Andre Ethier Flips the Bird to Fans at Dodger Stadium (Pictures) [Update]

Nice, huh? Andre Ethier, the stud who was given the LA Times fashion treatment this past summer, enjoyed some quality bonding time with fans at Dodger Stadium on Monday before a game against the Brewers.  Ethier had supposedly learned to control his temper a bit when Joe Torre was managing the Dodgers, but it looks like he was having a rough batting practice session the other day.  I’m sure he was signing autographs and kissing babies before he decided to exchange pleasantries with the fans, but The Big Lead reports Ethier was dropping f-bombs at photographers with children nearby.  His behavior was said to be unprovoked.

Major League Baseball is supposedly looking into the incident and trying to figure out why Ethier came off as a guy who wanted photographers to capture him flicking fans off.  Judging by the photos, he had no interest in being discrete.  Check out the uncensored pictures of Andre Ethier flipping the bird to fans:

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Meet Andre Ethier, Latest Victim of L.A. Times Magazine

Either LA Times Magazine is writing some fat checks, or west coast athletes couldn’t care less about their public image. Chances are the former is more true but whatever the case, Andre Ethier was somehow coaxed into making the same mistake Kobe Bryant made a few months back.  As soon as opposing fans catch wind of Ethier’s strange photos, I’m sure he can expect the same type of heckling Kobe got from Utah Jazz fans.

We’ll never understand why athletes agree to do these types of things.  You could argue it’s just for the money, but I can’t imagine Alex Rodriguez would do anything he doesn’t want to do in order to make an extra buck when he’s making over $30 million a year in salary.  Yet he agreed to take a ridiculous photo for Details Magazine where he was pretty close to making out with himself in a mirror.  Below are the funny Andre Ethier pics and the Kobe Bryant white hot photos.  I still think Kobe’s are way worse, but it’s up to you to decide.  Thanks to Deadspin for the Ethier pics.  Enjoy:



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Andre Ethier: Hitting in Front of Manny Definitely Helps

One of the raging debates in LA until he went on the shelf with knee surgery, was whether or not hitting in front of Manny Ramirez led to an offensive surge for Jeff Kent. Kent was adamant that it made no difference, even going so far as to insult Vin Scully in the process. Anyway, if Kent’s unwillingly to say Manny made a difference in his success, Andre Ethier — one of the hottest Dodger hitters — freely admitted in a post-game interview on FSN that hitting in front of Manny has made a tremendous difference for him:

It helps when you have Manny hitting behind you — you get a lot of pitches to hit. And I gotta give a lot of credit to him; every time I got a hit, it seemed like they were walking him right after me. It’s obvious that they’re pitching around him and giving me good pitches to hit. When you’re behind in the count, they don’t want to put you on base and have [Manny] come up and get a big hit, so it puts more pressure on them to throw strikes a little more over the plate.

Ethier finished 5-for-5 Friday night, and really should have had a cycle if he were more confident on the bases trying to stretch a double into a triple. Back to Kent though, Jeff was hitting the ball well all year (even before Manny arrived), but he wasn’t having luck with his hard-hit balls falling. I think the percentages finally began to fall in his favor, and it coincided with the acquisition of Manny, and that’s why the number changes appeared so dramatic. Don’t get me wrong however; having Manny as protection never hurts!