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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Articles tagged: animals in sports

Bear interrupts baseball game in Alaska (Video)

Here in the lower 48, our sporting events are sometimes interrupted by furry little creatures who get lost and wind up in the field of play. In Alaska, ballplayers are more likely to spot carnivores while they’re slapping the leather around. Over the weekend, a massive black bear showed up during the fifth inning of…Read More

Red Sox-Yankees game delayed by bees (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. A spring training game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees was delayed by a swarm of bees on Tuesday. If the Sox and Yankees aren’t going to get angry about their rivalry anymore (even if it is only March), the bees will. Boston outfielder Mike Carp…Read More

Dog interrupts soccer game, takes dump on the field (Video)

As if soccer players don’t already have enough obstacles on the field, now they have to worry about avoiding dog crap. During a game Sunday between Rosario Central and River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a dog ran onto the field and interrupted the game. We’ve seen animals run onto the field during games before,…Read More

Angels P Dane De La Rosa helps save an injured bird (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. Normally when we share stories with you about animals at the ballpark it has to do with a dog sticking it out until the ninth inning or a squirrel running onto the field and interrupting a game. On Thursday night, Los Angeles Angels relief pitcher Dane De La Rosa…Read More

Three-legged alligator crosses course at Zurich Classic (Video)

The first round of any PGA tournament is typically a stress-free zone. Players are trying to get a feel for the course while simply remaining in close enough contention to make the cut on Friday. But tensions can run a little high when alligators start walking across the fairway — especially ones with three legs….Read More

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