Andrew Bynum got haircut during halftime of a game


Andrew Bynum is out indefinitely once again with a knee injury. This time, he is taking up space on the Indiana Pacers’ bench while he recovers. As a result, there isn’t much he needs to pay attention to during halftime. So the big man uses that time to do a little grooming.

Bynum got a haircut during halftime of a game earlier this week.

“You know what it is. Cut the homie Pacer Center Andrew Bynum up at halftime of game,” Bynum’s hair stylist wrote on Instagram Friday. “Real good dude, good convo.”

We don’t really know if this is common among NBA players, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. After all, we’re talking about a guy who was suspended by his old team for shooting the ball every time he touched it like a child in practice. Bynum will be Bynum.

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Report: Andrew Bynum was suspended by Cavs for shooting ball every time he touched it in practice

Andrew BynumUntil this week, little was known about the reason the Cleveland Cavaliers chose to suspend Andrew Bynum indefinitely back in December. Bynum had appeared in just 24 games with the team after signing a two-year, incentive-laden deal that could have paid him up to $25 million. The only thing we knew is what Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports had reported — that Bynum had become a “disruptive” presence with the Cavs.

Now that Cleveland has unloaded the 26-year-old, the story has become more clear. According to Wojnarowski, sources claim Bynum had literally been acting like a child during practice.

He stopped trying on the floor, and became a disruptive presence in practices. Before Bynum was thrown out of his final practice and suspended, he was shooting the ball every time he touched it in a practice scrimmage, sources said – from whatever remote part of the court he had caught the ball.

We already knew Bynum didn’t care about basketball. He felt no sense of remorse over never appearing in a single game with the Philadelphia 76ers during the 2012-2013 season, and one former teammate said he has never seen a player who likes basketball less than Bynum.

Bynum has the physical skills needed to be one of the most dominant centers in basketball. But when he doesn’t get his way, he does things like throwing a hissy fit in practice by firing the ball at the hoop from wherever he stands. If he does that with the championship-caliber Indiana Pacers, they’ll cut him in a heartbeat.

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Andrew Bynum reportedly convinced Pacers to sign him

Andrew BynumYou won’t find many players in the NBA who are respected less than Andrew Bynum. The Chicago Bulls acquired Bynum in a trade for Luol Deng with the Cleveland Cavaliers last month, but only to waive him for financial relief.  Now, the Indiana Pacers have decided to take a low-risk, high-reward gamble on the oft-injured center.

Why would anyone want to add Bynum to their roster? According to Candace Buckner of the Indianapolis Star, Bynum talked the Pacers’ brass into signing him with a convincing pitch during a three-hour dinner.

[Pacers GM Kevin Pritchard] said that during the Friday night dinner – which included team president Larry Bird and coach Frank Vogel — Bynum made quite the pitch to join the Eastern Conference-leading Pacers.

“He made it perfectly clear,” Pritchard said during the radio interview. “He was like, ‘Look, I want to win a championship, I think I can really help you, and I want to fit in. I’m not coming here to let everybody fit in with me. I got to fit in with everybody else.’

“When he said that I think the thing changed.”

That must have been one hell of a sales job. Bynum was suspended by the Cavs earlier this year for conduct detrimental to the team, though Deng later said that the team is a mess in general. Still, that was hardly the first we have heard of Bynum being a disruptive presence.

Bynum doesn’t seem to like basketball, and one former teammate said he has never seen a player who dislikes the sport more. That said, the Pacers are already a championship contender. If Bynum causes a hint of a problem, they’ll just cut him and move on. If he is healthy and actually feels like trying, he could provide some quality front-court depth.

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Andrew Bynum reportedly in serious talks to sign with Pacers

Andrew Bynum hair

There hasn’t been much news on the Andrew Bynum front since the big man was waived by the Chicago Bulls earlier this month. There was a report that the Indiana Pacers had interest in him, and that report appears to be legitimate.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported on Friday night that the Pacers are planning to sign Bynum. No deal is in place, but Windhorst says the “talks are serious.”

