Andre Ethier, Don Mattingly brush off ‘heated dugout argument’

Don-Mattingly-DodgersLos Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier got into what has been termed a “heated dugout argument” with manager Don Mattingly on Saturday. The incident occurred during the eighth inning of a 12-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates when Ethier and Mattingly were spotted on camera shouting at each other. According to Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times, it was a lot of fuss about nothing.

Ethier was back in the lineup on Sunday, with Mattingly describing the argument as a matter of two family members expressing their opinions.

“The greatest thing is when you have guys like Andre, he can voice his opinion, I can voice mine and the next day we’re both adults and talking and no problems,” Mattingly explained. “It’s really, in a sense, family. You’re able to argue at home back and forth but at the end of the day, you love your kids. … You discuss something or it gets a little heated at that moment, at the end of the day we’re family.”

Ethier also downplayed the incident after Saturday’s game and chose not to provide details of what sparked the disagreement. Mattingly claimed the 32-year-old veteran was upset about being removed from the game, even though his team was up 10 runs.

“He was mad,” he said. “He wanted to stay in the game. It was simple as that.”

It should be noted that the Dodgers are juggling four outfielders who are probably capable of being starters in Ethier, Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford. That could be causing some friction, though Crawford is currently injured and has missed the last five games.

Mattingly is an old school manager, which is precisely why Puig got under his skin with some of his antics during spring training. Dust-ups are bound to happen with a hard-nosed manager.

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Andre Ethier rocks plaid suit, bow tie on road trip

Andre Ethier plaid suit

The Los Angeles Dodgers are headed to St. Louis for Game 6 of the NLCS on Friday, and Andre Ethier decided to make a fashion statement for the road trip. The Dodgers outfielder showed up to Dodger Stadium Thursday wearing a plaid suit, yellow bow tie, and what appears to be a pair of bowling shoes.

Is that an early Halloween costume? Did he lose a bet? Victim of a prank? There’s no way Ethier could possibly wear that outfit because he thinks it looks good. Homeboy coming onto the team bus looking like Marvin Acme Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Dude was one step away from playing patty cake with Jessica Rabbit:

Marvin Acme Jessica Rabbit

As for actual baseball news, Ethier is expected to play in Game 6 despite the microfracture in his left leg, which is great news for the Dodgers. He’s not the best in center, but he is still a good bat to have in the lineup.

See who else has been arrested by the LBS fashion police.

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Don Mattingly benches Andre Ethier again, says he’s not playing hard enough

andre-ethierDon Mattingly continued to show his disappointment with Andre Ethier by benching the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder for the team’s 9-2 win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday. The benching marked the third time in six games Ethier did not start, though Ethier did appear late in the other two games, unlike Wednesday.

Mattingly is specifically taking issue with Ethier’s effort. When asked to explain why Ethier was not starting again, Mattingly told reporters he was “putting out my lineup that I feel is going to be the most competitive and going to compete the hardest.”

Though Mattingly seems to believe Ethier is giving effort, he says the outfielder is not playing hard enough.

“There’s a touch difference between, ‘I’m giving you my best effort’ and being willing to fight you for that prize, to do whatever it takes to win,” Mattingly said, via the OC Register’s Bill Plunkett. “It’s almost something inside you that says you’re not beating me today, you’re not getting me out.

“There’s another level (to effort) you can’t measure with sabermetrics. They may say ‘BS’ to that. But there are certain things that you can’t measure.”

Ethier said he shows up to the park expecting to play each game. He was not aware that Mattingly said he was benching him for essentially not playing hard enough, and said he took offense to that.

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Andre Ethier gives umpire death stare after being ejected (GIF)


Andre Ethier was ejected in the eighth inning of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 3-1 win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday night for apparently arguing balls and strikes. He also may have been upset over Brewers pitcher Michael Gonzalez throwing a pitch over his head on an 0-2 count and not being warned, but none of that really matters.

