Arizona State coaches had airplane scare, thought they were going to crash

Todd-Graham-Arizona-StateArizona State football coach Todd Graham and his son, assistant coach Bo Graham, may never feel relaxed while traveling by airplane again. After defeating Washington State on Sunday, Todd and Bo boarded a small plane to head to Dallas for a recruiting trip. The two were either sleeping or close to it when they heard a loud “boom” at an altitude of about 35,000 feet.

“I woke up and the pilots were putting on their (oxygen) masks,” Todd told Doug Haller of The Arizona Republic. “The plane started shaking.”

After that, Todd said the plane began diving. Bo had to get out of his seat in order to get an oxygen mask.

“There were sirens going off,” the younger Graham explained. “I saw the pilots put on their masks. It took a couple minutes for ours to come down. Actually, mine didn’t fall down so I had to go up front and get one.”

“I was kind of in denial. When you start off on the planes and they’re giving you the whole ‘When the mask falls down” speech, you never think it’s going to happen. But when it did happen, I was thinking, ‘Is this really going down? Right here?’ I mean, come on. In the desert of New Mexico? There are a lot better places to take a fall.”

Bo added that the pilots were not saying anything, so they had no idea what was going on. Todd said the thought of death actually entered his mind.

“I’m not lying. I thought this might have been it,” he said. “Bo looked like he was in shock.”

Obviously, they lived to tell the tale. Thank goodness for that. The plane had apparently lost cabin pressure and stabilized once the pilots brought it down to 10,000 feet. They then made an emergency landing in Albuquerque, where the coaches waited a few hours for another plane. Needless to say, the experience stuck with them.

“I had a migraine,” Bo said. “I was almost asleep when this happened. But after this, I couldn’t sleep through the next night.”

Most people ignore the safety speech at the start of a flight, thinking or hoping that most of the information will never be useful to them. Fortunately for the Grahams, it sounds like the pilots were able to avoid a situation that could have been much worse.

Wisconsin-Arizona State ending a total mess (Video)

Wisconsin lost to Arizona State on Saturday night 32-30 after a controversial ending went against them.

The Badgers converted a 3rd and 3 on a 6-yard pass and their receiver stepped out of bounds with 18 seconds left. Wisconsin had the ball at the ASU 13 with no timeouts left. Quarterback Joel Stave was instructed to center the ball from the right hash to the middle of the field to set the Badgers up for a potential winning field goal. However, Stave was unable to properly execute the play. He looked like he was going to kneel down, but he bumped into one of his lineman and then placed the football on the ground. Perhaps Wisconsin intended to spike the ball to stop the clock and set up for the field goal, but time ran out before they could snap the ball for the next play.

There were a few questionable decisions by the referees on the play. For one, Stave may have kneeled down and they may have missed that.

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Arizona State New Uniforms Raise Satan’s Disciples Gang Concerns

Arizona State is one of the handful of college football teams to update their uniforms with a newer, sleeker look this offseason. They’ve gone to black uniforms and like I said when I first saw them, they’re pretty hot. But not unlike many sports teams’ jerseys and logos, these ones are raising concerns because of their similarity to the logo for Chicago Hispanic gang “Satan’s Disciples.”

A Chicago-area cop who works with gangs says he’s convinced it’s a matter of time before the Satan’s Disciples adopt the new ASU gear. He says the similarity between the gang’s logo and the new ASU pitchfork is uncanny, as you can see in the picture above.

Look, gangs using sports gear to represent is nothing new so this shouldn’t surprise us. Honestly, do you have any other explanation for why I see so many Pittsburgh Pirates hats in LA? There aren’t that many Pirates fans in Pittsburgh. It’s a gang thing, and this is nothing new.

SB Nation Arizona has great coverage of the uniforms in case you’re curious for more info and thanks to EDSBS for the original link.

Arizona Loses to Arizona State on Two Blocked Extra Points

As far as losing rivalry games are concerned, it doesn’t get much worse than the manner in which Arizona fell to Arizona State in the Territorial Cup Thursday night. Zona was down 20-14 when Nick Foles hit David Douglas for a game-tying touchdown with less than 30 seconds left. All Arizona had to do was kick the extra point to win the game. In heart breaking fashion, they had the kicked blocked. The game went on to overtime and Arizona appeared poised to tie up the game in the second OT when they lined up for another extra point. Alex Zendejas’ kick was blocked for the second time by James Brooks and they wound up losing the game.

I can’t fathom much worse of a way to lose a game than that one, especially in a rivalry game. Arizona went from 7-1 to start the year to losing four straight and finishing 7-5. The win made Arizona State 6-6 and barely bowl eligible. Luck really was on their side in this one.

Blocked Extra Point Return Helped USC Beat Arizona State

If I were to tell you that the kicking game was a big reason a team lost in a USC game, you wouldn’t have been surprised. What is surprising is that it was the other team’s kicking game that blew the ballgame for a change.

USC and Arizona State were matched almost identically when it came to the stats. They had a similar amount of first downs, total yards, penalties, and punts, and they were each sacked and intercepted the same amount of times. Oddly enough, it was a blocked extra point that helped give the Trojans a 34-33 win. Arizona State scored three straight touchdowns to rally and take the lead 33-29 on USC with about seven minutes left. Their extra point attempt following a 10-yard touchdown pass was blocked, and Torrin Harris returned it the other way for a two-point conversion. Instead of being up 34-29, Arizona State was then up just 33-31.

USC drove 68 yards to set up Joe Houston’s go-ahead 29-yard field goal, which made him 1-for-3 on the game. After missing his first two kicks, Houston became the hero because his adversary, Thomas Weber, not only had the extra point blocked, but he also missed the potential winning field goal for Arizona State from 42 yards away. The NFL doesn’t have the same rule as college where the defending team can return a ball the other way for a two-point conversion. Maybe college football will rethink their policy.