Bear interrupts baseball game in Alaska (Video)

Here in the lower 48, our sporting events are sometimes interrupted by furry little creatures who get lost and wind up in the field of play. In Alaska, ballplayers are more likely to spot carnivores while they’re slapping the leather around.

Over the weekend, a massive black bear showed up during the fifth inning of an American Legion game in Juneau, Alaska. Fortunately, the bear was beyond the outfield fence and thus separate from the players and fans in the ballpark.


While it didn’t look like a threatening situation, I’d still be thinking twice before I risked tumbling over the fence while trying to rob a home run. The bear can have it.

Video via Eye on Baseball

Red Sox-Yankees game delayed by bees (Video)

A spring training game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees was delayed by a swarm of bees on Tuesday. If the Sox and Yankees aren’t going to get angry about their rivalry anymore (even if it is only March), the bees will.

Boston outfielder Mike Carp came running in toward the infield in the third inning and explained to the umpire that there was something buzzing around behind him near the wall. It turned out there was a whole mess of bees, and you can’t blame Carp for wanting nothing to do with it.


The game was delayed for several minutes while a groundskeeper showered the thousands of bees in insect spray. At one point, Mark Teixeira offered a sign of peace to the insect world.

One guy’s offering honey and the other is burning them alive. That makes a lot of sense. Fortunately, nobody was injured. Believe it or not, it wasn’t the first time a swarm of bees has interrupted a baseball game.

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Dog interrupts soccer game, takes dump on the field (Video)

Dog soccer fieldAs if soccer players don’t already have enough obstacles on the field, now they have to worry about avoiding dog crap.

During a game Sunday between Rosario Central and River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a dog ran onto the field and interrupted the game. We’ve seen animals run onto the field during games before, and most of the time it’s pretty cute. But this dog decided to leave his mark on the match.

With the unlimited green grass around, the dog proceeded to pop a squat in front of one of the goals and unload. Then the dog created some more fun by running away from the players until it was carried away off the pitch, where it presumably got a spanking, and hopefully not a Sochi-style execution (allegedly).

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Tulsa introduces golden retriever as its new ambassador for football games

Tulsa-golden-retrieverYou may not know much about the University of Tulsa’s football team, but the Golden Hurricane may have found a way to capture your hearts this upcoming season. Meet Goldie — the newest university ambassador.

Goldie is a 5-month-old golden retriever who has been training to lead the Tulsa football team out onto the field at home games. According to the Tulsa World, the pup will ride in a golf cart this year when the team takes the field. In 2014, she will be ready to lead the players out of the locker room, patrol the sidelines and even run onto the field to retrieve the kicking tee after kickoffs.

“I can’t imagine anything more adorable than seeing a golden retriever with a Hurricane flag cape draped around her neck running with the cheerleaders and leading the mighty Golden Hurricane out onto the field on game day,” Tulsa’s vice president of institutional advancement Kayla Acebo said.

Goldie is also expected to participate in Tulsa’s community outreach program by visiting nursing homes, children’s hospitals and schools. The dog’s trainer, Susan Owen, trains a number of dogs but said Goldie stood above the rest.

“She just kept jumping out to me as the one that was very nicely middle-of-the-road,” Owen said. “She wasn’t the one going around jumping on everybody all the time. There weren’t any that were shrinking violet or very shy. She wanted to play all the time, but then when you picked her up, she just melted in your arms and was just very soft, and that’s what we need. That’s what we’re looking for specifically for this job.”

If a sea otter can be taught to dunk basketballs, there’s no reason a golden retriever can’t kill it as the ambassador of a college football team.

Angels P Dane De La Rosa helps save an injured bird (Video)

Dane-De-La-Rosa-saves-birdNormally when we share stories with you about animals at the ballpark it has to do with a dog sticking it out until the ninth inning or a squirrel running onto the field and interrupting a game. On Thursday night, Los Angeles Angels relief pitcher Dane De La Rosa actually had to help rescue one.

During the third inning of his team’s game against the A’s in Oakland, De La Rosa noticed a pigeon hobbling near the visiting bullpen. When it became obvious that the bird couldn’t fly away, the 30-year-old scooped it up and brought it to safety.

After the game, De La Rosa thanked his Twitter followers for praising him for saving Randy, which he apparently named the pigeon.

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Dog stuck it out until the end to watch Rangers lose to White Sox (Picture)


The Texas Rangers held their annual “Bark in the Park” event at the Ballpark in Arlington on Thursday night, where fans can dress their dogs in Rangers gear and show them off during pregame warmups. The owners of the five dogs that are deemed to be the best dressed win a prize. Regardless of who won the competition, there was no debating who the most committed pooch was.

As you can see from the photo above that Jimmy Traina shared with us, at least one dog stuck it out until the bitter end on a cold night in Texas. The game-time temperature was 44 degrees with a wind of 12 mph, so it couldn’t have been fun to sit in the stands for nine innings. That didn’t matter to this boss, who simply wrapped himself in a blanket and watched the Rangers come up short in the ninth and lose 3-1 to the White Sox.

Would I have stayed until the end? I honestly can’t say for sure, but it’s obvious I’m never going to be as much of a committed fan as this dude. That’s something most of us will have to learn to live with.

Three-legged alligator crosses course at Zurich Classic (Video)

The first round of any PGA tournament is typically a stress-free zone. Players are trying to get a feel for the course while simply remaining in close enough contention to make the cut on Friday. But tensions can run a little high when alligators start walking across the fairway — especially ones with three legs.

As you can see from the video above, a three-legged alligator walked across the course on Thursday at the Zurich Classic in Avondale, Louisiana. It was one of several gators that decided to come up for some sun while the players were trudging along. Here are a couple of photos from the scene that looked like it was straight out of one of those low-budget horror movies.

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