to every celebrity. First Madonna, then Donna Karan on New Years, and now … Kate Hudson:

NOW that Madonna isn’t as interested in him anymore, Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez is playing the famous-faces field. He got hit on in Parrot Cay over New Year’s by Donna Karan, and last week he took Kate Hudson (above) out on a date. Our spy says they had a three-hour meal at the Lure Fishbar with friends and were very cozy. Later, A-Rod went with Hudson to the Rose Bar, where they met up with her friend Ron Burkle. Hudson, currently starring in “Bride Wars,” has been single since Lance Armstrong dumped her. Said her rep: “Kate was at Lure with a group of 10 people.”

That he and Madonna are no longer an item is news to me. And Kate Hudson? I’ve said it a thousand times before, Rodriguez can do so much better. All I know is that if I were in a fantasy league this season, I wouldn’t have A-Rod on my draft list. How do you expect a guy to hit when he’s got all kinds of people following his every move, privately or publicly? And didn’t he get a new P.R. team? Aren’t they supposed to be helping matters and keeping him out of the papers?

So A-Rod, Madonna, and Jerry Seinfeld All Walk Into a Bar …

Could it be true? Is Jerry Seinfeld playing matchmaker in the A-Rod/Madonna love triangle? It appears as if the comedian’s home in the Hamptons served as a sly rendezvous for Madonna and A-Rod not long ago. From Page Six via Ben Maller:

Our spies say the clandestine East End meeting between soon-to-be-divorced Madge and freshly single A-Rod occurred on Oct. 21. A chopper carrying the Yankee slugger was seen landing in East Hampton, where he was picked up in a white Porsche 911 matching the description of Jessica’s [Seinfeld] car.

Less than 40 minutes later, another helicopter that took off from Chelsea Piers with Madonna aboard landed at the same airstrip.

“A dark SUV and Jerry in another Porsche both pulled up and picked up Madonna and they headed back to Jerry’s place,” a witness told us. “When they arrived at the Seinfeld home, Madonna poked her head out the window and could be clearly seen.”

Much like the Yankees playoff hopes this season, A-Rod was in-and-out, leaving Seinfeld’s mansion four hours later apparently. Hmm, I wonder what they were doing for four hours? A marathon kabbalah session? I’m sure that has to be it! I don’t believe things could possibly get more weird nor disgusting.

Great Guitar Hero Commercial Featuring A-Rod, Kobe, Michael Phelps, Tony Hawk

I’d read a lot about an upcoming commercial promoting the video game Guitar Hero that featured star athletes Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, and Tony Hawk, but I’d never actually seen it until now. And let me say, it’s actually pretty good. They’re all doing the whole Tom Cruise Risky Business rock out thing and they did it well. Check it out:

For as much money as they must have spent to assemble that star-studded cast for the spot, they better be selling millions of copies of the game. And between this and those Rosetta Stone spots I keep seeing non-stop, Phelps sure hasn’t wasted any time collecting his endorsement bucks, has he?

Madonna Wants Alex Rodriguez’s Baby? A-Rod Moving into the Neighborhood?

So I still haven’t completely comprehended the whole Madonna/Alex Rodriguez couple. It’s still pretty strange that A-Rod wound up with her in the first place. Think about it: when you’re A-Rod, you have the pick of the litter. Anyone you want and it’s yours. And you choose some of the chicks that he does? I don’t get it. Well since I guess many of us are past this totally weird couple thing, try this on for size:

Rodriguez shares Madonna’s belief in the mystical Jewish tradition of kabbalah. Monday, Britain’s Daily Mail quoted a friend of Madonna as saying, “She thinks he’s physically a great specimen. And if she is going to have another child, he would be the ideal man.”

One report had Rodriguez close to buying the $80million four-bedroom, 5,200-square-foot penthouse there. Insiders told The News he was scoping out several cheaper condos.”

Dude, A-Rod, get out before it’s too late. Seriously man, what are you thinking? I can’t believe how easily swayed he is. He really doesn’t sound too far off from the kid Jose Canseco described in the book, Vindicated. And how about something a little more in your age group too, A-Rod?

Mark Teixeira Just Another A-Rod Clone?

One of the big stories that will loom over the baseball offseason is where Mark Teixeira will sign. He’s arguably the biggest free agent position player on the market, so his departure from the Angels to another team will certainly swing a balance of power — literally and figuratively. While there’s no denying that Tex is one of the premier first baseman in the majors, he’s not as good over the course of a season as he was in the half-seasons once he was traded to the Angels and Braves in the last two years. For that matter, only Albert Pujols is capable of producing at that rate over the course of 162 games — Teixeira is one of the few players capable of producing that well over a 50-game span. Numbers aside, the Angels figure to make a big push to retain Teixeira, and the Yankees, Red Sox and Orioles all figure to get into the bidding (the Yankees being the most prominent suitor). Though Teixeira appears to be an ideal replacement for Jason Giambi in the Bronx, his signing would be met with mixed reviews according to some. Apparently Teixeira really resembles Alex Rodriguez in many undesirable ways:

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Charles Barkley: ‘We Should Line All These Paparazzi People Up and Shoot em’

The always opinionated and controversial Charles Barkley joined JT The Brick on Fox Sports Radio at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. The two got to talking about the way Alex Rodriguez is treated by the media in New York and the paparazzi in general. Sir Charles, as usual, had quite the strong opinion on the matter as he took up for A-Rod. Here’s a snippet of what he said:

Those people are so jealous of him, they got to nothing to do but try to destroy him with his personal business. Why would they follow him on the road to see what he’s doing? They’re trying to get him. There’s so much jealousy around A-Rod. To question this guy’s personal life, that ain’t right at all.

First off, we should line all these paparazzi people up and shoot ‘em.

Audio via TMZ of all places, whom I guess Barkley is saying we should shoot. While I admit I’ll post some stuff up here about A-Rod’s off-field biz, I would never seek the stories on my own, much less print them if I saw em. Once they’re already out there however, I join in because, well, let’s face it — it’s funny stuff. I just can’t believe that someone would follow A-Rod around off the field to track his business. That’s really weak and uncalled for and something that shouldn’t be going on. I guess I agree with Chuck here, though executing all the paparazzi is pretty harsh.

A-Rod Has Some Crappy Taste in Chicks

I guess all this A-Rod the adulterer stuff started last year when the NY slime rags photographed him with that skank in Toronto. That led to wife Cynthia wearing a **** You t-shirt to Yankee Stadium, and ultimately, the Madonna rumors that came out last week. Since the whole Madonna incident, another former stripper has come out of the woodwork telling us about her affair with A-Rod that included two sexual encounters a few years ago. And most recently, it was John Rocker’s former girlfriend, Alicia Marie, coming out and saying how close she is/was with A-Rod. Wow. He’s quite the player. But my deal is for a guy pulling over a quarter billion dollars, how isn’t he pulling hotter chicks? Or to be more precise, what’s his preoccupation with the muscular, she-male types?

After the jump, there are pictures of all the ladies he’s been involved with. I would expect a better looking group.

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