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Monday, June 18, 2018

Articles tagged: Amazing plays

Minor leaguer’s foul ball makes ridiculous U-turn into fair territory (Video)

Insane Foul Ball

Do you believe in magic? If not, perhaps you just have affinity for physics? Either way, you’ll appreciate the bizarre U-turn a foul ball took off the bat of a minor league baseball player on Thursday night.

In the seventh inning of a Triple-A game between the Las Vegas 51s (New York Mets) and the El Paso Chihuahuas (San Diego Padres), a foul ball off the bat of Las Vegas infielder Eric Campbell seemed to be heading towards the dugout. Then, in the blink of an eye, the ball took a miraculous U-turn and headed towards fair territory.

Frozen in surprise, Campbell watched helplessly as the ball was picked up by the first baseman, who promptly tagged the bag for the inning’s third out.

This isn’t the first time in baseball history the world of physics has come into play in such an extreme way. Back in 2012, a ball off the bat of Minnesota Twins shortstop Brian Dozier took a similar trajectory, but he chose to run out the play, ultimately beating the ball to first base for a single.

And that, kids, is why you’re always taught to hustle down the line no matter what.

Dayton Dragons turn insane double play (Video)


The Dayton Dragson, a single-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, turned one of the most incredible double plays you will ever see on Thursday.

With a runner on first, a line drive ricocheted off the pitcher, into the umpire, and over toward second base. The shortstop easily scooped the ball up, stepped on second, and fired to first.

You can score that a 1-umpire-6-3 double play. That has to be the first time that has happened in baseball history. It’s always impressive when we see a triple play (like this one), but the double play Dayton turned was even more fantastic. You probably won’t see that again.

Martavis Bryant makes unbelievable touchdown catch (Video)


Earlier this week, Ben Roethlisberger called on Martavis Bryant to step up and make plays to help the Steelers. During Saturday’s wild card game against the Bengals, Bryant did just that.

During the third quarter, with the the Steelers up 9-0, Bryant made one of the more remarkable catches for a touchdown you’re likely to see anytime soon. He had to turn his body and stretch to haul in the pass in the first place. Then, on his way to the ground, Bryant pinned the ball against his body and proceeded to do a somersault.

The play was reviewed and the original call on the field of a touchdown was upheld. After watching the play over a few times, I still have absolutely no idea how in the world Martavis Bryant held on to the football. One thing I do know, it will be on every highlight show for the next few days.

Francis Owusu makes insane touchdown catch (Video)

Francis Owusu catch

Francis Owusu made an incredible touchdown catch in the third quarter of Thursday’s UCLA-Stanford game that will go down as one of the best ever.

Owusu, who entered the game with just six catches for 81 yards on the season, caught his first TD of the year — and he did so in style. He used the back of a UCLA DB Jaleel Wadood’s jersey to catch the ball, much like David Tyree used his helmet in the Super Bowl.

Oh, and Owusu made that catch while being interfered with.

The best part may have been David Shaw’s awesome reaction:

That gave the Cardinal a 42-17 lead in the game. Yeah, things are going well for them.

Tip via J. Jones

TCU scores crazy touchdown to beat Texas Tech (Video)

TCU Aaron Green

It’s plays like this that tell us it’s just TCU’s season.

Facing a 4th-and-goal with their undefeated record on the line, the Horned Frogs got a touchdown catch by Aaron Green off a ricochet to take the lead on Texas Tech 55-52 in the final minute.

That touchdown came with 23 seconds left in the game, making it a heartbreaking defeat for the Red Raiders, who battled the Horned Frogs back-and-forth the entire contest.

Heisman Trophy candidate Trevone Boykin finished the game 34-of-54 for 485 yards and four touchdowns, while that was one of two catches for Green, who rushed for 162 yards and two scores.

Kendrys Morales scores with incredible slide (Video)

Kendrys Morales slide

Kendrys Morales pulled out the phantom slide move on Russell Martin Friday, and it worked to perfection.

During the top of the first inning of the Royals’ game against the Blue Jays in Toronto, new KC acquisition Ben Zobrist laced a single to right field. It scored Eric Hosmer easily, but Morales looked like he was going to be dead meat at the plate. That was until he pulled out the fancy slide by applying the breaks, causing Martin to go flying by:

Jose Bautista couldn’t believe that he didn’t get an assist for that perfect throw home.

Here’s the play with less Rex Hudler:

Which slide do you like more: this one or the one Mike Trout had earlier in the season?

Mike Trout steals third base with awesome slide (Video)

Mike Trout slide

There isn’t a phase of the game at which Mike Trout does not excel. The guy is a great hitter and defender, and as we can see, he’s also a stellar baserunner. Just take a look at the awesome slide he used to steal third base against the Red Sox on Friday night.

Trout was beat so badly by the throw that he was initially called out. Knowing he got his hand around the tag, he asked the Angels to challenge the call, which they did successfully.

Having the call overturned helped open the floodgates for the Angels. They exploded for nine runs in the inning and ran the score up to 11-3 before eventually winning 12-5.

This deke by Trout is so slick we have to watch it in GIF form:

That was easily my favorite slide by a ballplayer since this awesome one by Justin Morneau.

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