Report: Three Marines stabbed while trying to defuse fight between Angels, Dodgers fans

Angel-StadiumMonday marked the three-year anniversary of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow being beaten nearly to death at Dodgers Stadium on Opening Day 2011. Fan violence is unfortunately still very much a thing of the present, as three Marines were reportedly stabbed while trying to break up a street fight between Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers fans in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Sunday.

Police told the LA Times that the incident began when a woman wearing an Angels jersey got into an argument with two people who were wearing Dodgers gear. Three Marines who were passing by tried to come to the aid of the woman and were attacked and stabbed.

As police tried to break up the fight, one of the Marines was allegedly stabbed in the face with a broken beer bottle. Two people, 23-year-old Manuel Alexis Alvarez and 20-year-old Victoria Robledo, were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Four others were arrested and released after questioning.

When will this stuff stop? There’s nothing more idiotic than someone getting seriously injured over an argument that started because of fan loyalties.

Angels security orders fan to take paper bag off his head

Angels fan bag head

For the second straight season, the Los Angeles Angels are not living up to the hype. LA is currently 26-34 and 11 games out of first place in the AL West. Mike Scioscia’s club has played particularly poorly as of late, losing five of its last six games. The Angels were even swept in four games by the lowly Houston Astros.

During Tuesday’s game against the Chicago Cubs, an Angels fan named Henry Bouldin became so frustrated with the team that he felt the need to wear a brown paper bag over his head. That is, until stadium security forced him to take it off in the seventh inning.

“Security just showed up out of nowhere,” Bouldin told the LA Times on Wednesday. “They said you can’t wear anything over your head.”

Team spokesman Tim Mead confirmed that not allowing objects on fans heads is indeed a team policy, noting that a fan who was wearing a monkey suit last week was also asked to remove his mask. The purpose, Mead says, is so the team can make a facial identification of a fan if needed for safety reasons.

However, Bouldin suspected that the Angels only acted because he had appeared on television. He wore the bag, which read “$127 million + all I got was this bag. Go Angels?” at various points throughout the game prior to being told to remove it.

“If it had said, ‘Go Angels,’ it would have been the same thing,” Mead explained.

That may be so, but fans are going to think what they want. If a fan is already angry enough with the team to wear a brown paper bag on his head, it would stand to reason that he doesn’t need any excuse to blame another inconvenience on them. Like the situation we saw at the Marlins’ ballpark earlier this season, this is another case of fan’s word vs. ownership’s word.

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16-Year-Old Spends Summer Building Impressive Replica of Angel Stadium

Brett Pevey is a 16-year-old from Glendora, Ca. who spent his entire summer building the above replica of Angel Stadium. The young man’s family has season tickets and they’ve been Angels fans for years.

Pevey, who’s an aspiring architect, began working on the project the day after he completed his freshman year at Glendora High. He spent several hours per day working on it, including a few 11-hour-a-day sessions. What makes his model stand out from so many others is that he has LED panels serving as lights and a built-in iPod providing music.

This even puts the Winnipeg Jets fan’s Rubik’s Cube logo to shame.

For more details on the project and pictures of the replica stadium, check out the OC Register’s story.

Angels Fans Taunt Carl Crawford with Dollar Bills Thrown into On Deck Circle

Angels fans pretty much expected the team was going to sign free agent Carl Crawford over the winter. Take it from me, I’m one of them. We were led to believe that Crawford was the team’s top target, that the interest was mutual, and that Torii Hunter had it in Crawford’s head since the All-Star break that the speedster was going to sign with Anaheim. It was supposed to be a slam dunk … until Boston stepped in and offered him a 7-year $142 million contract that he accepted and signed.

Thursday night marked the culmination of all those “what should have been” feelings for Angels fans since it was the first game of the season between the Red Sox and Angels. Some fans still upset over losing Crawford decided to taunt him while he was in the on-deck circle by throwing crumpled up dollar bills at him:

The Red Sox’s offer was much greater than that of the Angels according to reports, so you can’t really fault him for taking the deal. On top of that, Boston has shown a greater willingness to spend money, and from an objective eye they’re probably closer to winning the World Series on an annual basis than the Angels.

However, Crawford has struggled in Boston and the possibility exists that he can’t play to his potential in the pressure-packed city. Perhaps his personality was better suited for a laid-back environment in Orange County. Only time will tell how the signing works out for the Red Sox, but we do know for now at least some Angels fans are upset about losing him.