I’m dying over this Dirk Nowitzki Arnold Schwarzenegger impression (Video)

More and more Dirk Nowitzki is starting to become one of my favorite personalities in the NBA. He’s always been somewhat overlooked because he plays in Dallas and not LA, Chicago, Boston or New York, and because his teams used to choke in the playoffs. But he’s mustard as a player. And, man, he is easily one of the coolest, chillest dudes in the league. Take for instance that great Arnold Schwarzenegger impression he did on “The Dan Patrick Show.” How can you not love that?

Below is the real Arnold clip for comparison:

Dirk, man, that guy is so cool. Fun personality, great to follow on Twitter, and the guy is a baller. Love him.

H/T Yahoo! Sports via Hot Clicks

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover at Gold’s Gym (Video)

Arnold Schwarzenegger goldsArnold Schwarzenegger has been all over the place lately dressing up in costume. He’s part of Bud Light’s ad campaign for the Super Bowl — you probably saw the commercials of him playing ping pong over the weekend during the conference championship games — and now he did a video as a trainer-turned-regional manager at the Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach.

The video is pretty funny, although very few people seemed to be fooled by him. And let’s be real here: with that voice, it’s nearly impossible to mistake him for anyone else.

The best part of the video had to be when he told the woman at the water fountain to do 10 reps of drinking water. That was gold, Jerry, pure gold.

Muscle and Fitness says the video was made as part of Arnold’s effort to raise money for his After-School All-Stars charity.

And if you missed the commercials of Arnold preparing to play ping pong looking like a cross between Bjorn Borg and Richie Tennenbaum, you can see them below:

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