Andrew Bynum fined by Lakers, reportedly missed meeting with Mitch Kupchak

The Lakers are sending Andrew Bynum a financial message that his bad behavior needs to change. The team reportedly fined their star center for “numerous infractions,” including blowing off a meeting with GM Mitch Kupchak.

Bynum sprained his ankle Sunday and will miss Tuesday’s game against the Nets. The injury could be considered some form of karma for Bynum, who confirmed he doesn’t participate in team huddles during games.

We wouldn’t doubt it if Bynum blew off a meeting with Kupchak. The young center hasn’t displayed sound judgment on or off the court throughout his time in the league. Whether it was jacking up three pointers during games or delaying surgery to attend the World Cup, Bynum has been the king of defiance. Hopefully the fines might bring some sense to him, though we doubt it will make much of a difference.

Andrew Bynum has reportedly been a headache for Lakers even before his 3-pointer

Even before his errant three-pointer heard ’round the world and subsequent benching on Tuesday, Andrew Bynum has reportedly been a nuisance in the Lakers locker room long before. According to a report by the LA Daily News, Bynum has exhibited behavior that has not only irritated Mike Brown, but also his teammates and the front office.

All-Star center Andrew Bynum’s ill-advised 3-pointer, which prompted coach Mike Brown to bench him for most of the second half of Tuesday’s win over the Golden State Warriors, was only “the tip of the iceberg,” according to a Lakers insider.

Bynum’s shot was the latest in a catalogue of items that have annoyed Brown, his staff, the players and team management over the past few weeks. Brown had seen enough and decided to sit the 7-footer for all but 5minutes, 17 seconds of the second half.

The 24-year-old Bynum has played loud music in the Lakers’ locker room, which has been frowned upon over the years. He also has been disrespectful to members of the coaching staff and to his teammates for about the past three weeks.

The report makes even more sense after hearing Bynum’s defiant comments following his benching. Bynum, of course, has been part of trade rumors all season. And even though he’s having an all-star season, his apparent attitude gives us reason to expect the trade chatter to continue through the offseason. Stay tuned. Dwight Howard is.

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Andrew Bynum was benched for attempting a three and thought it was hilarious

Most people would agree that Andrew Bynum is one of the top centers in the NBA, but his problematic attitude is an issue.

Bynum was benched by Lakers coach Mike Brown Tuesday for attempting a three pointer during the third quarter of the team’s win over the Warriors. Bynum apparently was feeling it after making the first three of his career Sunday against the Grizzlies, so he tossed one up early in the team’s possession. Brown was upset with Bynum for jacking up the shot.

“If I feel like I have to take him out the game again, I’ll take him out the game,” Brown told Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears. “If I don’t feel like he’s playing the right way, I’ll take him out the game. I didn’t feel like he was playing the right way. I didn’t feel like we were playing the right way as a club when he was on the floor. That’s why I took him out the game.”

Bynum remained defiant and intends to go against Brown’s wishes.

“I guess don’t take 3’s is the message. But I’m going to take some more,” Bynum said. “I just hope it’s not the same result. I hope that I make it.”

We understand Bynum is trying to work on all parts of his game, but the Lakers don’t have him out there to be their Steve Kerr. Pau Gasol expects Bynum to follow the coach’s directions and do what’s best for the team, but Kobe Bryant found Bynum’s attitude funny and says he can relate.

Let’s just call this what it is: the latest example of Andrew Bynum having a bad attitude. Don’t let his nice guy smile fool you; there is a long list of immature behavior from Bynum over the past few years.

Andrew Bynum admits to ‘loafing around’ during Lakers collapse to Wizards

Andrew Bynum was painfully honest about the Lakers’ 21-point meltdown Wednesday night. Following LA’s 106-101 loss to the lowly Wizards — a game that the Lakers led 76-55 in the third quarter — Bynum admitted to going through the motions when the game appeared to be in hand.

“I was out there kind of loafing around, having a good time. It caught up,” Bynum said.

Bynum posted 19 points and six rebounds. Pau Gasol after the game questioned whether his team gave its “full effort.” He doesn’t need to look further than Bynum’s comments.

“It’s a little bit embarrassing,” Gasol added about the loss. Even more embarrassing was that the Wizards pulled off the comeback behind mostly second-stringers.

When you surrender a 21-point lead in a loss to essentially the JV squad of a 9-29 team, there’s not much else you can blame other than you got lazy. It’s just a little striking to hear somebody be so blunt about it, though Bynum isn’t exactly known for using good judgment when speaking to the media. At any rate, for the Lakers this marks back-to-back losses to the Pistons and Wizards, two hapless teams. How many desperate Lakers fans are now calling for the team to pull the trigger on a Dwight Howard deal?

