Couple goes to D-Backs game for first date, brings poster to prove it (Video)

A young man named Brandon and a young woman named Brittany spent their first date at the Diamondbacks-Cardinals game on Tuesday night. The two were shown on camera by FS Arizona and that’s when Brandon seemed to be alerted on his cell phone that he was on TV. The young woman seemed slightly embarrassed, but she told a TV reporter the date was going “pretty good.” The great part is that FS Arizona ran a text poll asking fans to vote on whether or not they thought there would be a second date for the couple. Brittany said there would be a second date, as did the fans, who voted 51-49 that there would be one. Even the announcers were in favor of the romance; they offered the couple tickets to Saturday’s game for their second date.

What is it about D-Backs games that they always seem to involve strange love tales?

Below is a look at the humorous text poll:

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Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks Booed at Home Run Derby

The 2011 Home Run Derby was pretty enjoyable, but there was one key element missing from the competition: Justin Upton. The young Diamondbacks outfielder is a reserve for the NL All-Star team but was left off the Home Run Derby team despite wanting to participate. For the first time, the Home Run Derby selected team captains from each League and allowed them to choose their teammates.

Prince Fielder was the captain of the NL squad and he chose Matt Kemp, Matt Holliday, and teammate Rickie Weeks to participate. Holliday only has 12 home runs on the season compared to Upton’s 15, so one could argue that was a stretch. But Diamondbacks fans were more upset that Fielder showed favoritism by picking Weeks, who is not known as a power hitter (though he does have 17 this season).

Arizona fans, who as we learned are much more hardcore than we ever thought, let Prince and Weeks hear it with boos. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says fans booed Prince during afternoon batting practice and throughout the Derby.

Weeks also was booed throughout the Derby. He didn’t know why he was being booed, and he didn’t care for it. “You don’t want anybody booing you,” said Weeks. “I didn’t know what it was about at first. I guess I understand. It is what it is.”

As I said, Diamondbacks fans are much more hardcore than we ever thought, and this is just one more example. But they have a right to be upset. The Home Run Derby is a time to showcase some of the best power hitters in the game. Upton hits some of the longest home runs in baseball. With the game being played at Chase Field, he was a natural fit. Prince and MLB blew it with this one and the boos make sense.

Diamondbacks Fan Wrestles Ball Away from Woman (Video)

Last week we shared a video of a woman taking a ball away from a young child at a Twins-Royals game. That left us speechless. This video? Well this one just leaves us shaking our ahead and laughing in disgust. Check out this video of a Diamondbacks fan wrestling a ball away from a woman behind the dugout courtesy of Sharapova’s Thigh:

Between that video and this poster, I had no idea Diamondbacks fans were so hardcore. That guy better be two steps away from Warren in Something About Mary, otherwise he has very little reason to excuse his behavior. Who says the gentleman spirit isn’t alive in 2011?

Diamondbacks Fan Poster: My Wife Left Me Today Go D-Backs

Because the first place you go to when your wife leaves you is a Diamondbacks-Rockies game, right?

I’m not sure what the bragging was all about. Maybe he meant that his wife left him to go to work so he went to the park on a guy’s night out. That could be it, right?

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