Video: 59-Year-Old Brenda Hewlett Wins Car with 114-Foot Hockey Goal

The headline of this post actually does the accomplishment no justice whatsoever. Unfortunately we have a limited amount of space to create our headlines, but this is one of those things that you have to see to believe. Brenda Hewlett, a 59-year-old woman who recently attended an Akwesasne Warriors Federal Hockey League game, won a new truck with one of the most amazing shots you will ever see. Not only did she score a goal from 114 feet out, she somehow managed to put the puck into a puck-sized slot from that distance. Check out this incredible video that SI Hot Clicks shared with us:

What are the odds of that shot going in?  I bet the insurance company that is responsible for that giveaway never imagined a fan cashing in on that particular contest.  We saw an 11-year-old boy accomplish a similar feat over the summer, but even he did it from center ice.  From a distance standpoint, Hewlett had that one beat by about 25 feet.  Suddenly that half-court shot made by a Kings fan last year doesn’t look all that difficult.

Video: Nelson Rosario Makes Awesome One-Handed Catch vs. Oregon

UCLA may have lost the Pac-12 championship game to Oregon 49-31, but at least they scored one of the best highlights of the game. Senior wide receiver Nelson Rosario ensured the Bruins would cover the 31-point spread by making a spectacular one-handed touchdown catch in the 4th quarter against the Ducks. It was Rosario’s second touchdown of the game, making it his first career two-touchdown game. He finished with 6 catches for 98 yards and the two scores.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been a huge Rosario fan for years. The one thing that stood out about him going back to his freshman year was that he never dropped passes. He was severely underutilized throughout his career, but the Bruins finally started throwing to him towards the end of the season. He managed four 100-yard games and racked up 1,106 receiving yards this year.

I haven’t heard too much talk about him as a draft prospect, but some NFL team needs to give him a shot. He and Joe Fauria were UCLA’s best players this year, and I often said that any pass not intended to either player was a wasted attempt.

Now if you thought Rosario’s catch against Oregon was special, then you have to see the catch he made at the beginning of the season against Houston:

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Video: Marshall WR Aaron Dobson Makes One-Handed Backhand Catch

Marshall beat East Carolina 34-27 Saturday to become bowl eligible at 6-6. They were down at halftime but tied things up and then won it in overtime. But it’s not the success of the Thundering Herd that matters; it’s the one-handed catch made by receiver Aaron Dobson in the second quarter that is stealing all the attention.

Dobson is a junior who has 10 touchdowns on the season. None could be prettier than this one:

He finished with 4 catches for 110 yards — the latter of which was a season-high. I don’t know if he’ll get a sniff in the pros, but that catch was enough to warrant our attention. Wow.

Helmet smack to Outside the Boxscore

CFL Punter Chris Milo Ties Record with 108-Yard Punt (Video)

In the NFL, punts that travel more than 50 yards are often described as “booming” kicks.  Do they even have a word to describe a punt that goes twice that distance?  Here at LBS, we just call it another one of the many amazing plays we’ve shown you over the years.  Check out this 108-yard punt that punter Chris Milo from the CFL ripped off recently, courtesy of Shutdown Corner:

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Video: Arkansas’ Joe Adams Avoids Entire Tennessee Team on Amazing Punt Return

Arkansas senior wide receiver Joe Adams had easily one of the best punt returns we’ve ever seen. In the picture above, you can see him. He’s the little red speck surrounded by monsters wearing orange and white. There were five bodies around him at that moment, and none of them got him. Neither did any of the other six Vols on the field. Watch one of the most improbable plays we’ve ever seen:

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Rutgers Receiver Mohamed Sanu Made an Awesome One-Handed Catch (Video)

A one-handed catch is not always just a one-handed catch.  Most of them are impressive, but some represent more important things than others.  When Kellen Winslow pulled down this sick one-handed catch earlier in the season, it was a play you simply tip your hat to and move along.  When Andrew Luck made a one-handed grab it was awesome because he’s a quarterback.  When Randy Moss did it last season, it proved to everyone that he still could display freak athleticism.  However, there is something that’s just more enjoyable about an amazing catch on 4th and 9 with your team trailing 17-10.  Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu knows a little something about that, as his circus catch helped keep Rutgers in the game last weekend against USF and allowed them to come back and win.  Check out this video of the play, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks:

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Japanese Defender Ryujiro Ueda Scores on 63-Yard Header (Video)

For someone like me who rarely watches soccer, scoring on a header is an impressive feat. I played soccer for three years in high school and probably attempted to head the ball a total of five times, so you can imagine why seeing someone score on a header off a corner kick baffles me.  Now that you know that, you can likely understand why I find a world record 63-yard header goal to be amazing.  Check out this goal that Japan’s Ryujiro Ueda scored this past weekend, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

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