Andrew Bynum still rocking Don King look as member of Cleveland Cavaliers


Andrew Bynum may officially be a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and left his Philadelphia 76ers days behind him, but the hair watch continues. We have seen Bynum rock a number of ridiculous hairstyles since leaving the Los Angeles Lakers. On Wednesday, he brought back a fan favorite — the Don King look.

Beyond the Buzzer shared a photo of Bynum sporting a Cavs T-shirt and a head of hair that looks like he was just electrocuted. The big man has been known to put his hair into funky braid patterns in the past, but apparently he had no time for that this week. Fortunately, this is not the first time he has gone with the Don King style.

Superstitious Cavs fans are probably hoping Bynum shaves his hair off before the season begins. It certainly didn’t serve him well in Philly.

Andrew Bynum braids his hair like a corn field maze (Picture)


The Andrew Bynum hair watch continued on Saturday night, but this time the big man had his dome under control while the Philadelphia 76ers took on the Miami Heat. After combining his hairstyles earlier in the week for perhaps his craziest look yet, Bynum got things under control with a braid design that kid of resembled a corn field maze. Better than the half corn rows, half electrocuted look, I suppose.

Bynum has yet to play in a game for the Sixers, and head coach Doug Collins said over the weekend that he is not close to returning. Is he coming up with quirky new hairstyles like the Don King look just to stay in the news? Maybe he’s just bored. Maybe both.

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Andrew Bynum has combined his hairstyles for a new look (Picture)


Andrew Bynum is running out of ideas for what to do with his hair. On Tuesday, the big man met with the media to give an update about his health and unveiled a new look.

Bynum’s hair has been a topic of discussion for several months now. At one point, he was rocking the Don King look. He later smartened up and decided to braid his hair, but on Tuesday it appeared he was going for a combination of the two styles. Either that, or he simply was in the middle of braiding his hair when he realized he had to get to his interview.

As for basketball stuff, Bynum claims he will get back to practicing within the next couple of weeks. However, John R. Finger of CSN Philly mentioned that Bynum told reporters he will have to play through pain, though he doesn’t believe the injury will get any worse by playing. He gave assurance that he is “100 percent” certain he will play this season.

If not, we can always keep tracking his hair.

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Andrew Bynum updates his hair with new braids (Picture)

Andrew Bynum braids

Andrew Bynum still hasn’t played a game for the Philadelphia 76ers this season, so all we’ve been left to talk about is his knees, rehab, and hair. Luckily he’s provided us with plenty of material on all accounts.

The evolution of Bynum’s hair this season has been simply amazing. First he started off with the Don King look. A month later he had transitioned into the Ike Turner/Three Stooges ‘do. By December he finally got a grip on his hair by braiding it.

Bynum showed up to Friday’s Sixers-Kings game with his braids intact, but he switched it up by adding a more defined part down the middle, and somewhat of a pinwheel look on the sides.

Bynum had injections in both his knees on Thursday and there is still no timetable for his return. But back to more important matters, we have created this Andrew Bynum hair watch link to keep you updated on everything related to his ‘do.

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Andrew Bynum’s newest hairstyle: braids (Pictures)


Andrew Bynum hairwatch 2012 has its latest update. The Philadelphia 76ers center addressed reporters on Friday and was seen sporting a new ‘do.

Bynum decided to tie down his ‘fro into two french braids that give him a Snoop Dogg/Allen Iverson look.

The reason for the change?

“French braids, man. I got tired of the ‘fro,” he told reporters.

Well that’s just a shame. We certainly were not tired of sharing bi-monthly updates on his blossoming ‘fro.

Bynum has gone with the Don King look, the Ike Turner cut, and the full mushroom over the past several weeks. Now he has the braids.

The good news for Sixers fans is that Bynum was cleared by the team’s medical staff to begin riding a stationary bike, which is the first step in a six-part rehab process. He has not played in a game this season because of bone bruises in his knees, but he says he’s “confident” he’ll play this season.

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Andrew Bynum explains the story behind his crazy hair (Picture)

Andrew Bynum has yet to play in a game for the Philadelphia 76ers, which has left us with very little to talk about aside from his insane head of hair. The Sixers center has had some of the ugliest hairstyles you will ever see this season, including the Don King look and this ridiculous mop top. It has to be some sort of joke, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like that is the case. In fact, it gets worse. According to Dan Gelston of the Associated Press, Bynum recently explained that he has tried to model his hair after a character named “A Pimp Named Slickback” in a cartoon series on Adult Swim called “The Boondocks.” Here’s what the character looks like:

If Bynum was really attempting to make his hair look like that dude’s, he failed — miserably. Whatever the case, the big man has absolutely no intention of getting a trim.

“I want it to grow forever, man,” he told CSN Philly’s John R. Finger. “It’s going to come a point in time where it’s not going to be growing.”

Bynum’s knees really need to get healthy so he can get back on the court. Once he starts playing again, we can stop talking about his visits to Dave & Buster’s, the feuds he’s having with his neighbors and his obnoxious hairstyles. On second thought, his hair is probably going to stay in the headlines as long as he keeps up the nonsense.

Latest crazy hair screenshot via @WorldofIsaac
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Andrew Bynum’s hair has taken a turn for the worst (Picture)

Andrew Bynum’s health has prevented him from playing this season, but his hair has managed to keep him in headlines.

The Philadelphia 76ers center was spotted watching his team play on Wednesday while sporting the ‘do you see above. I really don’t even know how to describe the thing.

Earlier this season, Bynum was sporting the Don King look.

But this new look? How do you even describe it? Is he going with the Ike Turner cut? Is it an ode to The Beatles? Is it taken from Moe of the Three Stooges?

I think Bynum does this intentionally just to mess with peoples’ heads, kind of like the way he was so insistent on shooting threes with the Lakers. He just likes stirring it up.

Here are other looks at the ‘do:

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