Andrew Bogut: Stephen A. Smith is a ‘wanker’

Andrew-Bogut-glasses-jokeGolden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut feels the same way about Stephen A. Smith as thousands of others across the world feel about the ESPN analyst. He’s not the first one to call out Stephen A., but Bogut may be the first to refer to him as a “wanker.”

Smith was critical of Bogut earlier this month when the 7-footer missed the last few games of his team’s playoff series against the Los Angeles Clippers with a fractured rib. Smith referred to Bogut as “Andrew Bogus” and said he had no heart, also calling him the “tin man.” During an interview with Australian radio hosts Tommy Greer and Liam Santamaria, Bogut was asked for his thoughts on Smith.

“He’s just a wanker, pretty much,” Bogut responded.

The Sydney Morning Herald bleeped out Bogut’s response, so perhaps we don’t appreciate how naughty of a word wanker really is. If that’s the case and we have offended any of our friends overseas by not writing w—er sooner, we apologize.

Bogut’s fractured rib was said to be on the verge of puncturing his lung. If that’s the case, it was a dangerous injury and not something he could have played through. I highly doubt any player would choose to sit out a tight series like the one the Warriors played against the Clippers if he was cleared to play.

DeAndre Jordan, Andrew Bogut fight (Video)

DeAndre-Jordan-Andrew-Bogut-fightThe Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors are two teams that do not care for one another. If you were unaware of that prior to Thursday night’s game, you probably realize it now. The shoving match that took place between DeAndre Jordan and Andrew Bogut is likely a product of the rivalry’s increasing intensity.

With the Clippers leading by 13 toward the end of the first half, Jordan made a move toward the basket and was hacked on the arm by Bogut. The foul did not appear to be cheap or excessive, but Jordan took exception to it and shoved Bogut. The big Australian shoved him back before teammates and an official broke up the scrum.

Prior to LA’s win over Golden State, the Clippers reportedly refused to hold chapel with the Warriors. Teams typically join together to pray before games, but for whatever reason the Clippers were not interested in doing that. Between all this nonsense and the Warriors’ bench mocking Blake Griffin last year, we’re witnessing the growth of a fierce rivalry.

Andrew Bogut rips on the NBA’s growing obsession with trendy glasses (Video)

Andrew-Bogut-glasses-jokeGolden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut was in a great mood after his team put the finishing touches on the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night. Denver was able to make a series of it ater going down 3-1, but Bogut picked a great time to have his best game of the playoffs with 14 points and 21 rebounds in Game 6.

At the start of his postgame press conference after the Warriors clinched the series, Bogut decided to take aim at the fake glasses fashion trend that has been growing around the NBA.

“First I want to say I’m sorry that I don’t have any glasses I can wear to fit in with the rest of the NBA guys,” the big Australian joked. “So my apologies if anyone wants me to wear a pair.”

He heard crickets for the most part, which was disappointing because I thought the joke was classic. Between Dwyane Wade’s flip-lens sunglasses and Russell Westbrook’s new grandma glasses, the fashion trend has gotten a bit out of control. It’s refreshing to hear that someone on the inside thinks it’s just as dumb as I do.

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Andrew Bogut dunks on JaVale McGee, stares him down (Video)

Andrew Bogut dunkYou didn’t know that Andrew Bogut was this much of a tough guy, did you? Bogut got busy during Game 4 between the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets on Sunday. The Warriors big man threw down two awesome dunks in the first quarter. Above, you can see his monster dunk on JaVale McGee. As if jamming on McGee wasn’t enough, he stared down the Denver center. Keep in mind that JaVale is one of the best defensive centers in the league, too.

Earlier in the quarter, Bogut followed a Harrison Barnes miss by jamming on Kenneth Faried:

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Andrew Bogut upset, tells Rockets ‘C U Next Tuesday’

Andrew BogutAndrew Bogut was upset with the Houston Rockets for running up the score Tuesday, so he responded by calling them out over Twitter after the game.

