Emeka Okafor Crazy Buzzer-Beater Forces Overtime (Video)

We start you off on this fine Friday with one of the best shots you will see all year in the NBA.  With the Jazz leading the Hornets on Thursday night, 105-103, and 1.3 seconds remaining in the game, one would think any type of play to tie the score with an entire court to go is mathematically impossible.  Not if your name is Emeka Okafor.  The Hornets center hit a ridiculous off-balance shot from just inside the three point line after a full court heave to send the game to overtime.  Check out the Emeka Okafor buzzer-beater video:

Naturally, New Orleans would go on to win the game in overtime.

Brooklyn’s Mitch Davie Makes One-Handed Bat Snag With Beer in Hand (Picture)

Every once in a while we see a fan in the stands who somehow emerges as not just another face in the crowd — in a good way.  We’re talking about guys like this one who caught a foul ball in his beer cup and this one who caught one with a toddler under his arm.  As it turns out, these types of plays are made during spring training, too.  Some of them even save lives.

The Seattle Times, via BroBible, was able to capture a tremendous picture on Sunday afternoon during a spring training game between the Braves and Blue Jays.  Atlanta second baseman Dan Uggla let the bat slip out of his hands on a swing and it went flying into the stands.  That’s when Brooklyn resident Mitch Davie reached out and snagged it with one hand, all the while holding a Red Stripe in his other hand. Check it out:

Notice how every single person except Davie is taking the duck-and-cover approach while he decides to play hero.  There’s no question that thing was about to crank someone in the head.  Nobody was ready for it except the New Yorker.  Props to him for bringing his A-game to the ballpark — especially during spring training.

Blazers Fan Wins Car on One-Handed, Half-Court Shot (Video)

Should NBA teams explore changing the half-court fan shot to the three quarter-court fan shot?  If not, there could be a lot more cars given away.  I don’t know if humans are evolving and are now more capable of sinking the half-court shot, but I feel like we’ve seen a lot of them lately.  Just a couple weeks ago we saw a Sacramento Kings fan hit the shot to win a Kia.  We praised that fan for swishing the shot and not needing the glass, but he was outdone on Friday night. Check out the Blazers fan one-handed, half-court shot video:

It’s one thing to use two hands.  It’s another to use the glass and get lucky.  But this guy could not have made it look any easier.  You’d swear he sits at home and does this for fun.  When he found out he had been selected to attempt the shot, he probably put in an order for some nice seat covers for the Toyota truck he knew he was about to win.  Talk about owning it.


Denver’s Dave Makowski Scores Full-Ice, Shorthanded Goal (Video)

When a team is 4-24-4, it’s probably safe to assume there are many, many things that have gone wrong over the course of the season. That could mean stupid penalties, a lack of goal scoring, or poor goalkeeping. It could also mean allowing full-ice shorthanded goals. Michigan Tech (the lousy team) was trailing Denver University, 2-1, in the second period on Saturday when they were given a power play opportunity. They did what any team who has won four games all season would do — let up a shorthanded goal that was shot the entire length of the ice. Check out the Dave Makowski shorthanded goal video:\

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that was probably the most embarrassing moment of Michigan Tech goalie Kevin Genoe’s career. Keep your head up, Kevin. It happens to the best of them. Actually, it kind of doesn’t.  Thanks to Deadspin for the video.

Kings Fan Bobby Jovanov Nails Half-Court Shot, Wins Car (Video)

In reality, anyone that is a Sacramento Kings fan probably deserves a new car for attending a home game.  I’m surprised the Kings don’t have to give free cars out to everyone in order to get them in the door these days.  One of their few hundred fans, Bobby Jovanov, took matters into his own hands on Wednesday night — backwards Peja Stojakovic jersey and all.  In fact, he made it look easy.  Check out the Bobby Jovanov half-court shot video:

It’s one thing to have the line down on the shot and use the glass.  It’s another to have the perfect line and perfect distance.  That thing was a picturesque swish.  To top it all off, Jovanov went directly to the Aaron Rodgers championship belt celebration.  This is a guy that new he was hitting that shot the second they chose him for the contest.  If only it counted for more than a Kia. Thanks to Busted Coverage for the video.

Tyreke Evans Hits Half-Court Game Winner Against Grizzlies (Video)

I think it’s safe to say Tyreke Evans has officially redeemed himself after having his ankles broken by Derrick Rose earlier in the season.  Are NBA teams spending more time in practice working on half-court and full-court shots or something?  We already showed you this 75-foot shot by Chauncey Billups that was waved off for traveling and this one from Gilbert Arenas that didn’t count because it bounced of the shot clock.  Evans finally gave us one that counted on Wednesday night in a win over the Grizzlies.

With 1.5 seconds remaining in the game, it looked like O.J. Mayo would be the hero of the night after he hit a ridiculous fadeaway jumper from just inside the three-point line to give Memphis a 97-96 lead.  That was when Evans decided he didn’t want the game to end like that in his house.  Check out the video of Tyreke Evans’ half-court game winner:

Bravo, Tyreke.  Bravo.

Gilbert Arenas 75-Foot Shot Bounces of Shot Clock and In (Video)

The Orlando Magic recently acquired Gilbert Arenas, among other players, in hopes of building a strong team that can win a championship as soon as possible.  It took Orlando’s new core a little time to get going, but they seem to be off and running with a couple of big victories over the past week, including one on Christmas Day that snapped the Celtics’ winning streak at 14 games.

As for Arenas, Monday night’s game against the Nets may have given the guard a better understanding of why his new team is called the Magic.  Agent Zero (actually it’s Agent One now) hit nearly a full-court shot at the buzzer in the first half.  Unfortunately the shot didn’t count, as you basketball geniuses have figured out by reading the title of the post.  In any event, it was pretty impressive.  Check out the Gilbert Arenas 75-foot shot video, courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk:

Now if I were reffing the game, I would have given the Magic one point for the difficulty of the shot.  That would also make me a cheater and a fraud, so it would be a nice way to get to know my peers and start fitting in.