Arian Foster May Do Hakeem’s Dream Shake if He Scores Touchdown Saturday

The Houston Texans are playing in their first playoff game in franchise history Saturday, and Arian Foster may celebrate accordingly if he scores a touchdown.

The Texans running back was joking with his mostly Houston-based Twitter followers Tuesday about the Rockets-Lakers basketball game.

Foster, who is a Lakers fan, accepted a fan’s challenge that he’d do a Rockets-themed touchdown celebration if Houston beat LA. That led to the following tweet:

“The masses seem to be going with Hakeem’s #dreamshake. If I get the honor of gracing the endzone, I will pay homage to the Houston legend,” Foster said.

Only one problem: the Rockets had to beat the Lakers, and they lost 108-99.

Given how enthusiastic Foster was about doing the Dream Shake, I wouldn’t be surprised if he broke it out at some point Saturday, or in the future. After all, Foster’s celebration is a bow to the crowd to show respect for the game. Why wouldn’t he want to show respect to Hakeem Olajuwon?

Arian Foster Wouldn’t Have Drafted Himself Out of College

Arian Foster led the NFL in rushing yards (1,616), yards from scrimmage (2,220), rushing touchdowns (16) and total touchdowns (18) last season. He’s seventh in the NFL in rushing yards this season despite missing two games with a hamstring injury. He’s also third in receiving yards by a running back, slightly behind Ray Rice and Darren Sproles. What makes Foster’s accomplishments even more impressive is that he was undrafted coming out of college. The only other undrafted running back who put up similar stats is Priest Holmes.

You might wonder how such a talented player went undrafted while 20 other running backs were picked in 2009, but there are several reasons why. One, Foster’s combine-type stats weren’t too impressive. Two, he shared carries in his senior seasons at Tennessee, so his college stats didn’t stand out. Three, he had an attitude issue that he admits was so bad he wouldn’t have even drafted himself. I finally had a chance to watch Foster’s E:60 profile, and I was surprised to hear him say that.

“I had a real bitter taste in my mouth leaving the University of Tennessee,” he said. “My attitude was … I didn’t care. In 2009, following my senior season, I entered my name to the NFL draft. I wasn’t expecting to go the first two days. Finally the 7th round comes and somebody from the Seattle Seahawks calls me and says ‘how do you feel about being picked?’ I was so upset at the time — and this is really bad — my attitude was like ‘yeah man, that would be OK.’

“I wouldn’t have picked me either, honestly,” Foster admitted. “When the draft ended, I felt like my NFL dreams did too.”

Texans GM Rick Smith says not a lot of good things were being said about Foster when he was coming out of college. Arian signed on to Houston’s practice squad, and because of injuries, he ended up playing the final four games of the season. He scored three touchdowns in the team’s final two games, and thanks to preseason injuries, he ended up as the team’s feature back in 2010. The rest is history.

Foster isn’t the first player to have attitude problems coming out of college. The good news is he was able to channel the disappointment into motivation, and that has helped him become a star.

Arian Foster Visits Occupy Wall Street Movement During Bye Week (Picture)

The Houston Texans are on their bye week. With his team tied for the best record in the AFC at 7-3, star running back Arian Foster decided to travel to New York during the week off. While he was there, he checked out the Occupy Wall Street movement to “learn first hand of their perspective.”

If you follow Foster on Twitter, you know that he’s intellectual. He’s unafraid to call out fans who have poor priorities, and he has a sense of humor. Some athletes get themselves in trouble through their Twitter use, but others use it as a tool to give the public an inside look at their personality.

It’s not about whether you agree with the Occupy Wall Street movement, it’s that Foster is open-minded enough to hear different opinions before making his decisions. That approach should be appreciated by everyone.

Arian Foster Responds to Fantasy Football Hater on Twitter Again

Arian Foster was the NFL’s leading rusher last season and became one of the top picks in many fantasy football drafts. The Texans running back has been bothered by a hamstring injury since training camp and he re-aggravated the injury in week two. Now he’s hearing from disgruntled fantasy football owners again on Twitter, and he’s responding the same way he did before:

You may recall that the least time he heard from people concerned about his hamstring solely for fantasy purposes, he called them “sick.” I can’t imagine what he thinks of them now. I dunno, I think the proper response would have been telling the angry fan that he should have handcuffed with Ben Tate.