Bogut called the Rockets a dirty name while referencing the next meeting between the teams in his incredibly crafted tweet:

In case you couldn’t figure out the bad name Bogut called the Rockets, just look at the first letter of the first four terms he wrote.

Why was Bogut so steamed? The Rockets worked the Warriors 140-109 in Houston while making 23 3-pointers — one short of setting the NBA record. The home fans were chanting for the Rockets to get the record, but the Warriors wouldn’t allow it; they began fouling the Rockets to prevent them from attempting threes.

“We’re not going to lay down,” said Warriors coach Mark Jackson after the game. “So if you’re going to try to get the record, we’re going to stop you. There’s a way to get the record. That’s all.”

Rockets coach Kevin McHale shrugged off the game’s ending.

“We shoot a lot of threes,” said McHale. “That’s just what we do. Mark didn’t want it to happen so he fouls. I have no problem with how they played. Mark’s got to coach his team. I have no problem at all with that.”

Bogut had 10 points and nine rebounds in the loss — his fourth game back from an ankle injury. As he reference in his tweet, the teams will rematch in Oakland on Tuesday. We know who we’re picking to win that one.

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Warriors trade Monta Ellis to the Bucks for Andrew Bogut, Stephen Jackson

We have our first NBA trade deadline deal, folks. But don’t get your hopes up. It doesn’t involve Dwight Howard, although it’s still a swap involving big names.

The Warriors agreed Tuesday to trade shooting guard Monta Ellis, forward Ekpe Udoh and injured center Kwame Brown to the Bucks for center Andrew Bogut and forward Stephen Jackson, according to Yahoo! Sports.

And how’s this for irony: The Warriors host the Bucks on Friday.

Ellis, obviously, has previously been linked to trade scenarios sending him to Orlando. But instead he’ll be heading to Milwaukee where he’ll be part of a dynamic backcourt along with Brandon Jennings. Udoh, who can also fill in at center, gives the Bucks a young big man with plenty of upside.

With the Bucks hanging around the fringe of the East’s playoff picture, both players will give the team a serious boost that it wouldn’t have otherwise gotten with Bogut out for possibly the rest of the season. And then there’s Kwame Brown, who despite being Kwame Brown was a prominent role player for the Warriors before tearing a pectoral muscle in January.

Bogut, who has faced injury troubles throughout his career, has missed all but 12 games this season, thanks mostly to a fractured ankle. Golden State also welcomes back Stephen “Stak5” Jackson, who for now returns to the team for which he was a key contributor during its impressive 2007 “We Believe” playoff run. We say “for now” because the Warriors are reportedly shopping Jackson in hopes of getting another big.

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Michael Jordan Can Expect a Fine for Talking About Andrew Bogut in Interview

Some of this NBA lockout nonsense is ridiculous. Whether it’s NBA.com initially eliminating all mentions of its players on the site, or Mark Cuban being asked to leave a pickup game at a park, the league has gone too far in policing matters. For another example, we direct you to an interview Michael Jordan gave the Herald Sun in Australia.

MJ was explaining that most NBA franchises are losing money resulting in an uneven playing field. Then he got personal bringing up Australia’s top basketball player, Andrew Bogut.

“We have stars like Bogut who are entitled to certain type of demands. But for us to be profitable in small markets, we have to be able to win ballgames and build a better basketball team.

“Bogut is a good piece to build around for Milwaukee,” Jordan said.

Those are innocent comments from MJ who was only building up the hometown paper’s guy. Not only should MJ expect a fine for mentioning a player during a lockout, but it could also be considered tampering.

I know, I know, you’re probably just laughing at the minutiae right now. Matt Moore writing at Eye on Basketball sums it up best:

“There shouldn’t be any big deal about this,” Moore says. “Then again, that’s kind of what’s been going on with this lockout. Making everything into a huge deal.”

It’s sad, but he’s exactly right.