Could Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem Fight at UFC 140?

Brock Lesnar announced Thursday he is healthy and that he wants to become the UFC heavyweight champion. It’s probably no surprise that Lesnar’s proclamation came on the same day the UFC announced its new partnership with FOX; Lesnar is one of the company’s biggest stars. Having him fight on FOX would attract major attention for the promotion, not to mention viewers.

Stick Lesnar in the octagon against any fighter and he’ll draw viewers. That being the case, we still have to wonder who they’ll choose for his next opponent. One rumor we read suggests he could end up fighting Alistair Overeem.

Overeem you’ll remember was cut by Strikeforce despite being their heavyweight champion. Overeem didn’t want to fight in September during their Grand Prix because he wanted time to recover from injuries. Instead, he booked a fight for his trainer’s promotional company Golden Glory. Overeem has said he’s open to signing an exclusive deal with the UFC. If they’re able to lock him up, it would set up a potential blockbuster with Lesnar.

Both fighters are large in stature, popular with the fan base, and incredibly talented. The only holdup is that Overeem may be too much of a challenge for Lesnar in his first fight back. Then again, he doesn’t have much time left in his career so maybe he won’t want to waste his body on a tune-up fight. If I were the UFC, I’d pounce on the opportunity to sign Overeem and match him up with Lesnar. Then we could call the fight the Junior dos Santos bowl. Don’t get the reference? Read this.

UPDATE: Dana White says we probably shouldn’t expect Lesnar to fight until the first of 2012

Alistair Overeem Out of Strikeforce, Has Fractured Rib

Alistair Overeem’s fighting career with Strikeforce has taken an odd turn recently. After beating Fabricio Werdum June 18th in the Heavyweight Grand Prix, the promotion wanted him to fight in the semifinals of the tournament in September. Overeem said they initially discussed an October or November date for the second fight and that he couldn’t fight in September because he needed more time to recover from injuries.

Rather than try to rearrange things, Strikeforce got an alternate to replace him. They announced on Friday night that they were cutting him. Instead of remaining silent and letting Strikeforce make him look bad, Overeem went out of his way to prove he really is hurt. He posted a video on his site shortly thereafter that shows him going to the hospital to have tests done on his chest. They revealed a fractured rib which his doctor says needs time to heal.

Now here’s where things get weird. Overeem pulled out of his Strikeforce fight because he said he needed more time. If that’s the case, why did he commit to fight in a United Glory event in the Netherlands in October? If he needs a month to heal plus two months for a proper training camp, will that leave him enough time to be ready? Not by his timeline.

Many people have speculated that Overeem is pulling a power play on Strikeforce so that he can go sign with the UFC. That doesn’t make much sense to me. He only had one fight left on his contract with Strikeforce and then he would have been able to go to the UFC hassle-free if that was his intention. Instead, this seems to be another case of Overeem just doing what he wants to do. He won’t be bossed around; he’s his own man and he makes his decisions. If he doesn’t want to fight before he’s ready, he won’t. And if he wants to fight for his trainer’s promotion in the Netherlands, he’s going to. He’s Alistair Overem and he doesn’t have to listen to anyone.

Alistair Overeem Interested in Boxing

Alistair Overeem is one of the top MMA heavyweights in the world and currently fighting for Strikeforce. He has an upcoming bout with Big Foot Silva in the semifinals of the Heavyweight Grand Prix, and he may only have one fight left with the promotion before his contract comes to an end. After that, Overeem has to decide what to do next.

In a recent interview with Boxing News in Poland, Overeem said he’s considering boxing next. “UFC or boxing,” Overeem replied when asked about his plans after Strikeforce. He went on to explain what he’s thinking.

“I’m always looking for a challenge,” Overeem said. “That came about in becoming a K-1 champion, something nobody ever did before. It would be cool to go to boxing and beat the main guy there. I know if you give me good preparation, good sparring partners — which, I can arrange, I can fix that — with my background already in kickboxing, my K-1 background, I’m sure I can break some bones.”

Given Reem’s versatility, I wouldn’t doubt his ability to succeed in boxing. However, if he thinks he’d be able to step into a ring and immediately beat Vitali Klitschko, I think he’s dreaming. The guy can fight, but that would be too much to ask for in his first bout.

