Washington coach Chris Petersen April Fools’ pranks players with new uniforms (Video)

Washington-uniforms-April-FoolsCompared to what we have grown used to, Tuesday was a very quiet April Fools’ Day across the sporting world. I don’t know if people are just less gullible these days or what, but we didn’t see that many pranks. Washington football coach Chris Petersen still managed to pull one over on his players.

Petersen gathered his team for a meeting and unveiled the Huskies’ new uniforms, which of course were a complete eyesore. They featured some cartoon sketch husky on the helmet and the block letter “W” plastered all over the pants. The best part had to be the word “DAWGS” written across the ass of the pants.

Some of the players initially laughed when the new threads were unveiled, but Petersen stuck with it. He was convincing enough that the room erupted with relief when he finally dropped his “April Fools’!” punchline. We applaud him for the effort. Those things were downright awful.

Video via Reddit
H/T College Football Talk

April Fools’ Day pranks from the sports world – a recap

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Let’s take a look at some of the April Fools’ Day pranks from the sports world.


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