Andre Heidari kicks 47-yard field goal to beat Stanford (Video)

Ed OrgeronAndre Heidari redeemed himself in the biggest way possible by nailing a 47-yard field goal with 19 seconds left to help the USC Trojans beat the Stanford Cardinal 20-17 at the Coliseum on Saturday night.

Heidari missed an extra point following the Trojans’ first touchdown, meaning Stanford only needed a field goal to tie the game instead of a touchdown to go ahead. But Heidari made the biggest kick of all — a 47 yarder — a few plays after the Trojans converted a 4th-and-2 near midfield.

“It was just another kick. Just take it the same way as another kick. Even though it was a game-winning kick, it had to be done. It was just a regular kick,” Heidari told KABC 7’s Curt Sandoval after the game.

Heidari also talked about the significance of the win.

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