Arian Foster in response to Rob Parker: ‘I’m going to work on my blackness today’

Rob-ParkerBy making some incredibly insensitive and idiotic comments about Robert Griffin III on Thursday, ESPN’s Rob Parker has created the buzz he was looking for. As you have probably heard, Parker questioned RG3’s blackness while pointing out that he is a Republican and has a white fiance, among other things.

After Parker made the comments on “First Take,” a Twitter user decided to ask Arian Foster if he had any thoughts on the matter. Foster, who is always willing to engage fans on Twitter and discuss important topics, initially gave the following response:

Both of those tweets sum up the issue perfectly, but Foster wasn’t done. As of Friday morning, the Texans running back had apparently figured out who Parker was and learned the details of his moronic remarks. That led to these hilarious comments:

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Arian Foster gives away free tickets to fan who digs up his first ever tweet

One of the great things about professional athletes being on Twitter is that on certain occasions fans are given the opportunity to win free tickets. On Monday, Drew Gooden of the Milwaukee Bucks came up with a pretty gross idea that resulted in a lucky fan scoring tickets to his team’s game against the Chicago Bulls. On Tuesday, Arian Foster also gave away some free tickets — albeit in a more sanitary way.

If you look at Foster’s timeline on his Twitter account, it appears he was trying to go back and figure out what the first tweet he ever sent was. However, he was getting an error message after trying to go back more than a couple months. That’s when he decided to offer free Texans tickets to the first one of his followers who could find his first ever tweet.

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Arian Foster dislocates finger, has it popped back in place (Video)

You really think a beast of a running back like Arian Foster was going to let something as minor as a dislocated finger keep him out of Thursday’s game against the Detroit Lions? Not a chance. The Houston Texans back dislocated his pinky on a run in overtime, but he didn’t let it keep him down. He calmly walked over to his sideline where a trainer (or coach?) pushed it back into place. All he needed after that was a little tape and he was back to contribute to Houston’s 34-31 overtime win. Foster finished with 102 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries and 5 catches for 15 yards.

At least his dislocated finger wasn’t as nasty as this one.

Video via @cjzero

Arian Foster wants a cut of rapper Joe Budden’s fantasy football winnings?

Arian Foster is going first overall in most fantasy drafts this season. With Matt Schaub at the helm and Andre Johnson always a health concern, the Texans passing game isn’t exactly top flight. Like they did last season, Houston will lean heavily on Foster and give him a ton of touches.

It appears that rapper Joe Budden is no different from the rest of us — he wants Foster on his fantasy team. The only difference is he had the ability to ask Foster directly if he was a safe pick. Check out this screenshot of a text message that Budden posted on Twitter:

Assuming that really was a text from Foster, it sounds like he is feeling confident — even with his new vegan diet. The photo itself has since been deleted, most like per Foster’s request because of his unfortunate use of language. If he’s confident enough to tell Budden to pick him, you should probably consider Arian a safe selection on draft day.

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Arian Foster says he is going vegan, fantasy football world takes a deep breath

Believe it or not, fantasy football drafts are right around the corner. For those of you who had a brutal season like myself, the break has been been welcomed. For those who were lucky good enough to win your leagues, the new season can’t come soon enough. One recent piece of news that has seemed to rattle the fantasy football world a bit is Arian Foster’s announcement that he is going vegan.

“Officially a vegan now,” Foster wrote on Twitter last week. “We’ll see how this goes. But week one down. So far, so good. Feels wonderful.”

Some obvious questions come to mind when you hear that a player has cut dairy, meat and fish out of their diet. Will he be in the same physical condition he has been over the past few years? Will Foster still be able to run through people? Will the new diet affect his overall conditioning? Has he gone soft? Considering Foster is expected to go in the first round of all standard scoring fantasy drafts once again, you can understand why people are curious.

Foster has made it clear in the past that he doesn’t think very highly of his fantasy football owners, so I doubt he’s concerned with what they think about his vegan diet. As far as losing weight on is concerned, Prince Fielder once went vegetarian for a few months and it didn’t seem to affect him. Foster is a professional, so it’s probably safe to assume he’s not going to make any type of lifestyle change that will affect his status as one of the best backs in the league. He just might eat more wheat grass.

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Arian Foster Does the Dream Shake After Scoring Touchdown

Texans running back Arian Foster told a bunch of Houston Rockets fans earlier in the week that he would do Hakeem Olajuwon’s Dream Shake if he scored a touchdown in the team’s playoff game against the Bengals. The catch was that the Rockets had to beat the Lakers Tuesday night, which they didn’t. Even though the Rockets didn’t win the bet, Foster still did the Dream Shake after scoring an 8-yard touchdown run.

Here’s the real Dream Shake for comparison:

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Arian Foster Shaves Texans Logo into Hair for Playoff Game (Picture)

How does Texans running back Arian Foster get prepared for his team’s playoff game against the Bengals? By shaving the Texans logo into his hair. He’s no Antonio Garay, but we appreciate the effort and passion he has for his team. What will truly make the day special is if he does the Dream Shake in the end zone like he said he might.

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