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Monday, July 6, 2015

Articles tagged: animals in sports

Charlie Manuel on the Squirrel: I’m a Pretty Good Shot

For the second day in a row at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, a squirrel got loose on the field. This time, it actually appeared to have disrupted play by scurrying in front of home plate just after Roy Oswalt had thrown a pitch. Oswalt complained to the umpire after the pitch, and seemed to…Read More

The Cleveland Indians Bullpen is No Match for a Swift Squirrel (Video)

Bullpens and squirrels, they go together like Cliff Lee and shutouts. Earlier this season we showed you a video of a squirrel hanging out in the Portland Sea Dogs bullpen. On Wednesday, another squirrel showed up at a stadium and caused somewhat of a disturbance. This one managed to escape the grasp of the Cleveland…Read More

Arkansas High School Senior Darrick Strzelecki Practices with Snake In Helmet

Anyone who has experience with high school football knows things can get pretty hectic during the summer months.  Between football camps, two-a-day practices, and sweltering heat, it can be tough to keep track of what is going on around you.  Gravette High School Senior Darrick Strzelecki likely understands that now more than he ever has….Read More

Insane Squirrel Runs Onto Field at WPS Final (Video)

What can we say that would make you want to watch a clip from the WPS title game between the Western New York Flash and the Philadelphia Independence? Perhaps you don’t even know what the WPS is, but I assure you this animal is worth watching.  Check out the WPS squirrel video, courtesy of Dirty…Read More

Portland Sea Dogs Have a Bullpen Pet Squirrel (Video)

Oftentimes when we talk about animals in sports we’re mentioning them in a negative light.  Whether it’s a kangaroo interrupting a round of golf or a water hazard full of deadly sharks, animals usually don’t bring joy to the sporting world.  That is not the case in Portland, Maine.  The Portland Sea Dogs, a minor…Read More

Australia Golf Course Has Water Hazard with World’s Deadliest Sharks

Alligators are a known problem on Florida golf courses.  I know this because I have golfed there many times, and the groundskeepers and course managers always warn my friends and I ahead of time to stay away from water hazards and not try to retrieve our ball.  Otherwise, you might lose a hand.  That’s nothing. …Read More

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