Tim Floyd and Andy Enfield got into it in Bahamas

Andy Enfield Tim Floyd

Tim Floyd and Andy Enfield got into a heated confrontation at a reception at Battle 4 Atlantis in the Bahamas on Wednesday that also involved their assistant coaches, according to a report.

Sports Illustrated college basketball writer/reporter Seth Davis was at the reception and reported what happened. Keep in mind that Enfield is the current coach at USC, while Floyd is the coach at UTEP. Floyd used to coach at USC before being let go as part of the OJ Mayo fallout, but he was a candidate for the job that went to Enfield this offseason.

Over the summer, Floyd accused USC of tampering with one of his recruits — Isaac Hamilton — who had signed with UTEP but backed out and eventually enrolled at UCLA. Enfield insulted Floyd in a meeting with boosters, and the insult was recently publicized in a Men’s Journal article.

That all set the stage for what happened Wednesday. Here’s Davis’ tweets to describe the event:

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Andy Enfield jabs Steve Alford, Tim Floyd

Andy EnfieldAndy Enfield took some nice jabs at Steve Alford and Tim Floyd while speaking in front of USC Trojans boosters, according to some quotes shared in a Men’s Journal feature about the new USC coach.

Enfield is in his first year as head coach of the Trojans and is trying to build up the basketball program at a football school. The same way UCLA has to compete with USC’s tradition in football, Enfield has to compete with the Bruins’ tradition in basketball. But with Alford as the new head coach at UCLA, Enfield isn’t worried.

“I don’t worry about [UCLA],” Enfield told a group of USC boosters, per Men’s Journal. “I’ve made it to one Sweet Sixteen in two years, and he’s made it to one Sweet Sixteen in 18 years.”

That’s quite the zinger. It’s true, too. Alford’s only Sweet Sixteen appearance came when he was head coach at Southwest Missouri State, not even Iowa or New Mexico. Enfield reached the Sweet Sixteen at Florida Gulf Coast, which raised his profile and made him a candidate for many jobs.

Enfield got the USC job over several other candidates, including Floyd, who was the Trojans’ basketball coach until resigning in 2009. Floyd got in trouble for his star player OJ Mayo taking extra benefits, but he was considered for the Trojans’ vacancy.

Enfield zinged Floyd for being at UTEP now and for claiming that Enfield interfered with one of his recruits.

“Tim Floyd shows up every day at work and realizes he lives in El Paso, Texas,” said Enfield. “And he’s pissed off that he didn’t get the USC job two months ago. I told him, ‘Tim, if I could have all this power to somehow convince a family to do this, why the heck didn’t the kid come last spring, when I first got the job?'”

I liked this Enfield hire when it happened and like it even more now. USC is 4-1 under him but it’s too early to say how this will work out. I just know I love his attitude. Trojans fans just want him to back up all his talk.

Amanda Enfield hits ESPYs red carpet with husband Andy

Amanda Enfield Andy

Amanda Enfield hit the red carpet at the ESPYs with husband Andy on Wednesday for her first highly public appearance since the two were introduced when Andy took over as USC’s head basketball coach.

As you well know, Amanda, who is a former supermodel, became a popular figure in March during Florida Gulf Coast’s stunning run to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament.

The two said they and their children are enjoying LA and that it has been a great transition so far. Amanda was also asked by ESPN reporter Samantha Ponder what it’s like for her when she reads criticism about her husband.

“I try not to really read those things, because it just upsets you,” Enfield answered. “Also, the people that are saying that don’t know him, so I try to keep that in mind.”

Before you make a comment on the seemingly unlikely pairing between Andy and Amanda, just remember that Andy has already admitted to overachieving when he married the model.

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Andy Enfield tells Jay Leno he raised $72 at his first FGCU fundraiser (Video)

Andy-Enfield-Jay-LenoFlorida Gulf Coast University is one of the newer institutions of higher education in the country, having been established in 1991. As you might expect, that can make raising money difficult. Former FGCU basketball coach Andy Enfield spoke about that challenge during an appearance on “The Tonight” Show with Jay Leno earlier this week.

When Enfield, who is now the head coach at USC, was hired at FGCU, he was faced with the task of trying to collect donations from alumni who were only 15 or so years removed from college.

“My first (fundraising) job, I remember going to Naples and about 50 FGCU alumni were there,” Enfield explained. “My job was to speak and try to raise some money. So I’m looking out in the crowd and during my speech I realize they’re 25, 27, and 32 years old. Those are our alumni. I took my hat off and said let’s do the pass the hat and we raised $72. It was great.”

That should help explain why FGCU was reportedly scrambling to find the funds to keep Enfield after his magical season with the team but could not get it done.

Enfield also talked about how much of an underdog the Eagles were against Georgetown, telling Leno that even his own daughter was afraid to bust her bracket by anticipating the major upset.

