Report: Andre Johnson tells Texans he wants out

Andre-Johnson-Texans-PreviewIt has been very obvious throughout the offseason that Andre Johnson is not happy with the Houston Texans. The veteran wide receiver has already missed both organized team activities and minicamp and chosen to work out on his own. Now, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that Johnson has informed the Texans he wants to be traded or released.

The biggest reason for the divide between Johnson and the Texans supposedly has to do with a $1 million workout bonus. By skipping some workouts, Johnson gave up his right to the bonus money. He recently asked the team if he could earn it back by putting in extra work and was told he could not.

That furthered the divide between Johnson and the Texans, driving a wedge between the parties. That caused Johnson to tell them he wanted to play for another team. He is now working out, “not thinking about the Texans,” a source said.

As he has expressed publicly, Johnson believes the team is rebuilding, and he has said he has doubts about if he wants to take part in another similar process, as he has several times in his career.

Johnson wondered out loud if “Houston is the place for me” back in May. The 32-year-old has restructured his contract in each of the past three seasons to make his deal more team friendly, and he was reportedly hoping that the Texans would return the favor by allowing him to earn back the $1 million bonus. On Wednesday, Johnson was noncommittal when asked if he will show up to training camp.

“Hopefully. We’ll see what happens,” he told NFL Media’s Marcus Smith. “Training camp’s three weeks away, so we’ll see what happens.”

Rapoport says four teams have expressed interest in trading for Johnson, though the Texans have given no indication that they are willing to deal him.

This is obviously about much more than just a $1 million workout bonus. Johnson is scheduled to make $28 million over the next three seasons, so he could just report to work and collect his paycheck if money was the issue. He’s sick of losing and is finding creative ways to show it.

Arian Foster posts hilarious video addressing Andre Johnson’s situation with Texans

Andre Johnson has yet to show up to the Houston Texans’ offseason program. Workouts have all been voluntary to this point, but it is obvious the 32-year-old veteran is sending a message. And if Johnson is thinking about asking out of Houston, Arian Foster has a hilarious message for his longtime teammate.

Foster posted the video you see above on Instagram Thursday, trying to use The Temptations to convince his buddy to stick around.

Earlier this month, Johnson questioned if Houston is still the place for him. Now he just has to show up. How can you say no to that?


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Andre Johnson: Is Houston still the place for me?

Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson is not getting any younger, and the 32-year-old wide receiver seems extremely unhappy with the direction of the Houston Texans. Earlier in the offseason, Johnson said he thought the Texans should trade the top overall pick in the draft. Instead, Houston took Jadeveon Clowney. Andre probably would have preferred a quarterback.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is currently the top quarterback on the Texans’ depth chart. Johnson is obviously angry about that, and he was open about his frustration while speaking to reporters at a charity event on Tuesday.

“Nobody’s been here as long as I have,” Johnson said, according to Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle. “You just kind of look at things; I’ve been thinking about things this offseason. And I just kind of wonder sometimes, ‘Is this still the place for me?’”

The Texans were 2-14 last season. They have traded Matt Schaub and will be getting accustomed to a new head coach in Bill O’Brien. At least one team goes from worst to first in the NFL each year, but it doesn’t sound like Johnson is optimistic that his team will be the one.

“I just look at my career,” he added. “I’ve only been to the playoffs twice. I think we’ve only had three winning seasons. I don’t think any player wants to experience that. I think over time it can become very frustrating. And this offseason has been very frustrating for me; beginning of the offseason, I should say. That’s just kind of where I’m at right now.”

Johnson was specifically asked if he will request a trade, and he said he doesn’t plan to do that. He also said he has no issue with his current contract. Despite that, he is not planning to attend voluntary OTAs or minicamp.

“I’m just taking some time, thinking about some things,” he said. “You know, when I make my decision I’ll make my decision and go from there.”

The offseason isn’t over yet, but Johnson wants a quarterback. Those are tougher to come by after the draft. While O’Brien may be confident in Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum and rookie Tom Savage, Johnson is not. If he’s already taking his frustrations public now, there’s a definite risk he could become a locker room issue this summer.

