Andy Reid Slaps Referee on the Butt Prior to Official Review

Eagles coach Andy Reid sure has been showing his playful side on the sidelines the past few weeks. Two weeks ago, Reid chest bumped with DeSean Jackson following a touchdown for the second time in the season. Last week against the 49ers, Reid gave an opposing player a shoulder shrug. This week, he was busy slapping one of the refs on the butt prior to an official review as a way of saying “Give us a good one!” Check out the screen caps:

andy-reid-ass-slap andy-reid-ass-slap2

So Chad Ochocinco gets fined thousands for trying to slip a ref a dollar bill as a joke and Andy Reid slaps one on the butt to try and get a good call. It worked out for Reid considering the review gave Jeremy Maclin a catch on what turned out to be the game-winning drive for Philly. That throw was one of the best passes Donovan McNabb made in the entire game — it was a laser beam down the left sidelines for Maclin who made a diving catch while falling out of bounds. At 11-4, the Eagles are looking strong but their work is not done considering they play the Cowboys in week 17 with home field advantage in the playoffs on the line. Their six game winning streak should give them plenty of confidence heading into the clash in Arlington.

Video: Andy Reid News Conference on Michael Vick Signing

When the Eagles surprisingly signed Michael Vick to a two-year deal, the biggest question was why? What do they have to gain by it? For Vick, it makes sense because he’s going to a stable organization without too much pressure on him to perform so it’s a good chance to rebuild his image. For Andy Reid, he can come out looking like a good guy and sympathetic figure. And from the way he tells it, Philly was considering this for quite some time:

I’m guessing Vick will be able to run the ball and be effective a few plays here and there for them beginning around mid-season. He won’t be a huge difference maker for them though. Now seeing what Vick has to say will be interesting, not to mention seeing all the extra media coverage they get.

Andy Reid Might Have a Heart Attack on the Podium One Day

I’ve grown increasingly worried about the health of Eagles coach Andy Reid the past month. Every single weekend I listen on his post game press conferences and the man has more and more difficulty getting through the task. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s worn out from coaching a game, mindful of his words, or just in really bad physical shape, or some combination of the three. Seriously, turn up the volume and watch this Andy Reid press conference and tell me this guy isn’t on a collision course to meet his maker if he doesn’t get into better shape. Check it:

That guy was laboring through the conference like a left-handed specialist trying to get out Chase Utley and Ryan Howard back-to-back. You hear how hard he was breathing? He has to take like three seconds between syllables. I guess it’s not too surprising for someone who used to have Tommy’s burgers over-nighted to him in Philly and who has a pretty important job, but still, I’ve never seen it that bad. Then again, I haven’t heard too many Mark Mangino press conferences. You have to wonder if an extra 20 minutes on the gameplan might not be better spent on a treadmill.

Did Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb Kiss and Make Up?

The Eagles franchise made a statement on Saturday when they selected Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb in the second round of the draft. Their message was clear — Donovan’s future with the club is uncertain. And to be sure, it’s not because of a lack of talent. Rather, it’s an issue of health and age. They have a responsibility to best protect the interests of the organization. At the same time, they have hurt McNabb’s feelings no doubt — insulting him by using their first selection on a player to back him up (and eventually replace him).

McNabb has been avoiding the media recently in order to concentrate on his rehab — makes sense. But there’s no doubt McNabb is not happy, and the Eagles have put themselves in a compromising position by offending their starting (and possibly no longer franchise) quarterback. Check this quote out from Reid:

On Saturday evening, Reid said he had tried to speak with McNabb and had left a message telling him not to worry, that the selection did not herald the beginning of the end for the 30-year-old player Reid selected with his first Eagles draft pick, second overall, in 1999.

Actually, that’s exactly what it means. McNabb probably has two years tops remaining with Philly unfortunately — that’s just my guess. The two also apparently met on Tuesday, but there’s no report regarding the topic of their conversation. I can answer that — Reid has a lot of ass-kissing to do if he wants his starting quarterback to be happy next year.

Eagles Fans want Andy Reid Out!

While you’re in the mix, check out my blog and podcast over at www.nbx.com.  I had a few things to say about the QB play in the happening Colts/Ravens game.  You know something pretty underrated?  You know what we need a whole lot more of in the NFL?  Touchdownless games.  That’s why the NFL gave us Baltimore/Indy yesterday. 

Anyone catch this in the FOX telecast Saturday of the Saints/Eagles game?

Someone’s getting fired! 

Andy Reid apparently missed Freddie Mitchell yesterday.  How else can you explain punting on 4th and 15 with less than 2 minutes in your season?  Either that or he has some blind confidence in his defense.  The rumblings on the Philly boards already want the splended man fired – that coming from the shocker of the year category. 

“Not running Westbrook inside the 5 yard line was inexcusable. The punt was the last straw. Pure chickenshit football.  Enough is enough. Actually, this time it is more than enough. That yellow-bellied, blob in black doesn’t belong on the field.  Resign now!”

“I’ve never seen such a horrible game-day coach. his game-day fuckups are easily worth 2-3 games a year. at least. tonight, he ended the season.”

There are also rumors swarming on those same message boards that defensive coordinator Jim Johnson resigned, per Philly sports radio station 610 WIP.   

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