AFL quarterback Russ Michna skips game to attend a wedding

When the AFL division-leading Chicago Rush lost to the Arizona Rattlers last week, they were without their starting quarterback. Russ Michna was not sidelined with an injury nor was he nursing a 24-hour stomach bug. He took a personal day. According to Shutdown Corner, Michna received permission from the team to miss the game because he had to attend a wedding.

If it’s any consolation — and to some fans on an AFL message board it certainly is not — the Rush knew about the wedding before the season. Chicago lost the game 77-43, so it sounds like their offense could have used a little help. Assuming the person getting married was very close to Michna, is a wedding an acceptable excuse for a starting quarterback miss a football game?

As Shutdown Corner pointed out, Michna is reportedly making $18,000 for an 18-game season this year. Feel free to look at that as $1,000 a game, but we all know there is more to it than that between practices, scrimmages, and team meetings. Unlike his NFL counterparts, Michna is hardly raking in the big bucks to play football. He has a responsibility to the team, but at the end of the day he’s an employee who put in for time off and his request was granted.

Apparently Chicago’s game against Arizona was one of the biggest road games of the year, which is why some fans are outraged. The bottom line is money talks and Michna isn’t making much of it. The fans will just have to get over it.

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