Michigan HS team recreates Duke’s Christian Laettner play, and it works (Video)

Hudsonville-Christian-Laettner-playWhen Hudsonville High School (Mich.) found itself trailing by two points with only 1.5 seconds left on Monday night, it looked as if their hopes for advancing to the Regional Title game had all but disappeared. They had just about enough time left on the clock for a catch-and-shoot, but considering they were inbounding the ball from their own baseline the task seemed impossible.

Unless, of course, the Eagles could replicate one of the most famous sports plays in history. As you can see from the video above, Hudsonville was able to do exactly that and force overtime (score in the video is wrong) against the Forest Hills Northern Huskies. They pulled off Duke’s legendary Christian Laettner play to perfection. Brent Hibbits launched the ball 75 feet to Cody Stuive, who turned around and nailed the jumper.

“I just freaked out,” Stuive told FOX 17 in Michigan. “I just ran to the bench and was giving people hugs. Then I realized that now we have to win in overtime.”

It wasn’t all luck, either. Hudsonville head coach Eric Elliot called a timeout just before the play to make sure his players were on the same page as him.

“At that point you’re thinking with one-and-a-half seconds it doesn’t sound like a lot of time,” said Elliott. “In basketball-talk, you catch and you got one dribble. So it was just how do we get it into our guy’s hands within the three-point line so we can get a clean shot up.”

If we’ve learned anything from shots like this, this and the one that Hudsonville pulled off, it’s that some of the best buzzer-beaters come at the high school level. Perhaps the most amazing part about the feat was that the Eagles were able to refocus and win the game in overtime. Hudsonville will take on Muskedon for the Regional Title on Wednesday night.

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Improbable buzzer-beater comes from New Rochelle’s Khalil Edney (Video)

New Rochelle’s Khalil Edney pulled off what will likely go down as the most improbable buzzer-beater ever.

New Rochelle (NY) High School was playing in the Section 1 Class AA championship game against Mount Vernon (NY) at the County Center in White Plains Sunday. Mount Vernon was up 60-58 with 2.9 seconds and thought they had the game all wrapped up after they stole an inbounds pass that went to half court. The only problem is the player who intercepted the pass celebrated prematurely. He threw the ball up thinking the game was over, but it landed in Edney’s hands with less than a second left. Edney quickly launched the ball over half the length of the court, and it went in.

Referees reviewed the play and determined that Edney, a senior forward, released the ball with 0.1 seconds remaining on the clock, meaning the basket counted.

“It’s a great feeling. To win sections in both sports … it’s unheard of,” Edney, who also quarterback the school’s football team, told LoHud.com’s Josh Thomson. “It can’t get any better than this.”

Edney was living it up after the game. He was retweeting almost everything sent about him, and he sent this message:

I guess there’s something about players with the last name Edney and last-second magic in basketball games.

Here’s another look that shows the ball out of Edney’s fingers with 0.1 seconds left:

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NC State OF Brett Williams makes an incredible somersault catch (Video)

Brett-Williams-amazing-catchNC State outfielder Brett Williams led the Wolfpack to a 9-2 victory over New Mexico State on Wednesday with a 2-for-3 showing from the plate. He drove in three of NC State’s nine runs, but it is the play Williams made in center field that you will be seeing on “SportsCenter” for months to come.

There are diving catches, and then there are diving catches that involve a somersault mid-air. As you can see, Williams pulled off the latter to rob extra bases.

According to the NC State athletics website, Williams is only six games into his return from ACL surgery and is batting .458 with three homers. I think it’s safe to say his recovery is going well. The catch Williams made is right up there with this catch as one of the greatest we’ve ever seen.

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French handball goalkeeper Francois Xavier Chapon scores amazing goal (Video)

Handball-goalie-goalThis may be the first and last time we ever write about French handball here at LBS, but a recent goal that was scored in a match between US Ivry and Chambery Savoie was pretty unbelievable.

As you can see from the video above, US Ivry goalkeeper Francois Xavier Chapon made a kick save that may have been routine or it may have been above-average. Since I’ve never actually watched a game of handball, I have no idea. What I do know is that the goal it resulted in on the other end was extraordinary. You don’t have to watch a lot of handball to know that things like that rarely happen.

The last time we saw a goalie score it was on his own net and led to — well — an incredible temper tantrum. Both were amazing moments. This one just took a little more luck.

High school girl makes full-court shot on a bounce (Video)

A high school girls’ basketball player from Colorado made a ridiculous shot during a recent game, one that we didn’t even think would count.

Anna Olsen, a junior at Lewis-Palmer High School in Monument, Colo., threw in a full-court shot that made it into the basket on a bounce. The basket occurred during her team’s 30-22 win at Cheyenne Mountain High School on Friday. The shot is considered a loose ball going into the basket, so it counts for two points.

Based on the low score for the game, Lewis-Palmer was probably willing to take anything it could get. Why did Olsen attempt the shot so quickly? We have no answer for that, but the result was pretty awesome.

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High school team wins on buzzer-beater from the knees (Video)

Daniel BarleyRush-Henrietta (NY) Senior High School defeated Greece Athena (NY) High School on one of the crazier shots you will see.

According to YNN Rochester Sports, the teams were playing in the RAP Tournament at East High School and tied at 54 Saturday when Rush-Henrietta’s Bay Barley made an improbable buzzer-beater from his knees to win the game.

Barley rebounded a miss, brought the ball up court, slipped and did a twist on the ground — all while maintaining his dribble — and launched a half-court shot from his knees to win the game 57-54.

“I know that the clock was running down, so I wanted to be the one with the ball and as I fell I knew to keep my dribble so I could get back up, and I got back up I was ready to shoot the ball. I shot it and I was just praying that it would go in,” said Barley, according to YNN Rochester.

Barley’s impressive buzzer-beater wasn’t as good as this one from a Maryland high school player, but the difference is his gave his team the win. What a shot.

Video via WHAM

High schooler Noah Frampton makes Christian Laettner shot to win game (Video)

poca high basketballPoca High School in West Virginia beat Scott High School on Friday night 40-39 on what was one of the best buzzer-beating shots from a high schooler we have ever seen.

According to The Charleston Gazette, Scott had just gone ahead 39-38 on a jumper in the lane by Matt Dolan with 1.5 seconds left. Poca called a timeout and set up a play that would give them the win.

The Dots (great nickname) took the ball out under their basket and elected to heave the ball down court. Sophomore Matt Chandler passed to sophomore Noah Frampton, who took one dribble, turned and fired a jump shot to win the game.

The play was reminiscent of Christian Laettner’s “The Shot” that gave Duke a 104-103 win over Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA East Regional Finals.

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