Andre Johnson: I would trade Texans’ first overall draft pick

Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson is not a GM, but occasionally he plays one during interviews.

Johnson spoke with our friend David Nuno of KTRK in Houston on Wednesday to promote his charity golf tournament next month and was asked what he would do with the No. 1 draft pick if he were running the Houston Texans.

“I have thought about different scenarios. Me personally, if I had it, I would probably trade it, but that’s just my opinion,” Johnson told Nuno.

“That doesn’t make it right,” he said. “Doesn’t mean they should listen to me, because I am not the GM. I have never had to sit in the draft room like that.”

Johnson, who was drafted third overall by the Texans in 2003, believes the Texans are not that far away from becoming contenders again. Houston went 12-4 in 2012 and lost in the divisional round of the playoffs and they were expected to be a Super Bowl contender in 2013. Unfortunately Matt Schaub had a disastrous season and they were unable to win many games. After a 2-0 start, they fell flat on their faces and lost 14 in a row to finish 2-14.

Houston probably isn’t far off from contending again, but the key piece they need is a quarterback. I think everyone says they would try to trade out of the No. 1 spot, but most of the time that’s not too realistic. And if the Texans don’t like any of the quarterbacks available at the top, they can always go Jadeveon Clowney to pair him with JJ Watt for what would be one of the best defensive lines of all time.

Andre Johnson on Texans: ‘We suck’

Andre-Johnson-AFC-PlayoffsMost people would argue that the Houston Texans are a better football team than the Jacksonville Jaguars. Those who subscribe to the “numbers don’t lie” theory would tell you that the Texans and Jags are both 2-9, and Jacksonville beat Houston on Sunday. Does that mean the team that was once widely considered the NFL’s worst is now better than a team that made the playoffs a year ago?

After his team’s embarrassing 13-6 loss at home, star wide receiver Andre Johnson had very little to say to reporters. He didn’t need to say much.

“We suck,” Johnson said, via ESPN.com. “As an offense. That’s pretty much it.”

Case Keenum threw for just 169 yards and an interception against the Jaguars. Johnson caught two passes for 36 yards. The Texans have lost nine straight games since starting the season with back-to-back wins. Johnson was asked specifically if he believes Houston is the worst team in the NFL.

“I think our record shows it,” he said. “Yeah, if you look at our record, yeah, we’re the worst team.

“You’re not going to play perfect every single game, but I mean, it’s been bad, you know. (The fans) were booing us last week. They booed us before. I said it before, if we’re not putting good stuff on the field, we ain’t giving them nothing to cheer about. They booed. They should boo.”

Running back Ben Tate called out a fan who heckled him on Twitter last week and ripped Texans fans for booing. Johnson is right. The Texans deserve it. There are three teams in the NFL with only two wins. One of those teams picked up their second win against Houston on Sunday. As they say, if the shoe fits…

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Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson have argument on sidelines (Video)

The Houston Texans have lost eight in a row since starting the NFL season 2-0 and are an official mess. Things got even messier on Sunday when the Texans pulled Case Keenum for Matt Schaub late in the third quarter of a 28-23 home loss to the Oakland Raiders.

The Texans were down 28-17 when they made the change. Schaub’s drives went: punt, field goal, field goal, punt, turnover on downs. Most of his passes to top receiver Andre Johnson were incompletions, including a 4th-and-7 pass from the Oakland 8 on their last offensive play of the game. On that drive, the Texans got the ball down to the Raiders’ two and couldn’t score (a penalty pushed them back five yards).

As the video above shows, Schaub and Johnson exchanged words after the incompletion, and then Johnson appeared to drop an F-bomb and walked off the field with time still left on the clock:

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Andre Johnson makes sweet touchdown catch on tipped ball (GIF)

The Houston Texans fell short in their comeback attempt at Arizona on Sunday, losing 27-24 to drop to 2-7, but veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson did his best to keep them in it.

Johnson had 5 catches for 37 yards, including two touchdowns. He scored in the first quarter on a play-action pass where Case Keenum found him by the sidelines. Johnson did a great job tapping his toes on the ground inbounds to get the score:

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