Andre Miller suspended two games for outburst on Brian Shaw

Andre-Miller-NuggetsDenver Nuggets point guard Andre Miller has been suspended by the team for two games in the wake of his in-game outburst. On Wednesday, Miller was a healthy scratch for a loss against the Philadelphia 76ers. The 37-year-old veteran decided to let head coach Brian Shaw know how he felt about the roster decision during the game.

According to Christopher Dempsey of The Denver Post, Miller yelled at Shaw about how disrespected he felt that he had been benched. Miller reportedly felt that he would show disrespect to Shaw since Shaw did the same to him.

“There’s a time and place for everything,” Shaw told reporters. “In the middle of the arena in front of everyone … I just tried to calm it down.”

Shaw was then asked if Miller understood why he had been scratched, and the first-year coach told reporters they would have to ask Miller that question. The former first-round pick had already left the locker room.

Not only was Miller yelling at Shaw during the game, but several beat writers also reported that he had to be restrained. After the Nuggets chose not to offer George Karl an extension, Miller said he did not expect Denver to enjoy another 57-win season. The Nuggets are off to a 15-17 start, so it looks like he’s going to be right. He has obviously become part of the problem.

Andre Miller: Denver Nuggets won’t win 57 games again

Andre-Miller-NuggetsThe Denver Nuggets have a much different look heading into the 2013-2014 season. They have lost Andre Iguodala via free agency and the team chose not to give George Karl a contract extension. Simply put, the Nuggets have a lot to overcome.

Last season, Karl was able to lead Denver to a 57-win season despite have very little star power. That’s what made the team’s decision to let him go so surprising, and point guard Andre Miller is expecting Denver to take a step back in Karl’s absence.

During a recent interview with NBA TV that Ball Don’t Lie shared with us, Miller was asked if the possibility of winning 57 games again next season still exists. The 14-year veteran was brutally honest.

“You know that ain’t gonna happen again,” Miller said. “I’d like to say we’re gonna win 57 games and have a better home record than last year, but that was a great year for us. I wish we could do it again and we want to build from there, but it’s gonna be tough. We’ve got some new guys and some new veterans coming in, and the good thing is we’ve got guys who are willing to work.”

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He’s probably right. Karl was able to do a lot with very little over the past few seasons, and there is no guarantee new head coach Brian Shaw will be able to do the same with less. Having said that, the younger guys on the team might not benefit from hearing that they have no chance of winning 57 games.

At age 37, Miller is expected to be a leader. Part of leading is being realistic and tempering expectations, but he probably shouldn’t be counting the team out before the season even begins — whether it’s true or not.