Picture: Antonio Margarito’s Swollen Eye Results in TKO Loss to Miguel Cotto

Antonio Margarito lost his rematch with Miguel Cotto Saturday night at Madison Square Garden when the fight was stopped and declared a TKO after the 9th round. As you can see in the picture above, Margarito’s right eye was swollen shut, leading to the stoppage. As bad as his eye looked following nine rounds of blows from Cotto, it still wasn’t as bad as it was after the loss to Manny Pacquiao. Remember how bad his eye looked then? This was nothing.

For some reason, Margarito felt it was necessary to say after the fight that Cotto was hitting like a girl. Right Antonio, keep dreaming.

It was sweet revenge for Cotto who lost to Margarito in 2008 when it was suspected the Mexican fighter used illegal loaded gloves.

“I felt extra motivation. I was vindicated,” Cotto said after the fight. “You can see my face now and how I got out of ring in 2008. Draw your own conclusions.”

The Puerto Rican is now 37-2 with 30 career KOs. Margacheato is 38-8 and has lost 3 of his last 4 fights. Justice prevails.

Picture Credit: Chris Farina/Boxing Insider

Antonio Margarito Battered by Manny Pacquiao, Right Eye Nearly Shut

Manny Pacquiao nearly pitched a shutout in his unanimous decision victory over Antonio Margarito on Saturday night in Arlington, Texas. One judge had the fight 12 rounds to none while the other judges gave Margarito one and two rounds, respectively. Though Margarito managed to go the distance, he was thoroughly battered in the fight to the point where people speculated that it should have been stopped. Margarito said before the fight that as a true Mexican, he would die in the ring, and he lived up to his words. Just look at his face after the fight:

I’m not really sure how much honor there is in going an extra round and a half getting beat up like that. Margarito already solidified his reputation for toughness taking a beating the first 10 rounds and still fighting back. Keep in mind, carry a five inch height advantage and 20 pound weight advantage, he got plenty of shots in on Pacquiao who said afterward it was his hardest fight. You couldn’t tell based on Margarito’s beat up face:

In 36 minutes he went from looking like a smooth hipster to the parking attendant in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Pac Man straight up rearranged his face.

Freddie Roach Accuses Antonio Margarito of Ephedra Use Prior to Pacquiao Fight

With the bad blood between the Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao camps, you figured something would happen before the two even stepped in the ring. And I’m not even talking about Margarito making fun of Freddie Roach for Parkinson’s Disease. This time, the camps have traded pre-fight accusations.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole, Roach complained that Margarito took ephedra prior to the fight and demanded an instant urinalysis. Margarito for his part did not sit quietly; his trainer Robert Garcia demanded a re-wrap of Pacquiao’s gloves, which actually were approved by the commission. Steve Cofield of Yahoo! Sports heard from Max Kellerman that it was a piece of prepped rolled tape that was placed in Pacquiao’s gloves.

So what was the story behind the ephedra accusations? From Iole, “I saw them try to give [Margarito] Hydroxycut and caught them,” [Freddy Roach associate Billy] Keane told Yahoo! Sports via text message. “He had coffee loaded with Splenda and sugar. The doctor said it was his choice to take the pills, but it would probably come up in the [post-fight urinalysis]. I did not see him take any pills.”

Numerous reports online have suggested Margarito was drinking coffee with splenda and now there have been reports of hydroxycut and ephedra being mixed in. Even if nothing happened, you have to figure at the least Roach is floating the accusations to try and get inside Margarito’s head. Given the way Margarito folded against Mosley following the loaded gloves incident, it’s not a bad strategy.

Upset Win Over Manny Pacquiao Will Not Change Antonio Margarito’s Legacy

Count me as someone who will be rooting for Manny Pacquiao during his fight with Antonio Margarito on Saturday night in Arlington. Pacquiao has won titles at seven different weight classes and will make it eight if he can beat Margarito. Margarito has won a title at the welterweight level and is fighting for just the second time in nearly two years. The reason for his delay is shameful and unethical: he was found to be using illegal hand wraps prior to his fight with Shane Mosley and had his boxing license suspended in the United States.

The bout with Pacquiao will be his first in the U.S. since January, 2009, and it’s one he’s hoping will help clear his name. “It’s been really tough, but this is a great opportunity for me, and I have to take full advantage of it,” Margarito has said leading up to the fight. The state of Nevada, along with California, refused to reinstate Margarito’s boxing license, so they took the case to Texas where it was ruled he would be allowed to fight. Margarito still has hopes of fighting in Las Vegas, however “I think I will fight in Vegas again,” Margarito said. “Once I get this opportunity, I know I’m going to come through.”

