Alvin Gentry Loses His Lunch, Literally

Apparently it was more than just Phoenix’s play in the second quarter that made Suns coach Alvin Gentry sick. Watching TNT’s halftime show of Game 5 between the Suns and the Lakers, they played the following clip of Suns coach Alvin Gentry puking on the bench. The TNT crew says it’s because Gentry had a deep fried avocado. I don’t know how much I buy that because I know nerves play a big role in regurgitation. Anyway, here’s the Alvin Gentry throwing up video:

I’m guessing it was more about Kobe’s three straight threes that made him sick though Gentry probably wouldn’t admit it.

Video Credit: YouTube user NBARauf

Shaq Twitters at Halftime, Alvin Gentry Doesn’t Mind

Cat got out of the bag that Shaq was going to Twitter at halftime of a game but the AP picked up on it and that kind of screwed things up. Shaq was going to do it as a response to Charlie Villanueva who got busted by Scott Skiles for updating his Twitter last weekend during a game. The best part isn’t that Shaq was going to be a copycat, it’s Suns’ coach Alvin Gentry’s response:

“If he gets 25 and 11, he can do anything he wants,” Gentry said. “He can Twitter, he can Facebook, he can — whatever the hell the other one is, MySpace … he gets 25 and 11, he can do just about anything he wants.”

Well, that’s one way to look at things. I guess you figure you can’t stop a guy, especially someone with as big of an ego as Shaq, so just let him do his thing as long as he’s producing. I heard another person make the comparison that a twitter update at halftime is no different from doing a halftime TV interview. You know my thoughts on those so it’s no surprise my feelings on halftime twitter updates is consistent. By Gentry’s logic, does this mean if Steve Nash has his best games when he lays the pipe to a midget at halftime then Alvin’s cool with it? I guess so. Oh yeah, and if Shaq can get 25 and 11 despite thinking about twittering at halftime, maybe he can get 30 and 13 if he’s not. How about that, Alvin?