Maryland high schooler Matt DeMember hits crazy buzzer-beater (Video)

matt dememberYou ever hear of a baseball player saying he closed his eyes, swung his hardest, and hit a home run? Yeah, well Maryland high school freshman Matt DeMember did the equivalent in basketball.

DeMember, who attends Frederick’s Liganore High, was playing in a church league game last weekend when he heaved up an amazing no-look, over-the-head shot at the buzzer that went in.

“The crowd was yelling, ‘Shoot! Shoot!'” his mom, Diane DeMember, told the New York Daily News. “So he said, ‘Well, I’m going to shoot it.”

“I didn’t have time to turn around, so i just kind of threw it up,” Matt, 14, added.

The shot was the No. 1 play on SportsCenter’s Top 10 Thursday.

DeMember’s team lost, but all that anyone will remember is that incredible shot.

High school team’s wedding bouquet two-point conversion is awesome (Video)

Tumwater High School in Washington is receiving attention for an incredible two-point conversion they made last week, and it looks like they’ve coined a new play in the process.

Tumwater was facing No. 1-ranked Capital High School of Olympia and scored with under three minutes left to make it 21-19. They decided to go for two to tie the game, and the result was the spectacular — and improbable — play you see above.

Quarterback Jayden Croft tossed the ball over his head with two hands, much like the way a bride throws her bouquet, and it was caught by 6’5″ receiver Jaimie Bryant (a Washington commit), who also caught the touchdown pass. The play was termed a “wedding bouquet” play by Deadspin after it worked out perfectly, leading to a tie game and double-OT win for Tumwater 35-28.

“Jaimie was awesome,” coach Sid Otton told The Olympian. “If you get (two-point conversion play) wrong, you’re just a dumb coach, which I can take. But if you get it right, it’s such a big momentum changer.”

And now he looks like a genius.

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Pirates outfielder Travis Snider robs a home run for the catch of the year (Video)

With the MLB season coming to a close very shortly, the book hasn’t closed on catch of the year candidates. Pirates outfielder Travis Snider proved that on Thursday afternoon against the Mets when he made one of the most phenomenal catches you will ever see. New York’s Mike Baxter hit a tall blast to right in the second inning that looked like it was going to leave the ballpark with ease. That was until Snider defied the laws of physics.

As you can see, Snider climbed the wall and hung up there for a second before making what could easily be the top play of the year and pulling the ball back into the park. In a season where we have seen a number of home-run robbing catches like this one from Mike Trout and this one from Rajai Davis, the play Snider made on Thursday is in a class of its own.

California RB Brendan Bigelow somehow stays on feet for sick TD run (Video)

California running back Brendan Bigelow has made some memorable runs already this season, but he probably won’t top the one he had against Ohio State on Saturday afternoon. It appeared that Ohio State had Bigelow in the backfield for a five-yard loss before he was able to turn the corner and gain positive yardage. He then broke another tackle and took it to the house.

But how did he stay on his feet? One of the reasons Bigelow was able to score was because some of the Ohio State defenders gave up after he was clearly down. The only problem was he wasn’t. The sophomore pulled off a couple of amazingly acrobatic spin moves and somehow kept his balance.

We’ve seen some amazing runs through the early part of the college season and while Bigelow’s is up there, we’ll still give the nod to Jawam Jamison for his crazy spin move earlier this week.

Jawan Jamison’s incredible spin move seals win for Rutgers (Video)

Jawan Jamison rushed for 151 yards in leading Rutgers to a win over South Florida on Thursday night, but one play in particular stood out above all the rest. Playing video games like EA Sports’ Madden and NCAA series can sometimes give us the impression that athletes are capable of pulling off incredible jukes and spins that rarely ever happen in real life. As you can see from the video above, Jamison made the Madden spin a reality with a 41-yard touchdown run that sealed the game.

Jamison has eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark in each of Rutgers first three games of the season, but those are the plays that make NFL scouts drool.

For more amazing plays from the 2012 season and beyond, click here.

Cubs rookie Brett Jackson crashes into fence for awesome catch (Video)

Cubs rookie Brett Jackson made a highlight reel catch on Friday to rob Andrew McCutchen of a hit, but he didn’t escape without injury.

Jackson went head-first into the center field fence in Pittsburgh for a spectacular catch, but he came away with some cuts on his face, a bleeding and bruised knee, and he left the game.

MLB.com’s Carrie Muskat reports that Jackson said he was “seeing stars” after crashing into the fence, which could signify a potential concussion.

Jackson had X-rays and is listed as day-to-day. He also produced this fabulous quote that is sure to further endear him to Cubs fans:

“I’ll go through a wall for the team.”

The last time we saw a similar play was when Matt Kemp crashed into the fence at Colorado. He missed the next two games. Jackson is probably hoping that’s all he misses, too.

Jason Repko goes over fence for amazing grand slam-robbing catch (Video)

Jason Repko made one of the best catches we’ve seen this season. The Pawtucket Red Sox (Red Sox Triple-A) left fielder went over a fence on Sunday to rob Yankees first baseman Kosuke Fukudome of what would have been a grand slam. Fukudome was able to hit a home run later in the game, and his team won 6-2, so the robbed grand slam didn’t affect the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees, but it sure was awesome to watch.

Repko has spent season in the majors with the Dodgers, Twins, and he went 1-for-11 in a five-game stint with the Red Sox in April. That wasn’t quite the best catch we’ve seen all year — this was — but it was certainly up there.

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