Missouri kicker Andrew Baggett faces nasty Twitter hate after missed field goal

Andrew BaggettNobody in the sports world probably felt worse on Saturday night than Andrew Baggett. The Missouri kicker missed a chip shot 24-yard field goal in double overtime that resulted in the Tigers losing 27-24. That was the team’s first loss of the season.

We already showed you that the laces were in instead of out for the field goal, but that won’t matter to most of Mizzou’s fans. A bunch of Twitter users just destroyed Baggett by sending him nasty tweets filled with curse words. It’s stuff like this that results in kickers going crazy. If I were him, I’d just stay away from Twitter entirely for the next few days.

Before you think about going to college to be a placekicker because it’s an easy scholarship and can lead to an easy payday in the NFL, take a look at some of the nastiness you might have to deal with if you actually miss an important kick. Be warned — the language is extremely strong and upsetting.

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Laces in not out on Missouri kicker Andrew Baggett’s missed field goal

Missouri field goal laces in out

Missouri lost to South Carolina 27-24 in double overtime on Saturday in heartbreaking fashion.

Not only did the Tigers blow a 17-0 lead to the Gamecocks in the fourth quarter, allowing a tying touchdown in the final minute, but they missed a 24-yard chip shot field goal in the second overtime to lose the game. But as replays showed, Missouri’s holder didn’t spin around the football like he was supposed to for the kick. Instead of having the laces out, the holder left them in for Andrew Baggett’s missed field goal that cost the Tigers their perfect season.

Here’s a GIF of the missed kick:

As anyone who’s watched Ace Ventura could tell you, the laces are always supposed to be out!

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t show you the faces of the Missouri fans after the missed field goal. Are these faces of disbelief or what?

Missouri fans faces

It’s even better zoomed in:


What a tough break.

GIF via GIFD Sports