Anthony Tolliver Is on LeBron’s Hit List

Over the summer, Timberwolves forward Anthony Tolliver made a hilarious video spoofing LeBron’s “The Decision” show (must-see if you haven’t). In the video, Tolliver mocks LeBron and announces his own decision to sign with Minnesota as a free agent. Nobody gave a crap about Tolliver’s decision to take his services to the T’Wolves, but everyone cared about LeBron’s decision, yet Tolliver’s video got over a quarter million hits on YouTube.

LeBron’s Heat plays Tolliver’s Timberwolves on Tuesday, so some Minnesota reporters asked James whether he had seen Tolliver’s spoof. According to the Star Tribune, James turned icy and said: “I didn’t see it, but I heard about it. We play Minnesota twice.”

If this were college football, I’d fully expect the Heat to run up the score and try and earn some style points. Heck, if LeBron was as serious about keeping his “mental notes” on people knocking him this summer as he says he was, the Heat will keep their starters in until the final buzzer.

Miami was already an entertaining team, and now I want to watch to see how badly LeBron will make Tolliver pay for the show. Are you really surprised that LeBron can’t just let it go?

Anthony Tolliver Spoofs ‘The Decision’

Having played 59 career games in the D League, Anthony Tolliver is used to being ignored. Luckily the Golden State Warriors were so starved for players last year that they signed Tolliver to two 10-day contracts and then handed him a contract for the rest of the year. Tolliver played 44 games last season and averaged 12.3 points per game with the Warriors. Because of the relative success he had last season, he actually had a few options for the upcoming season and used the opportunity to poke fun. Tolliver spoofed LeBron James’ Decision on ESPN with this short home video. It’s not nearly as well done as the Paul Rudd/Steve Carell spoof from the ESPY’s, but it’s still pretty funny. Here’s the Anthony Tolliver Decision video:

This sort of nonsense is exactly what LeBron invited with the awful decision to host his one-hour special on ESPN. That one hour show took LeBron from likable character to despised Brett Favre and A-Rod territory. This is what he gets for stealing the sports spotlight. Oh yeah, good luck to Tolliver in Minnesota.

Video Credit: YouTube user MrAnthonyTolliver44