Portland Sea Dogs Have a Bullpen Pet Squirrel (Video)

Oftentimes when we talk about animals in sports we’re mentioning them in a negative light.  Whether it’s a kangaroo interrupting a round of golf or a water hazard full of deadly sharks, animals usually don’t bring joy to the sporting world.  That is not the case in Portland, Maine.  The Portland Sea Dogs, a minor league affiliate of the Red Sox, have adopted a squirrel as a member of their family.  More specifically, he or she is a sunflower-eating squirrel that hangs out in the bullpen and keeps relievers company.  Check out the Portland Sea Dogs squirrel video, courtesy of Off the Bench:

Over the years, bullpen boredom has led to some interesting antics.  These minor leaguers, however, have it made.  Rather than sit and watch the game waiting for their numbers to be called, the Sea Dog relievers get to eat sunflower seeds with a domesticated squirrel.  Winning.


Australia Golf Course Has Water Hazard with World’s Deadliest Sharks

Alligators are a known problem on Florida golf courses.  I know this because I have golfed there many times, and the groundskeepers and course managers always warn my friends and I ahead of time to stay away from water hazards and not try to retrieve our ball.  Otherwise, you might lose a hand. 

That’s nothing.  LBS contributor Sam called our attention to an Australia golf course with creatures in its water hazard unlike any other in the world.  This particular body of water, which is featured at Carbrook Golf Club in Queensland, is ridden with roughly 30 live, man-eating bull sharks.  Check it out:

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