Larry Fitzgerald’s father is complaining again

larry-fitzgeraldLarry Fitzgerald caught just one pass for 22 yards on Monday night, but the Arizona Cardinals beat the San Diego Chargers. Picking up a victory should be all that matters, right? Not if you ask Fitzgerald’s father, who did not seem happy about the lack of role his son played in the passing game.

Carson Palmer completed 24 passes to 11 different receivers. Michael Floyd led the way with five receptions for 119 yards on seven targets. Fitzgerald was targeted four times. Here are some of Larry Fitzgerald Sr.’s tweets:

What Fitzgerald Sr. is probably referring to is the fact that the Cardinals could be looking to phase Fitzgerald out this season. Fitzy, 31, carries a cap hit of more than $23 million in 2015, which is a number he knows will have to be addressed. The Cardinals could ultimately decide to address it by releasing him.

It’s clear that the Cardinals are looking for Floyd to emerge as their No. 1 receiver, and who can blame them? The 23-year-old former first rounder is a big target with tremendous speed. He has all the tools you need. As long as the team is winning, Fitzgerald Sr. really has nothing to complain about.

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Washington politician Joe Fitzgibbon calls Arizona ‘racist wasteland’ after Seahawks loss

Joe-FitzgibbonLike many other Seattle Seahawks fans, Washington State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon was angry that his team lost to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The Seahawks are supposed to be unbeatable at home, but the Cards limited them to just 10 points and came away with a crucial 17-10 victory to keep themselves alive in the playoff hunt. Fitzgibbon probably should have tipped his cap and said “good game” after the tough battle.

Instead, the politician got himself in trouble by doing something we see countless athletes do every season — tweeting without thinking. Fitzgibbon called Arizona a “racist wasteland” after the game.

One would think Fitzgibbon would apologize after writing something like that, but he didn’t seem to take it as seriously as some of his followers. He offered somewhat of a non-apology and said people are taking his comment too seriously.

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Arizona Cardinals eat Skittles on sidelines to mock Marshawn Lynch

Cardinals Skittles

The Arizona Cardinals weren’t content just beating their division rivals on Sunday, they had to rub it in.

At the end of their incredibly impressive 17-10 road win over the Seattle Seahawks, Cardinals players were seen passing out Skittles on the sidelines. Skittles are the candy of choice of Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who has become known for popping the treat on the sidelines during games.

Lynch’s love of Skittles became nationally known two years ago. The tradition goes back to his mother feeding him the candy during games in his youth football days.

The Cardinals aren’t the first team to mock Lynch’s Skittles love; 49ers fans did it with Larry Grant two years ago.

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Arizona Cardinals to sell severed foam finger for Rashad Johnson?


Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson suffered probably the most gruesome injury you will see all NFL season on Sunday. It’s always tough to watch a player blow out their knee or take a shot to the head, but I can’t imagine anything more graphic than a player losing the tip of his finger. Johnson did just that against the New Orleans Saints, and he shared a few photos of it for anyone who dares to look at them.

On Tuesday, the Cardinals tweeted that they are currently working on a prototype for a foam finger that would pay tribute to Johnson and his missing digit. They better make this happen. The guy lost a freakin’ finger. He deserves more than just a round of applause.

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Marcus Vick sends homophobic tweet about Arizona Cardinals

If ever there were a person who could have their Twitter rights legally stripped from them, it would be Marcus Vick. The younger brother of Michael Vick tweets out some of the most ridiculous things you will ever read, and his homophobic remark about the Arizona Cardinals earlier this week was a prime example.

Marcus-VickAs for what Vick is referring to, we have no idea. There has been some speculation surrounding the sexual preference of free agent safety Kerry Rhodes this week, who played for the Cardinals last season. I suppose that could be what Vick is trying to reference, but we really have no way of knowing. Marcus has put Michael in some incredibly uncomfortable positions in the past with the stuff he tweets, so this isn’t exactly a surprise.

What is somewhat of a surprise — even for Marcus — is that Vick currently has a warrant out for his arrest after failing to appear in court in Virginia over a week ago. He has skipped multiple court dates since promising to pay $40,000 to a woman who sued him in 2008 claiming psychological trauma following an alleged relationship Vick had with her when he was 19 and she was 15. Would you be tweeting under those circumstances?

On second thought, I’m not surprised at all.

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Andy Reid reportedly close to being hired by Cardinals

andy-reidWhy would the Arizona Cardinals have fired a good coach like Ken Whisenhunt following the team’s 5-11 season? Maybe because they knew they would have a suitable replacement in line.

Multiple reports say the Cardinals are close to hiring Andy Reid as their next head coach. Tim Ring of KTVK-TV first reported that the Cardinals were “very close” to hiring Reid. Eagles beat reporter Jeff McLane reports it’s already a done deal. ESPN’s Adam Schefter says Reid could be named as the team’s new coach by the end of the week.

Kenny Roda of WKNR adds that former Cleveland Browns GM Tom Heckert will join Reid in Arizona, though Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, who is much more in touch with the team, disputes Roda’s report.

The Cardinals already satisfied the Rooney Rule by interviewing their current defensive coordinator, Ray Horton, who is a minority. Horton could be retained as the team’s defensive coordinator, and additional reports say former Browns head coach Pat Shurmur could be brought in as the team’s new offensive coordinator.

Reid would be reunited with Kevin Kolb in Arizona. Reid drafted Kolb out of Houston in the second round of the 2007 draft. The Eagles traded Kolb to Arizona before the 2011 season for a second-round pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Kolb has disappointed in two injury-filled seasons with the Cardinals.

Reid, who anticipated being fired by the Eagles, reportedly has said he wanted to coach again next season. This would give him a landing spot where the expectations and pressure to win are not as high as they are in Philly. Reid went 130-93-1 in 14 years as head coach of the Eagles.

Arizona church puts up a funny sign about the Cardinals (Picture)


Arizona Cardinals fans may have officially given up on their team in the wake of its humiliating 58-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but God has not. At least, that’s what the folks at the West Greenway Bible Church in Glendale, Arizona would like us to believe.

As you can see, the place of worship recently realized how much fun everyone is having by taking shots at the Cards — which have lost nine straight games — and decided to get in on the act.

“No one is beyond God’s help — not even the Cardinals! Luke 18:27,” the sign reads as Sports 620 KTAR in Phoenix pointed out.

That’s much friendlier than the stuff Larry Fitzgerald’s dad said about the team on Sunday, but it’s still a reminder of how just how bad things have gotten for Arizona this season. God may be able to help the Cardinals in the long run, but nothing is going to help them make the playoffs or put a smile on the faces of their fans this season.

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Photo via KTAR’s John Gambadoro