Japanese Defender Ryujiro Ueda Scores on 63-Yard Header (Video)

For someone like me who rarely watches soccer, scoring on a header is an impressive feat. I played soccer for three years in high school and probably attempted to head the ball a total of five times, so you can imagine why seeing someone score on a header off a corner kick baffles me.  Now that you know that, you can likely understand why I find a world record 63-yard header goal to be amazing.  Check out this goal that Japan’s Ryujiro Ueda scored this past weekend, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

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High Schooler Hayden Knudson Intercepts Field Goal, Returns it for TD (Video)

Is it just us or are high schoolers responsible for some of the most amazing plays we have seen this season?  On Tuesday, we showed you the amazing leaping and soaring ability of this high school football player. Allow us to introduce Hayden Knudson of Hayfield High School in Alexandria, Virginia, who put together one of the craziest plays we’ve seen in a football game. The kid literally intercepted a field goal attempt and returned it for a touchdown. I’ve seen defensive players get into the backfield so quickly that they were able to intercept a handoff, but a field goal attempt? That’s absurd. Watch the video of this awesome play:

Thanks to SI Hot Clicks for sharing the video with us. Now any player who would be athletic enough to make a play like that would probably be pretty good, right? That’s definitely the case for Knudson, who has a pretty impressive highlight reel:

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High Schooler Kimlon Dillon Leaps into End Zone from 5-Yard Line (Video)

When football teams line up in their goal-line offense and are looking to score from about one or two yards out, a running back can attempt to jump over the pile. Oftentimes the flight results in a score while other times it causes pain and/or fumbling. There are also times when running backs and wide receivers leap into the end zone just to show off on their way to a score.  Kimlon Dillon from Apopka, Fla. topped all of them when he jumped into the end zone from five yards out and scored a touchdown.  Check out this awesome video that Prep Rally shared with us:

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Sam Houston St. RB Tim Flanders Flips into End Zone on Touchdown (Video)

Sam Houston State running back Tim Flanders saw a few Stephen F. Austin defenders in his way Saturday, so he decided jumping over them would be his best move. Flanders literally leaped forward, was clipped, and ended up doing a front flip into the end zone. Watch this awesome video shared with us by SI Hot Clicks:

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High Schooler Austin Pacheco Hits 64-Yard Field Goal (Video)

If a high school football player hits a 64-yard field goal that could have easily gone 70, is he destined for the NFL? I’m aware that accuracy is more important in the long run, but if I’m an NFL organization I’m taking a chance on Nevada’s Austin Pachecho at some point. Check out this kick, courtesy of Deadspin:

The longest kick in NFL history is 63 yards, and those guys are the most elite in the world. The kick was only the fourth longest in high school history, so again accuracy is obviously what separates NFL kickers from the rest. That being said, Pacheco made it look easy. There aren’t many people out there who can pull that off.

Ben Revere Makes Amazing Catch (Video)

Ben Revere is developing a reputation as a center fielder who makes spectacular catches on a regular basis. Last week he burned former teammate Delmon Young with two sweet grabs in the same game. He went over his shoulder to rob Delmon in the first inning last Wednesday. That catch was nice, but it had nothing on this spectacular grab made against the Orioles Monday night. Check out the video:

You know it’s not Vladimir Guerrero’s season when he gets robbed on a catch like that. We’ve posted some pretty amazing plays here at LBS, and that’s up there with some of the best catches of the season. But when it comes to awesome baseball catches, nothing will top this sweet Spiderman grab. Nothing.

Minor Leaguer Logan Schafer Takes Ball Off Head, Turns Into Triple Play (Video)

A triple play is a triple play.  We have already seen a couple in the MLB this season and usually see about one or two each year.  They are impressive and relatively rare, but if you’ve seen it once you’ve seen it a million times.  Actually, never mind.

There are amazing plays and then there are amazing plays that begin with a baseball bouncing off your head.  The latter happened during a minor league game in Omaha over the weekend and ended with a triple play.  Check out the Logan Schafer triple play video, courtesy of Big League Stew:

Embarrassing? Yes, but impressive in its own right.  Anyone can start a standard triple play.  There aren’t many who can do it Logan Schafer style.  In fact, there’s no way Logan Schafer could do it Logan Schafer style again.