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Andrew Bynum on Dwight Howard trade rumors: ‘There’s a bank in every city’

With the March 15 NBA trade deadline just a few weeks away, the Dwight Howard situation remains as cloudy as ever. Some people believe the Magic will wait out the season and take a chance on extending Dwight when the year is done, but he does not seem like a guy who wants to remain in Orlando. Their best bet is to unload him before March 15 and get as much return as possible. As for potential suitors, talks of a trade between the Lakers and Magic have heated up again as of late. The centerpiece in a trade of that nature would have to be Andrew Bynum, and the Lakers center insists he is not worried about the rumors.

“It doesn’t matter to me; I don’t read the headlines,” Bynum said Friday according to the Orlando Sentinel. “There’s a bank in every city, and I’m going to play hard basketball wherever I go, so I’m good.

“I really don’t care about it, man. You’ve just got to play basketball, just have fun. A lot of people lose that … it’s a business and this and that. You’re playing a game, and it’s something you’ve been doing since you were a kid. If you just get back to that and just play, nothing matters.”

Either Bynum is lying, or the rumors are clearly bothering him a lot less than they are Pau Gasol. A trade that lands Bynum in exchange for Howard would benefit both teams on paper, but there are differing opinions about whether or not Kobe Bryant and Superman could coexist. It didn’t work out on a personal level for Kobe and Shaq, but a few pieces of hardware say it was worth it. Bryant isn’t getting any younger, and the addition of Howard could give the Lakers the instant impact they need to allow Kobe to tie M.J.’s six championships.

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Andrew Bynum says it’s ‘terrible’ DeMarcus Cousins has to play in Sacramento

For whatever reason, Andrew Bynum feels sorry for DeMarcus Cousins.

“He’s a good player, definitely coming up,” the Lakers’ all-star center said according to The Sacramento Bee. “It’s terrible that he has to play in Sacramento. He could take his take his talents somewhere and really help a team.

“It’s not working out.”

When Bynum says it’s terrible Cousins has to play in Sacramento, it’s hard to know exactly what he means. Is he saying ripping on Sacramento as a losing organization and town that may lose its team? Or is he referring to Cousins’ past issues with the coaching staff?

The Kings second-year big man has been misunderstood during his time in Sac Town, what with his fighting with coaches and the team hiring a “babysitter” for him last season. This year, things came to a head when he was involved in a highly-publicized spat with head coach Paul Westphal. That situation ended with Westphal’s dismissal.

If he was only talking about DeMarcus’ situation, then Bynum is right: Cousins still shows plenty of promise. So far this season he’s improved his numbers from a year ago, averaging 16.4 points and 11.3 rebounds in 29 minutes. In Friday’s Rising Stars Challenge, Cousins posted 18 and 11 (but that probably didn’t matter after he was nutmegged by Ricky Rubio).

However, the Kings have yet to sustain any success with their young, promising roster. They’re 11-22 this season, and haven’t had more than 25 wins in a season in four years.

When coming up with a word for Cousins having to play for a hapless franchise, “terrible” absolutely fits. But perhaps so does “karmic.”

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Andrew Bynum: Lakers Didn’t Have Drive, Determination to Win Last Season

Lakers center Andrew Bynum is one of the few high-profile basketball players to confirm he has no interest in playing overseas during the lockout. The big man has spent part of the offseason boxing to keep in shape, and he got into some hot water for a handicap parking incident.

While Bynum did not address the parking offense during a recent interview with the LA Times, he did reflect on the disappointing end to the season for the Lakers. His comments were somewhat alarming if you’re a Lakers fan.

“We got embarrassed and we all need to come back focused, ready to win. You lose 4-0, there’s not much more to be said. I was the first one to admit we didn’t work hard enough to win. Let’s tell the truth. It was due to a myriad of reasons — our collective drive and determination. It’s about being accountable. Me included. Everyone included.”

Can you believe that a team led by the fearless Kobe Bryant didn’t have collective drive and determination? That doesn’t sound right. Matter of conjecture, that may even be a shot at Kobe who put Bynum down at the end of the year.

As far as I could tell, the Lakers just ran into a team that outplayed them. Granted, the Lakers gave up at the end of the series, but they were already done in by Dallas’ hot shooting.

It was surprising to read Bynum admit the team didn’t work hard enough. Maybe he’s trying to hold everyone accountable and assert himself as the team’s new leader.