Here’s a video of the interview (they start talking boxing around the 4:15 mark):

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Fabricio Werdum Apologizes for Crap Performance Against Alistair Overeem

Fabricio Werdum put together one of the sorriest excuses for a fight Saturday night in the Strikeforce Grand Prix. His opponent Alistair Overeem, who won by unanimous decision, said Werdum should be ashamed of the way he fought. He’s right. At least Werdum recognized that and apologized for his poor showing.

“I’m still trying to figure out what happened to me that night,” Werdum told Sherdog.com. “It wasn’t me fighting. What I did was awful, ugly to see. I want to apologize to Brazilian fans and MMA fans.”

“I felt he was much, much stronger than me,” Werdum said of Overeem. “I tried to take him down many times, with double-legs, single-legs… but it was like hitting a wall. He was impressively strong.”

Alright, so at least he apologized and hopefully he won’t pull that crap again. I don’t mind his strategy of trying to take the fight to the mat to work his jiu-jitsu, but laying on the mat the way he did and refusing to engage was pathetic. Still, you can’t help but feel somewhat badly for the guy after hearing his description of Overeem’s strength.

When the two fought for the first time in 2006, Overeem wasn’t the superhuman beast he is now. He’s put on around 40 pounds of muscle since then, raising suspicion from other fighters. His build looks unnatural to say the least. I just can’t understand why Werdum says he wants a rematch; he’d have no chance.

Alistair Overeem: Fabricio Werdum Did Not Hit Hard, Should be Ashamed

Alistar Overeem beat Fabricio Werdum in Dallas Saturday evening as part of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. The fight was a major disappointment because of Werdum’s strategy. Werdum tried to take the fight to the ground and tried to do it anyway possible — by going for takedowns, by flopping, or just by laying on the ground and begging Overeem to join him. Because of that, the fight was extremely boring and it resulted in a unanimous win for Overeem.

Overeem expressed his disappointment with Werdum’s performance, telling Fighter’s Only Magazine “It takes two to tango. I’m disappointed but I think Fabricio should be ashamed of his performance. Looking back on the fight, I don’t believe he came to fight and he was stalling a lot.”

“I’m just a little but frustrated he didn’t try do more in his stand up,” The Reem continued. “Because then it would have been a far more interesting fight and probably a knockout.”

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Junior dos Santos Implies Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem Have Used Steroids

Junior dos Santos reportedly has said out loud what many fighters and fans already believe, that many heavyweight fighters in MMA are on something. Dos Santos is 12-1, riding a seven-fight winning streak, and he’s earned a fight with Brock Lesnar at UFC 131. The two are opposing coaches in The Ultimate Fighter Season 13, and JDS appears to have taken the rivalry with Brock to another level recently, implying he is a heavyweight fighter on the juice.

Speaking on the UFC Sem Limites show along with Shogun Rua and Mario Yamasaki, dos Santos reportedly said many fighters use PEDs.

“No I’ve never seen (someone taking performance-enhancing drugs [PEDs]), but I think at Heavyweight that happens a lot for sure. When you see people like Alistair Overeem, Brock Lesnar, look at the size of those guys, they’re really big. As Mario (Yamasaki) said, a lot of people use them but a lot of people don’t. I’m someone who has never used (PEDs), I think I came in the good phase of MMA and I’ve never used them.”

The entire show was conducted in Portuguese so I cannot confirm 100% what dos Santos said, and I’m not sure who had the transcription and translation first. The quotes above have spread throughout the online MMA communities, and it wouldn’t be the first time someone has suspected Lesnar or Overeem of using something.

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Alistair Overeem Destroyed Todd Duffee in 18 Seconds (Video)

Alistair Overeem and Todd Duffee was one of the big attractions at K-1 Dynamite!! in Japan just before New Year’s Day. Fans may have been satisfied with the one-way ass-kicking, but the downside is the whole event didn’t last longer than a virgin in the sack. Overeem showed off his kickboxing skills, peppering Duffee with some serious knees. Duffee showed off the glass chin we saw in the Mike Russow fight. Enough of me, here’s the 18 seconds of infamy, aka the Alistair Overeem-Todd Duffee fight video courtesy of Bloody Elbow:

Though the fight ended so early it was a disappointment, hearing the announcer’s line that Reem has more muscles than a seafood platter made it all worthwhile. That’s quality right there.