The Indianapolis Star first reported that the two sides were meeting Friday. Bynum’s agent, David Lee, told The Star that “Bynum has not signed as yet.” The “as yet” part of his comment seems to be an indication that a deal is forthcoming.

Bynum was traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Chicago Bulls on Jan. 7 and immediately waived before the second year of his contract was guaranteed. He was suspended indefinitely by the Cavs in December, which led to the team parting ways with him.

Bynum has long been known for his poor work ethic and injury history. Any team that considers him has to keep that in mind when weighing it against the benefits of his talent.

If the Pacers have legitimate interest in Bynum, I only have one thing to say:

Roy Hibbert is hearing that Andrew Bynum wants to go to Clippers or Heat

Andrew BynumThe Cleveland Cavaliers are going to have a difficult time trading Andrew Bynum before the Feb. 20 trade deadline. From the sound of it, there are very few — if any — teams in the NBA that have interest in rostering the 26-year-old center. And why would they? Bynum has a team-friendly contract, but it’s pretty clear he does not care about winning.

The Cavs have reportedly had discussions with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat about potential trades involving Bynum. However, both the Lakers and Bulls would likely waive Bynum to free salary cap space if they acquired him. According to Roy Hibbert, Bynum is interested in going elsewhere.

Hibbert, who has become quite the jokester this season, was probably just taking a shot at Bynum. I can’t imagine the Heat would want to poison their championship locker room with a turd who laughs when his team loses.

It’s also worth noting that NBA rules forbid players and coaches from discussing trades involving players who are under contract with other teams, so Hibbert is flirting with tampering. If it means mocking Bynum, it’s well worth it.

Lakers and Cavs reportedly discuss trade involving Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol

Andrew-Bynum-Pau-GasolPau Gasol probably does not want to play for the Los Angeles Lakers anymore. On Sunday, Gasol chose not to play against the Philadelphia 76ers because of a respiratory infection and was told to not bother showing up. Andrew Bynum may not want to play basketball anymore, period. He has been suspended indefinitely by the Cleveland Cavaliers and is being shopped around. Would the Lakers take him back?

According to ESPN.com, the Lakers and Cavs have had discussions about a potential trade involving Bynum and Gasol. The obvious appeal for LA is the money it would save. However, that would involve waiving Bynum after they acquired him to save more than $20 million in salaries and luxury taxes. In other words, Bynum is highly unlikely to actually play for the Lakers again.

Considering this is the same Bynum who used to laugh when the Lakers lost important games, that is not a surprise. As ESPN.com’s Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne reminded us, the Cavs have had a high interest in Gasol since they tried to acquire him last summer. After the Lakers lost Dwight Howard, they chose to keep Gasol.

The Cavs have also reportedly had discussions with the Chicago Bulls about a potential trade for Luol Deng. The Bulls also have salary cap issues and do not have high expectations for the 2013-2014 season after losing Derrick Rose once again. Chicago could be interested in the same type of sign-and-waive deal that LA would be interested in.

Bynum has a very reasonable contract, but no team wants him. While the Cavs may be able to find a trade partner, those trade partners may just be looking to dump salaries and have no actual interest in adding Bynum to their roster. Such is life when you just don’t give a s— about basketball.

Cavaliers have Andrew Bynum Fathead giveaway day after suspension

Andrew Bynum Fathead giveaway

How’s this for some rotten timing? The Cleveland Cavaliers have an Andrew Bynum Fathead giveaway scheduled for Sunday, the day after the team announced they were suspending the center indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team.

“After Andrew Bynum posts up on the hardwood this Sunday, post him up on your wall that night! Kids 14 and under will receive this Fathead Giveaway item on 12/29,” the promo for the giveaway said.

No surprise, the giveaway supposedly has been cancelled. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is also the owner of Fathead.

Bynum did not travel with the team for its Saturday game to Boston after things boiled over during practice on Friday. He is said to be a “disruptive” presence, and the team believes he does not want to play basketball anymore.

Who wouldn’t want a role model like that up on their walls? I will say this, though, if the Fathead comes in multiple Bynum hairstyles, I’d be interested.

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