Andre Johnson, Brian Cushing rip Texans fans for cheering Matt Schaub injury

Matt Schaub ankle

Andre Johnson and Brian Cushing ripped Houston Texans fans for cheering when quarterback Matt Schaub went down with a lower leg injury in the third quarter of Sunday’s 38-13 blowout loss to the St. Louis Rams.

Schaub was sacked by Chris Long late in the third quarter and had his ankle bent awkwardly as he was tackled. You could hear many of the home fans cheering when Schaub was on the ground in pain and receiving treatment from trainers. That didn’t sit well with many of Schaub’s teammates.

Wide receiver Andre Johnson said the move showed “no class” and that even Rams players couldn’t believe the fan reaction.

“No class. It’s bad when members of the other team are saying that’s messed up. No class,” Johnson said, per Jeff Darlington of NFL.com.

Linebacker Brian Cushing termed the fan reaction “barbaric,” per Sports Radio 610’s Will Grubb.

Grubb also reports that backup quarterback T.J. Yates, who replaced Schaub, said the cheering was “disrespectful” and made him mad.

This is just the latest example of Texans fans going overboard with their poor treatment of Schaub, who admittedly is having a terrible season. First a group of fans burned his jersey, then a restaurant mocked him with a menu item, and then a report said some fans went to his home to confront him over his poor play. We get that he’s having a terrible year and you’re miserable about it, but give the guy a break.

Way to keep it classy, Texans fans.

Ed Reed texted Andre Johnson ‘get me to Houston’ after Super Bowl win

ed-reedAfter the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl, Ed Reed was one of those veteran players who seemed like his time with the team was coming to an end. The Ravens needed to clear out all kinds of salary cap space to be able to sign players like Joe Flacco, so it quickly became obvious that they were not going to sign Reed to an extension.

The veteran safety probably knew that before the season ended, but his career with Baltimore ended on a perfect note. After the Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, Reed celebrated with his teammates for the last time. He also began planning for the future almost immediately.

On Tuesday, Reed spoke to reporters about his relationship with former Miami and current Houston Texans teammate Andre Johnson. Apparently when Johnson texted him to congratulate him on the championship, Reed already knew he wanted to team up.

“Andre just said congratulations,” Reed said, according to CSNHouston.com. “He said congratulations and it was more my comment to him.”

The comment that Reed is referring to was, “Get me to Houston.”

“There’s one thing I know, Baltimore is always going to be there,” Reed said. “It’s not going to float off the map. I can always go back. Do I miss it a little bit? Yeah, I miss certain things about it, but that’s part of life.”

Again, Reed likely knew that the Ravens were not going to have the resources to keep him around. Rather than kick the tires on free agency and risk winding up with a lousy team, he obviously had his sights immediately set on another playoff team. Who can blame him?

Andre Johnson Mic’d Up During Cortland Finnegan Brawl (Video)

Is this mic’d up stuff fun or what?  If you enjoy listening to what goes on inside the trenches on a normal day in the NFL, you’ll love getting a glimpse into the action that leads up to the best brawl we’ve seen all year.  Read and React tracked down the Sound FX video of Andre Johnson mic’d up on Sunday leading up to his throw down with Cortland Finnegan.  It’s definitely entertaining stuff and gives us the feeling that Finnegan is even more of a douche than we originally thought.  Check it out:

Both guys were obviously taking a fair amount of shots, but you can tell Johnson is a patient guy who just lost it.  Finnegan has a reputation for doing this type of thing, as evidenced by his trying to pump up the Texans’ crowd when he was heading to the locker room after being thrown out.  I’m glad he got up and clapped after Andre banged him out.  Johnson deserved the applause.

Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson Ejected After Fight (Video)

The Houston Texans put a good old fashioned whooping on the Tennessee Titans in Houston on Sunday, but that won’t be the biggest story of the day.  Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson were both ejected from the game following a brawl unlike any other we’ve seen this year in the NFL.  For a few seconds it looked like a UFC fight.  Finnegan is known for being a dirty player — something he’s proud of — and apparently managed to get under Johnson’s skin to the point where both players’ helmets ended up flying and punches were exchanged.  Johnson definitely got the best of Finnegan.  Check out the Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan fight video, courtesy of YouTube user poontogen:

Now, the question becomes what will the punishment be. Roger Goodell is certainly not going to appreciate this incident, and hefty fines are a guarantee. Suspensions aren’t out of the question, either. It’s getting down to the wire in fantasy leagues, and I’d definitely be worried if I had Johnson on my team and was fighting for a playoff spot.  Thanks to Twitter users JenKay1988 and onealty for the pics.