Evan Mathis offering $500 if someone gets Amanda Bynes to follow him

Evan Mathis, last seen urinating on an IRS building, is up to his same old Twitter antics. Earlier this month, the Philadelphia Eagles lineman offered $500 to the person who could get living trainwreck Amanda Bynes to follow him on Twitter:

Mathis told SI.com’s Jimmy Traina that the offer is real and still standing.

Bynes is only following seven people on Twitter, so Mathis’ odds are long on this one. Even notoriously stingy Vegas sportsbooks would have a payout of at least four figures for this one.

So, why would Mathis want Bynes to follow him so badly? Maybe it has to do with this:

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Marshall Henderson offers to help Amanda Bynes

Marshall Henderson Amanda Bynes

Few stars have seen their personal lives spiral more out of control than Amanda Bynes. The actress has been feeding the tabloids with her mishaps, arrests, and bizarre postings on social media over the past year. She is firmly entrenched in the same societal punching bag spot once occupied by Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. But the good news is that Marshall Henderson wants to help! Yes, that same Marshall Henderson who made his name as the badboy of college basketball last season.

Here’s what Henderson tweeted about Bynes on Tuesday:

Just what the world needs: a guy who tested positive for yayo, ganja, and alcohol and was sentenced to jail helping to get America’s biggest screwup on the right track. There’s no way this wouldn’t end well, right?