How Did This Idaho State Free Throw Stay on the Rim for So Long? (Video)

Every once in a while we come across an amazing play in sports that seems to defy the laws of physics.  About a week ago, Idaho State basketball player Kamil Gawrzydek shot one of the most insane free throws you’ll ever witness.  The ball bounced around and sat on the rim for a full three seconds before falling into the basket.  When you first see the video, you’ll swear the ball is just going to stay there.  Take a look at the Idaho crazy free throw video, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks:

It’s incredible enough when we see a golf ball sit on the side of the cup before tumbling into the hole, but at least that’s sitting in solid ground.  This is a basketball sitting on a thin piece of iron.  No idea how it happened, but that’s a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

OSU’s Broderick Brown-Shaun Lewis Interception the Play of the Year (Video)

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State brought us an insane shootout on Saturday night that resulted in a 47-71 victory for the Sooners.  Toward the end of the fourth quarter, three touchdowns were scored in well under a minute.  Hats off to Oklahoma for putting together two huge offensive plays toward the end of the game to squash OSU’s hopes of a comeback, but the play of the game — and possibly the year — came from OSU’s defense in the second quarter.

Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones looked like he was trying to throw a pass away when OSU defensive back Broderick Brown went airborne and tipped the ball back in bounds into the arms of linebacker Shaun Lewis.  It was the type of play we’re used to seeing at the goal line from a punt team, but not something I’ve ever seen from a defensive back on the sideline.  Check out the Broderick Brown-Shaun Lewis amazing interception video, courtesy of YouTube user thesportsgeeks:

Chauncey Billups Hits 75-Foot Shot But is Called for Traveling (Video)

Chauncey Billups hit an amazing shot last night just before halftime against the Knicks but didn’t get it off in time was called for traveling.  Really, ref?  Traveling?  Players travel on almost every possession and you’re choosing to call it when a guy is heaving up a buzzer-beater?  Check out the video of Chauncey Billups’ 75-foot shot that was called a travel, courtesy of the NBA on YouTube:

Okay, so it’s the right call.  And yes, the ref blew the whistle right when it happened rather than doing it after he saw the result of the play.  I’m not suggesting he had any motive for making the call, but it is strange that they would call it.  I doubt there’s many half-court and beyond shots in NBA history that weren’t accompanied by a travel.  Imagine if the Nuggets lost by two points?  Now that would be interesting.

Jonathan Byrd Wins Shriners Open Playoff With Hole-in-One (Video)

Before Sunday, a sudden-death PGA playoff had never been decided by a hole in one.  The feat was accomplished Sunday afternoon at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital Open.  As darkness started to set in, the three players involved in the playoff — Jonathan Byrd, Martin Laird, and Cameron Percy — were given the option of continuing play or postponing the finish.  The golfers chose to go at least another hole and that turned out to be all they’d need.  Byrd buried a hole-in-one from the tee box of the par-3 fourth hole to win the tournament, proving that amazing plays happen on the golf course, too.  Check out the Jonathan Byrd hole-in-one video, courtesy of The Big Lead:

Video Credit: YouTube user pawilliams2008

Ridiculously Long Shot Supposedly a New World Record (Video)

The first thing I think of when I see amazing plays like this is how many times it could have possibly taken to get something like this done.  How many times did this dude have to say, “this is the cross tower shot” before actually sinking it? This obnoxiously long basketball shot is supposedly a new world record, which wouldn’t surprise me.  It certainly beats P.J. Hairston’s over-the-head shot from three-quarter court.  Have a gander at what is being called the world’s longest basketball shot video:

Video Credit: YouTube user corycotton

Spiderman Lives … And Plays Center Field for the Hiroshima Carp

We’ve seen our share of amazing plays in the sports world and we’ve even seen Ichiro try to climb a wall and make a spiderman catch before. But damn, this video of Masato Akamatsu’s amazing catch for the Hiroshima Carp in Japan is so good that Jimmy Traina linked to it two days in a row on Hot Clicks. This is easily one of the best catches you will see on a baseball field and something you can watch over and over. It’s so good you might be convinced it was fake if you didn’t know better. Here is the catch of the season:

Sucks for the fans that thought they had a sure souvenir. That was straight crazy.

Catch Of The Day [SI Hot Clicks]
Video Credit: You Tube user TimeKillingVirals

NFL Scouts, Meet Matt Fields

It’s nice to see a display of freak athleticism coming from the Arena Football League once in a while. This is the first I’ve seen of Matt Fields from the Dallas Vigilantes, but I’d imagine if he’s capable of making a catch like this there’s an NFL team out there that could benefit from his services . Yes, I know the ball is slightly different in the AFL, but a great catch is a great catch. Check out the Dallas Vigilantes’ Matt Fields amazing, one-handed catch video, courtesy of The Score via SI Hot Clicks.  Just to give you a heads up, go ahead and mute the audio if you’ll be offended by a few explicit Eminem lyrics:

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Video Credit: YouTube user TheBradleyjgresham