The real takeaway here is the death stare Ethier shot at home plate umpire Dan Bellino on his way from the dugout to the clubhouse. If you want to look at it as a staring contest, it’s probably safe to say Bellino won if only because manager Don Mattingly and bench coach Trey Hillman dragged Ethier away before he got himself into more trouble.

And you thought this death stare was the most intense one we were going to see on the baseball diamond this season? Think again.

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Andre Ethier Punks Dustin Pedroia, Poses as Boston Radio Caller (Audio)

You know how they say what goes around comes around?  An American League MVP found out exactly what that phrase means on Wednesday afternoon.  You might remember a few months back when Dustin Pedroia pranked David Ortiz by telling him the Red Sox scorekeeper had cheated him out of an RBI during a game.  The prank resulted in Ortiz interrupting Terry Francona’s press conference like an idiot, so the execution was obviously perfect by Pedroia. During an appearance on WEEI’s The Big Show on Wednesday, Pedroia was given a taste of his own medicine. 

The hosts of the show arranged for Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier to call in pretending to be a Boston fan and rip on Pedroia, telling him how much better the newly-acquired Nick Punto is than him. Ethier and Pedroia were teammates at Arizona State and are still close friends, so it’s possible Pedroia knew what was coming. Either way, the audio is fantastic. Skip ahead to the 1:20 mark for the fun stuff:

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Andre Ethier Reportedly Has Lost Respect for Dodgers Because of Frank McCourt

Andre Ethier stirred it up in spring training when he said this season could be his last with the Dodgers. Ethier, who is in the final season of a two-year $15.25 million deal, recognized that the Dodgers could trade or non-tender him after the year. SI MLB reporter Jon Heyman added to that story writing that several sources close to Ethier say the outfielder is growing tired of the atmosphere in Los Angeles.

From Heyman’s article:

“Andre’s a really great guy, but he can be a little moody,” one other person close to Ethier said. “Of all the guys this is going to affect, it’s Andre. All the b.s. around the club will affect him more than other players. He’s a prideful guy. He’s lost respect for the organization.

“He loves L.A.,” the person continued. “But he wants to play for a winner.”

Heyman adds that morale generally is at an alltime low among the team’s employees, so it’s no surprise anyone associated with the franchise would feel that way. Plus, if you don’t believe Ethier is moody, I’ll refer you to these pictures.

The other point from Heyman’s article is that Ethier would be interested in joining the Red Sox to play with college teammate Dustin Pedroia.

Even though I think Ethier needs to get out of Los Angeles, I don’t think Boston would be a good fit for him. Talent aside, Ethier can be a head case and that would not be a good mix for the rabid Boston media. Regardless, this is just another reason why Frank McCourt needs to be stripped of the Dodgers.

Andre Ethier Admits He Changed His Swing During Hitting Streak

Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier made headlines in April for his hitting streak that lasted 30 games before ending May 7th. Ethier was batting as high as .388 during the streak, but after it ended he dropped 81 points to .307. In fact, he batted just .145 over the next 15 games after it ended. Now Ethier’s explained what may have led to the drop off.

“I don’t think I had a good feeling during the streak, really,” Ethier said after Monday night’s win over the Rockies. “I was just getting hits. I think that was the problem. I was going up there doing the wrong thing mechanics-wise just to get hits rather than doing it the right way and the way I’m used to.”

Though Ethier had plenty of success during the streak, the adjustment to his swing explains his struggles afterwards. He seems to have collected himself going 8-for-16 in the last five games with two doubles and a home run.

I always felt like the streak was built up into something more than it was. First off, Ethier only reached 30 games which is slightly over halfway to Joe DiMaggio’s record 56-game streak. Secondly, though having a hitting streak shows you’re getting on base each day, they can be overrated. If a batter is only going 1-for-4 or 1-for-5 with a single every night, that’s not helping the team much.

Ethier’s most effective when he’s driving the ball, hitting doubles and home runs. Maybe the hitting streak was bad for his approach, but the good news is he seems to have corrected the problem with plenty of games left in the season.