Margarito’s huge TKO win over Miguel Cotto in 2008 already has been called into question because people feel he may have been loading his gloves for that fight. Even though he’ll be watched heavily prior to this fight, he won’t get the credit he should for beating Manny Pacquiao. Margarito made an unforgivable move against Mosley, and perhaps against other fighters. I can never respect someone who cheated to the extent Margarito did, especially in a sport where the objective is to do physical damage to one’s opponent.

It’s sad to say it because people believe in redemption so firmly, but much like Barry Bonds and all the other steroid-users in baseball, Antonio Margarito will never escape his association with the cheating scandal. He is responsible for his actions and his legacy, and even a win over Pacquiao won’t change any of it. The only thing worse is that Pacquiao may be in a similar position.

Antonio Margarito Appears Dehydrated at Weigh-in for Fight with Manny Pacquiao

Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao were present for their weigh-in leading up to Saturday’s clash at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The smaller Pacquiao weighed in at 144.6 while the Tijuana Tornado came in at 150, the exact agreed-upon weight limit for the fight. The two boxers are meeting for the vacant WBC light middleweight title where the weight range is 147-154 pounds. Because Pacquiao is smaller, they agreed to fight at 150. It sure looks like Margarito had to do some serious training along with weight loss efforts to reach the 150 pound maximum:

While Margacheato is defined, he looks like he pissed out about 10 pounds for this fight. He seriously looks like Lance Armstrong after doing the Tour de France. Oscar De La Hoya, while seemingly in excellent shape for his fight with Pacquiao, was over-trained for their bout. Margarito looks similar, and his durability may be a concern for Saturday. Then again, if things go as Freddie Roach predicts, that won’t even matter.

Freddie Roach: Manny Pacquiao Was Not Focused Early in Training

On Saturday night in Arlington, Texas, we will find out if Team Pacquiao is honest or just a bunch of lying salesmen. In preparation of Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Antonio Margarito, trainer Freddie Roach (part of a controversy himself), has made it clear he’s been dissatisfied with Manny Pacquiao’s focus. In the first episode of HBO’s 24/7 series on the fight, Roach said that the time they spent in the Philippines prior to returning to LA was the worst training they ever had. Roach said he remembered times when Manny never missed a day of training, but this time around he was busy focusing on other things and even missed sessions.

Freddie even made another reference to Pacquiao’s lack of focus early in training during his pre-fight press conference. “A little bit of a different training camp this time. I think Manny spoils us. Usually he’s ready for a fight after three weeks of training. This time, it took us a little bit longer because Congressman Manny Pacquiao had his mind on congress a little bit too much in the Phillipines,” Roach said. “He missed his job and it was direct competition with boxing, but once we got on a plane ride home he assured me that he would get back and get focused. As soon as we got back to LA, the real Manny Pacquiao came back. Manny worked really hard for this fight.”

As for Manny, he took the opportunity to defend himself saying, “There is no problem about my training camp. The first two weeks in our training camp we had a problem because we were trying to gain weight, but the problem is I can’t move and my body feels so heavy and my speed’s gone. So I decided to maintain at 148 pounds, 147 to focus on speed.”

So, you buying any of the talk that Manny Pacquiao is unfocused or unprepared for this fight? Is any of it possible, or is it just a trick by Roach to help hype the fight and generate more fan interest? Count Antonio Margarito’s trainer, Robert Garcia, as one who thinks Freddie Roach is full of it: “This is just the stuff Freddie says to mess with our minds or hype up the fight a little.”

Manny’s win over Joshua Clottey was such a one-way beating maybe the promoters feel they have to generate more buzz by suggesting the fight will be closer than people expect. Hey, all I know is they have me somewhat curious, so the strategy must have worked.

Freddie Roach: Do Not Be Surprised if Manny Pacquiao Ends Fight in First Round

In case you missed it, we shared the video on Tuesday night of Antonio Margarito and Brandon Rios mocking Freddie Roach’s mannerisms (must check out the pics). Roach is Manny Pacquiao’s trainer and he developed Parkinson’s Disease following his boxing career. The video was pulled by the reporter who created it, but its message has not disappeared: Margarito and his crew are a bunch of childish idiots who lack respect and regard for others.

Needless to say, Freddie Roach was livid when word of the video got back to him. According to tweets by LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire (as relayed by Luke Thomas), “Freddie Roach says he’ll never again talk to Margarito and his camp based on their videotaped mocking of his Parkinson’s symptoms.” Here’s the money shot though, “Roach said it ‘shows the character’ on top of loaded-gloves scandal, and said, “don’t be surprised if this fight ends in the first round.”

Roach (and any sane-minded creature in the boxing community) already had something against Antonio Margarito for unethically loading up his gloves with plaster wraps. Now the stakes have been raised to an entirely different level since things have become personal. When Manny Pacquiao steps into the ring, he’s not fighting for himself, his fans, and a multi-million dollar paycheck; he will be fighting for the reputation of his respected trainer, Freddie Roach.