Arian Foster is Fine, Gary Kubiak Says

Arian Foster’s hamstring injury has been one of the biggest concerns in the fantasy football world this season. The Texans haven’t been as worried as fantasy footballers because Ben Tate has proven to be a more than capable backup. Looks like neither group needs to be worried about Foster’s health, if what Houston coach Gary Kubiak says is true.

Foster ran for 33 yards on 10 carries and had two catches for seven yards in the win over Miami, but he did not play in the second half. Early reports suggested he had re-aggravated his hamstring injury, but Kubiak said after the game that wasn’t the case.

“He’s fine. He obviously wasn’t himself and got pretty fatigued. He wanted to play in the second half,” Kubiak said after the win.

Kubiak reiterated that Foster didn’t see action in the second half because of fatigue. Ben Tate, the second-year running back from Auburn, rushed for 103 yards on 23 carries and helped milk the clock at the end. It was Tate’s second straight 100-yard game and he’s now averaging 4.66 yards per carry.

Fantasy football owners will still have questions about Foster’s status, but the Texans should not be worried. Tate has proven he’s the real deal and that the Texans may not be losing much with him carrying the ball instead of last year’s leading rusher.

UPDATE: Despite what Kubiak said, Foster admitted that his hamstring tightened up during the game.

Arian Foster Rips Fantasy Football Players for Worrying About Injury

Is fantasy football turning us into machines? These days it seems as though all age brackets, species, and sexes are playing fantasy football. Whether you are trying to make a couple bucks or just enjoy managing your own squad, fantasy football seems to appeal to everyone.

As a result, we find ourselves worrying about the health of the players on our teams. In that sense there’s not much difference between monitoring your fantasy team and worrying about your favorite team.  Arian Foster, the No. 1 overall pick in most fantasy drafts after his monster performance last season, has a huge problem with people who are only concerned about his injured hamstring because of fantasy football.

“(For) those sincerely concerned, I’m doing ok and plan (to be) back by opening day,” Foster wrote on Twitter. “For those worried (about) your fantasy team, (you people) are sick.”

In a sense Foster is right and it is pretty selfish for people to only ask about his health because they drafted him in a fantasy league.  However, it’s no different from rooting for your favorite team. When Tom Brady tore his ACL do you think Patriots fans felt badly for him personally or were worried about their season?  It could be a little of both, but we all know the latter is where priorities lie.  We’re talking about a tweaked hamstring, not locker room devastation.

Chest bump to Pro Football Talk for the story.

Ben Tate Medically Cleared, Will He Cut into Arian Foster’s Productivity?

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster capitalized on injuries to Ben Tate and Steve Slaton by rushing for a franchise-record 231 yards the first week of the season against the Indianapolis Colts. The undrafted back out of Tennessee didn’t stop there — he put together seven more 100-yard games for the Texans to earn the NFL’s rushing title and fantasy MVP crown. Though 2010 proved to be a monstrous success for Foster, an interesting item was revealed on Tuesday making us wonder how it will impact Foster’s fantasy status for 2011.

Texans running back Ben Tate announced on twitter that he was finally ready to resume his NFL career. “Went to see the doc today finally cleared no more rehab im sooo happy…..time for a vacation then back on the grind for the 2011 season!!!!!!!!#NOLOCKOUT” he wrote.

Tate was Houston’s second-round pick last year and he unfortunately tore up his ankle in the team’s first preseason game in August. Tate ended up on injured reserve for the entire season, and the starting job went to Arian Foster who became a star. Now that the former second-round pick out of Auburn is returning, one has to wonder if Arian will be as productive as he was last year.

There is little doubt that Foster fits into Houston’s offense perfectly and that he can continue his success in the league. The reality is that all teams share carries at running back — even Houston had Derrick Ward getting plenty of looks last season — so I wouldn’t worry about Tate. He has to worry about regaining the form that led to him being a high draft pick, and the Texans would be crazy to take the ball out of Foster’s hands more than they need to.

Tate’s emergence may give the Texans a better second option at running back, but I wouldn’t worry about him cutting into Foster’s stats too much. Arian Foster is still the man in Houston.