LeBron James goes Allen Iverson with ‘practice?’ (Video)

LeBron-JamesAllen Iverson can’t even avoid hearing about his infamous “practice?” rant on his own birthday. The former Philadelphia 76ers star turned 39 on Saturday, the same day LeBron James coincidentally went AI during his scheduled press conference from the NBA Finals.

Dwyane Wade was sitting among a room filled with reporters and decided to give his teammate a hard time.

“You ready to go to practice before we can get better, bro?” Wade jokingly asked. “You been talking all day, let’s go.”

Wade then walked out of the room, but LeBron seized the opportunity.

“Practice?” LeBron asked. “Not the game, you talking about practice?”

James then gave the room a big smile and walked out. I must say, Charlie Sheen did a much better Iverson impression. Happy birthday, AI.

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New Allen Iverson shoes look straight out of an old age community


Allen Iverson has a new pair of Reebok sneakers coming out next month, and they are very … unique. The new kicks, which I would love to see worn on a basketball court, feature pastel colors that highlight a predominantly white sneaker. I think my grandmother has a pair that look exactly like them.

Seriously, these things look like something Morty Seinfeld would be showing off to Jack Klompus at the retirement community in Del Boca Vista.

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Allen Iverson thanks Stephen A. Smith, Howard Eskin and both get booed (Video)

Allen Iverson thanked a long list of friends, family, former teammates, executives and other basketball-related people during his speech at his jersey retirement in Philadelphia on Saturday night, and he even decided to thank a few media members.

Not surprisingly, both media members he mentioned were booed by the Philly faithful.

“I know you wouldn’t believe someone like me would shout these people out, but it is what it is. They’re a part of my career, a part of my life,” Iverson prefaced his thank-yous.

“I gotta thank Stephen A. Smith. Howard Eskin,” Iverson said before thanking a few other people.

Though Smith has been a national personality for several years, he started off as a prominent writer/reporter/columnist for the Philly Inquirer. He was close with Iverson during A.I.’s tenure with the Sixers and often reported exclusives on the former MVP.

Eskin is veteran Philadelphia sports personality and media member. He works for FOX 29 TV and 94 WIP Radio in Philly, and he has received national attention for some of his reports, many of which have turned out to be incorrect. Eskin’s son, Spike, who is also a host for WIP and totally awesome, shared this cool photo of Iverson hugging Howard:

Allen Iverson Howard Eskin

I’ll be fair here and point out that there were roars from the crowd when both names were mentioned, but I think that was just because they were roaring after everything Iverson said. Most of the reception seemed to be boos.

Allen Iverson dresses like Run-DMC at jersey retirement

Allen Iverson Run DMC

Has any notable professional athlete kept it more real throughout his career than Allen Iverson? The same player who inspired the NBA’s dress code and popularized the trend of athletes wearing braids and tattoos showed up to his jersey retirement ceremony in Philadelphia Saturday dressed pretty much the way you’d expect. Iverson had on a hat, glasses and some chains heavy enough to sink the Titanic.

Allen Iverson chains

Any rumors about Iverson being broke must be false. All that jewelry around his neck has to be worth a lot of coin.

If you’re wondering where A.I. got the idea for his outfit, he probably stole it from DMC of Run-DMC fame:

Allen Iverson Run DMC

While many athletes would dress up for the occasion of having their jersey retired by their team and probably put on a nice suit, Iverson dressed like he was heading to the bowling alley for a Friday night of fun. He had a baggy coat, and even baggier pants that went down to his loafers:

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Allen Iverson receives championship belt from Sixers (Photo)

Allen IversonAfter being selected with the No. 1 overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft, Allen Iverson became one of the more beloved figures in Philadelphia sports history.

During 12 seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers Iverson was the league leader in scoring four times, took home the MVP Award in 2001, and led the team to the NBA Finals once. He ranks third in franchise history in field goals made (6,962), first in three-point field goals (885), third in assists (4,385), second in steals (1,644), and averaged 27.6 points per game.

On Saturday, Iverson had his uniform No. 3 retired during halftime of the Sixers’ game against the Washington Wizards. But that wasn’t the only honor received by 11-time All-Star. Iverson was also gifted a wrestling style championship belt.

The “Pound for Pound One of the Greatest” inscription certainly fits because Iverson wasn’t the biggest player, but was highly regarded for his heart and toughness in addition to being extremely talented.

Allen Iverson joined Julius Erving, Maurice Cheeks, Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, Bobby Jones, Billy Cunningham, and Charles Barkley on the list of players to have their jersey retired by the 76ers.

Marlon Byrd pays tribute to Allen Iverson with spring training jersey


Marlon Byrd will wear jersey No. 3 with the Philadelphia Phillies this year. No player for the Philadelphia 76ers will be allowed to wear that number after Saturday, as it is being retired to honor Allen Iverson. Byrd decided to pay tribute to Iverson from spring training on Saturday.

That’s a pretty cool gesture from Byrd, who began his MLB career with the Phillies when Iverson was in his prime. At that time, Iverson was the biggest thing in Philly. That probably made an impression on the 36-year-old veteran outfielder.

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Photo: Twitter/Todd Zolecki

Tawanna taking Allen Iverson back to court, wants big payment

Allen IversonAllen Iverson’s ex-wife Tawanna is taking the former NBA MVP back to court because she wants a better arrangement to ensure she is paid the amount of child support she is owed.

The Iversons have been in court sorting out their divorce/custody battle this year, and it’s been a mess. In February, the judge presiding over the case ripped into AI as a parent and stripped him of custody of their five children. He was ordered to pay $8,000 a month in support.

As of June, he hadn’t paid any of the money and Tawanna had to take additional measures to get him to finally pay.

In order to avoid the mess of hoping Allen comes through with the payment each month, Tawanna is asking a judge to make Allen pay 13 years of support up front, which would total a $1.272 million lump sum payment. The payments would run until their youngest child turns 18.

We have no idea what kind of cash flow or savings Iverson has, but such an arrangement seems like it would make things a lot easier. There was a report last year saying Iverson had $35 million stashed away in a bank account. If that’s the case, he should be able to make this kind of payment without a problem.