“The 15th seeds were 6-106 (all time) going into the NCAA Tournament,” Enfield said. “I realized that not too many people in the country thought we could win. In fact, my 7-year-old daughter Ayla brought her bracket out and she had Georgetown in the slot. She said, ‘Dad, I’m gonna root for you but you can’t ruin my bracket.'”

Who can blame her? No one saw that coming. You can understand Tom Izzo being upset with his son for picking the Spartans to lose to Duke, but picking a 15th seed to beat a 2nd seed just wouldn’t be smart bracketology.

Andy Enfield hired to coach USC

Andy EnfieldAndy Enfield is bringing Dunk City to Los Angeles.

USC announced Monday night that they have hired Enfield to fill their coaching vacancy. Enfield led Florida Gulf Coast to the Sweet 16 in the school’s first NCAA tournament appearance. The No. 15 seed Eagles thrilled fans with a high-flying attack that resulted in the team receiving the nickname “Dunk City.” They also became the first No. 15 seed to ever reach the Sweet 16.

“My family and I are thrilled to join the Trojan Family and be part of the unparalleled athletic tradition at USC,” Enfield said in a release from the school. “In meeting with Pat Haden, I was very impressed with his vision for the men’s basketball program. I am looking forward to bringing an exciting, up-tempo style of play to USC and building the men’s basketball brand into one that the fans and basketball.”

Enfield played college ball at Johns Hopkins where he became the NCAA’s all-time leader in free throw percentage. He had stints as an assistant coach with the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics before heading to Florida State as an assistant in 2007. He left FSU to take the Florida Gulf Coast job in 2011 and went 41-28 over two seasons.

You have to figure the exposure Enfield received this March for his team’s success and exciting style will energize fans in Los Angeles. Another bonus is that Enfield’s supermodel wife will compete with Lane Kiffin’s wife for the title of most attractive coach’s spouse.

USC athletic director Pat Haden sounds stoked about the hire.

USC commit Kahlil Dukes also likes the move.

This is a phenomenal hire for the Trojans. UCLA hired Steve Alford Saturday, USC hired Enfield Monday, and CSUN reportedly is hiring Reggie Theus. You could certainly make the case that of the three hires in the city, UCLA got the worst end. I was hoping the Bruins would be the ones to hire Enfield.

Andy Enfield wanted by USC and Minnesota

Andy EnfieldAndy Enfield is one of the hottest coaching names in college basketball, so it’s no surprise to hear that two major programs are interested in him.

According to reports, both USC and Minnesota are targeting Enfield. Enfield, 43, led Florida Gulf Coast to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament in the school’s first ever tournament appearance.

Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel reported Saturday that the Trojans are targeting Enfield to fill their vacancy. USC fired Kevin O’Neill during the season and had assistant Bob Cantu take over on an interim basis. The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Enfield is expected to interview with the Trojans this week, and that USC would like to hire a coach this week.

Minnesota TV station KSTP reported Saturday that the Golden Gophers reached out to Enfield and that the pursuit was in the “phone call phase.” Minnesota fired coach Tubby Smith after losing in their second game in the NCAA tournament. They reportedly have been turned down by VCU’s Shaka Smart, Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg and former NBA coach Flip Saunders.

There has been no word yet about progress in USC or Minnesota’s search.

Another potential name to keep in mind for the Trojans is Ben Howland. FOX Sports analyst Marques Johnson threw out the suggestion that the former UCLA coach could show interest in the USC job since he already is so familiar with coaching in Los Angeles. Howland may have heeded his advice; the LA Daily News’ Scott Wolf reported Friday that Howland informed wealthy USC donors that he is interested in the job. If that’s the case, then USC should have some strong options when it comes to their next hire. Minnesota, on the other hand, may not be able to get the type of prominent coach they desire.

We shared a report last week that said the Eagles were scrambling to find funds to give Enfield a raise so he would stay at the school. Their efforts likely will not be enough to keep him. Quite frankly, I wish UCLA had hired him instead of Steve Alford.

Andy Enfield on marrying wife Amanda: ‘I overachieved big time’

Andy-Enfield-wifeAndy Enfield has been the talk of the NCAA tournament for two reasons: his Florida Gulf Coast squad became the first 15 seed to reach the Sweet 16, and he has a super model for a wife. We’re still trying to figure out which accomplishment is more surprising.

Give credit to Enfield, because at least he recognizes how much he outkicked his coverage to land his wife.

During an interview with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, Enfield was asked what he thinks people think when they see him with his wife.

“How did that dude get her? That’s pretty much it,” Enfield responded. “No, I overachieved big time. They point out the gap between my teeth, my hair — or lack of it, every other thing else about my appearance. But it’s all good. We take it in stride … we laugh about it.”

Even though the pairing seems unlikely, it’s easy to see what Enfield has going for him. He was a top basketball player and student at Johns Hopkins and, as we can see, he is an excellent basketball coach.

Photo credit: Facebook/Amanda Marcum Enfield